Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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Run, Skipper !Run!

The elderly Chinese man stood behind the counter watching the three teens with a cautious eye. The security system shut down after the storm last week and has yet to be rebooted. It was bad enough his son couldn’t come in today to do so, or work in general, but now he has to deal with teenagers on top of light business. No one would be out now that it began to snow. He liked the sight of it, but hell if it kept customers in doors its a fucking hinderance.

4 people did show up to get gas, buy magazines at the counter, and a pack of gum. The 3 teens still wandered the back of the store where the drinks are, and a chubby boy looked over the snack aisles alone before the other 2- troublemakers is what they look like, with their dyed hair and black garb- joined him picking up bags of cheese puffs and funyons.

“Let’s pay for this stuff.” Said the boy with a clump of green in his hair.

What an awful looking little punk. At least the other one doesn’t have too bad a dye job, he just looked fucking goofy period. The elderly man wondered why the third kid didn’t have the same appearance as the other two. They spoke to him so they clearly know each other; he didn’t see them come in as he’d been wiping off the phone after a woman came in with a nasty cough and used it. Bleh.

The chubby guy dug into his pocket when they approached the counter. Huh. Guess you couldn’t judge a book by its cover after all. He opened the register ready to ring them up when he finally got a good look at the money that was slapped down. It was Monopoly. And hard gripping the blues and greens he swore at them in his native tongue and quickly grabbed for his handgun beneath the counter.

“Rita!” He shouted for his brown boxer mix who sprang to life from a very deep nap to help out her owner. “You get back here you little shits!” He called after them on his way out of the door.

The three knew the game and seperated to ensure they’d get away. They hadn’t counted on the dog though, or the handgun as a warning shot went up into the air. What was the oldman fucking nuts? Its just a couple bags of crisps and sodas. Not gonna set him back much in the long run.

‘Shit.’ Yakusoku swore to himself when he realized that the dog was after him.

His friends got lucky, the store owner wasn’t about to leave his shop and only fired to scare them. Better get a back up plan because the sucker is gaining fast.

He’d never run so hard in his life, but he could tell he was coming to an end with his stamina. Unsure of what would give out first- his heart or his legs, he dashed over a fence almost falling to his ass, of which he would not get up because exhaustion would grip him hard. Fucking snow making everything slushy. He fell on hands and knees but got up back into a sprint; the main part of town was left behind him after a good stretch of a run, but Daisy, Pickles, or whatever the hell the man called the animal was still hot on his tale.

Hasn’t it ever heard of scare tactic? Don’t actually pursue, just let them know they’ve been warned? Fuck! Spotting a house ahead he closed his eyes in a silent prayer that the door was unlocked. He’d just have to talk fast to the family inside. Wasn’t the first time he had to think on the fly and it wouldn’t be the last.

‘Yes!’ He cheered when the knob turned allowing him access into the home.

The oversized attack monster wasn’t too far behind the closing door; Yakusoku flinched when the weight of the dog slammed into the blockade. Problem solved for now. Allowing his breaths to calm, he looks around the room. Stairs are in immediate view from the front door, and off to the left is the living room. The main theme is blue and green with white accents. It looks nice. Flat-screen is sitting inside an entertainment center made of white wood- painted no doubt. The blue sofa looked extremely comfortable, its big and goes back deep for a sit.

It was cruising his gaze over the room that his eyes fell upon a back door through the kitchen. He could take that and cut through the backyards then sneak back to school. Checking his watch he was surprised to see that fourth period was almost over. He wasn’t kidding when he realized how many times he had to do some fast talking in his life.

Crossing the room he enters the kitchen but a single step when a familiar figure greeted his view.

Looking up at the sudden movement, Ludwig cocked a brow. Earphones removed, the male shakes his head in disbelief. “You’re fucking kidding me.”

Glaring, Yakusoku walked forward tugging out a kitchen chair to take a seat at the table. “You’re no prize to see either.”

“Seriously, are you stalking me? If its to beat me up do it quickly then leave me the hell alone for the rest of the year. I don’t have time for this.” He stuffed an earpiece back into his ear, then returned his attention back to his homework.

“Tempting, but I’m not here to beat you up.”

That got him to look at Yakusoku again, his shark blue/black eyes narrowed while holding a bit of curiousity. “Then why?”

With a defeated sigh, Yakusoku admitted. “I’ve been chased by a dog and don’t exactly wanna sport a scar on my butt in the imprint of a dog’s dental record.”

Ludwig laughed at that, attention momentarily taken to write out an answer to a problem.

“Why are you at home? You skipping too? Pretty lame to skip classes just to do the work you’ve missed in them.” He says this before pulling the sheet away from the male.

“I’m not" He emphasized his word by snatching his homework back, slapping it down on the table he bars it down with his forearm. “skipping school. And if you’d been paying attention to the world around you, you’d of known that today was a half-day because of the weather report, and you skipped classes for nothing.”

Well damn.

“Its snowing a lot harder up by the school than it is here, but who’s complaining.” He stuffed the other earpiece into his ear and very firmly said. “What kind of punk is afraid of a dog? Leave.”

“No.” He shifts uncomfortably in the seat.

Looking around the kitchen; his plans of just cutting out the back way seemed abandoned in light of making this little punk from the library further uncomfortable with his being around.

