Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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Swimming or Sinking?

Yakusoku jumped out of his sleep so instantaniously you’d swear the car had come to a screeching halt from Maria slamming on the break or something.

“What’s the matter?” She asked, though her tone said that she already knows what’s wrong with him.

Oh mind reading, you never cease with the invasion of privacy. Yakusoku only looked at her; exhausted and catching his shattered nerves. He’s really in no mood to talk about it. But, looking at her, her eyes that were once cold and ruthless, cunning and cruel now hold sympathy and sadness... And maybe a little anger? Or perhaps smugness? She already saw what it was that he had dreamt about. Why explain it? Frankly, he just wants to go to sleep, now that he knows he can and won’t just be jarred awake by someone pawing at him, drowning him, smacking him, or already in the process of molesting him.

‘But wait, isn’t that just where I’ve been before I was dropped off there?’ His brain began to panic. ‘It won’t be any different... minus the electro-shocking and hydrotherapy. ...Unless?’ Looking at Maria’s profile, he places his hand on her’s which is resting on the large armrest between the seats. Taking it into his own, he says to her very softly. “I’m sorry.”

Maria took a moment to hear that then slowly a smile spread over her face. “I forgive you.”

Smiling in return, he squeezed her hand. “Thank you.” Still drowsy he closes his eyes and lays his head back against the window. Hopefully, his sleep will be restful. No such luck.

This dream was worse than the last one, and the one before that and before that. It seemed this trip was never going to end and would become just a series of how many times he can fall asleep, have a nasty nightmare about the sanitarium, and get jarred awake from fear.

The first one he’d woken up in was to being zipped inside the electro-bag, only his back was bowed instead of straight. Looking around him, he saw that he was in the bathtub and the orderlies were filling it with water! He was scared to whitened hair- even his brows turned white! But they ignored his pleas and cries of “no”, laughing when he screamed for “help” from the other patients in the room, and they turned the bag on anyway.

He dreamt of himself being blackened by wet electrocution. It was not fun. And then somewhere in common-sense-land, he realized he’s seeing his face, which without a mirror is impossible to do, and he woke himself up.

The next dream was odd. He cried heavily while being fed lies by Dr. Strauss that eventually, he believed. The thought of his parents hating him, of them being happy that Maria took him... it was all too much!

The third dream was of being pinned down by two orderlies while Dan literally finished what he’d been trying to start. It hurt so much when the car hit a slight bump in the road causing him to pop his head on the window because, in his dream, he was hitting his head against the floor in order to knock himself out. If he’s going to be raped he didn’t wanna be conscious to remember it, and he nearly screamed from how real it all became in that moment.

And in recent dreams, he’s imagining that He is the one being bounced around his padded cell by telekineses, and Mamoru and Maria are the ones doing it. Is his mind simply reflecting? Or is it giving him a taste of what he’d done? Because when the hurling stopped, all these women came in- young his age and old around his mother’s- all naked from the waist down just dropping down on him and fucking themselves over him.

He wanted to push them off, to throw them away like he had Dan but his gift doesn’t work for him! He wasn’t sure if they were girls he’d been fucking in school or if they were just faceless strangers- as half of them were- not to mention the 20 something-year-olds, who really should have been arrested for so much as wanting to give him and Gev and Clark a blowjob. But under all that goth makeup, and being drunk, they probably didn’t know that they were hideously under-aged. But what’s with the aunt-aged women? He can’t repent over something he didn’t do.

But the weird thing was a boy came in. Young, blond, with a ponytail low at his neck, and the most piercing hazel eyes he’s ever seen. He took Yakusoku’s hand into his own and mouthed something to him before getting up and leaving.

His waking from that was a little less chaotic and a lot more confusing. Who the hell were those people? And who was that kid? He felt so sick and scared after that dream that he decided to stay up for the rest of the trip home. It was quiet if you exclude the sounds of rushing wind being sliced through by the metal machines passing and being passed.

“It must have been very hard on you,” Maria says, decidedly breaking the silence between them.

“I don’t feel like talking about it.” He said very tightly.

“Even if you don’t talk about it, you’re thinking about it.”

He snapped. “Fine! Let’s talk about it then!” Calming his tone when he sees the look on her face. He looks out the large front view window at the dawning sky. Morning is coming. A new day. “It was fucked up from day one. They bound me, they blinded me... I was so fucking scared that all I could do was scream and black out from sedative injections- is that what you wanted to hear?”

“I told you that things could be worse, but you kept running away from me- testing me.”

“You were no different from them! ...At first,” he just shut up and frowned at that point.

“I wouldn’t have been rough if you’d of listened to me.” Retorts the girl.

“I’m sorry.”

“Because you didn’t know how bad it could be, or because you’ve thought it through and you mean it?”

“The other one.