For all the venom he’d put behind his words, he made no further attempts to shoo the male from his house. He seemed more interested in finishing his homework at the moment. Yakusoku pulled out his own assignments- from the 2 classes he’d gone to- and started working on them as well. Listening silently to the music playing from Ludwig’s iPod. It sounds like a violin, some classical piece. Figures he’d like that sort of music.

“Where are your parents?” Yakusoku asked after ten minutes of work. He got stuck on a problem and decided to distract himself while he thinks.

“Work and picking up my cousin from daycare.” Ludwig answered mechanically.

Yakusoku looked the male over then smiled. He was sure that in his old life he would have been good friends with a guy like him. A smartass, but kind at heart. But then, wasn’t that Chester Flint? Hard-assed and out there Massiel, wasn’t that Gev? Kind, shy but active in life Nono... Maina. And Clark... he’s definitely Sophie. Preppy and prepared. His emotions must have been running clear on his face because Ludwig was watching him, and when he noticed Yakusoku came out of it he asked in a low kind vioce.

“Come on, Yakusoku... all ‘pause’ moments aside. What’s eating you?”

“What did you call me?” Because he wasn’t sure if he’d heard him right.

“Yakusoku, I mean, that is your name. I heard you say it in the bathroom right before a stream of stupid- which by the by, I completely agree with you.”

“Blow me.” They snickered. “Yeah, that’s how its said. I don’t normally hear it with my ears is all. I usually hear it said correctly in my head after someone messes it up.”


He shrugged it off. He’s used to it by now. For as much as he loves the Lands, they’ve unknowingly cursed him with a tongue twister of a name. “I’m not a cutter, or dotter, or whatever you’re thinking. I don’t know where they came from honestly... I wake up and they’re there.”

“Maybe you’re doing it in your sleep. Subconsciously.”

“Hmm.” He intoned thoughtfully. “If you must know,” Yakusoku then picked up. “I was called to guidence because my parents called the school to question me about being happy.”

“What at school?”

“No at home. Its so fucking stupid too,” He wasn’t sure why he was spilling his life story to this near stranger. But the words just kept coming. “they take me as I am now and think its rebellion because I wanna know who my real parents are.”

“Geez. How far have you gone off the ‘normal’ radar that your parents are that alert?”

“Let’s just say if I dress down tomorrow, you wouldn’t recognize me right off.”

Ludwig seemed to chew over those facts, then asked. “Why don’t you stop then. If it isn’t true and this new persona is freaking your parents out- stop.” He said it like it were that simple.

“Yeah, I’ve thought about it But the guys might freak out about the change and cast me aside-...”

Nearly cutting him off, Ludwig comments. “Bullshit. If they’re your friends they aren’t gonna ditch you because you wanna be yourself. If its any kind of improvement they can’t argue with the better option.”

“Shut up.” Was his retort, but he muttered afterward. “I’ve lost friends from less in the past.”

“Then they weren’t really your friends, now were they?” Smirking, he waves his pencil in Yakusoku’s general direction. “Or is that what you tell yourself to keep from running your mascara?”

Glaring, though not in a cruel way, Yakusoku raised his fist. “That option to beat you up is still on the table you know.”

“Oh fine, we’re back to threats now.” He grinned, his teeth are nice and straight, and white. A clear show of good dental history. Yakusoku absently ran his tongue over his kicked forward canine tooth. “I should warn you, I’m a slut to pain. I might end up moaning your name after all.” He teased throwing the goths earlier comment back at him.

Smiling, Yakusoku said. “Pause.”

Snickering, Ludwig nodded. “You know, we have a saying where I’m from too. Anytime a guy acts like a punk and starts getting all sensative whether it be out loud or to himself...”

“Oh really? Do tell?” He said in a snobby sophisticated tone. He felt like a kid again talking to Ludwig, not a kid but... 2 years younger. Still goofy and uneffected by the world. By Maria.

“Its: mop up those tears... sissy.” He grinned truimphantly at the expression on Yakusoku’s face.

“Asshole.” But he did have to laugh. It would be something to file away for later in life. “I’m gonna go. My entourage has probably left by now.”

“Doubt it.” He stands. “Incase it hasn’t...”

Yakusoku watched the male busy himself in the pantry before coming out with a peanut butter, judging by the smell wafting the air, sandwich in hand.

“Here. Animals love peanut butter.”

Taking the pet-peace-offering, Yakusoku nodded. “Thanks.”


Laughing, Yakusoku nodded. “Whatever. Look, do you have like... five dollars I could borrow. I’ll pay you back.”

“Yeah.” Digging in his pocket, he hands over five one dollar bills. “What do you need it for?”

“You made me think about something... and if I’m gonna get back to ‘myself’,” He almost mocked the expression. “I need to start now.”

Not quite getting the meaning, Ludwig shrugged. “Alright. You’ve got a week for me to see that five again.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Gathering his things, he heads out the front door.

Sure enough, Rita hadn’t left and was about to bark until the nutty scent of food found her sense of smell. Ludwig could hear Yakusoku saying soothing words to the dog before the words: let’s get you back to the store, came out. That explains the whole situation. He stole, the dog chased. That guy does have problems. Hopefully he’ll really listen to what he’d said and knock it off. But, he wouldn’t hold his breath.

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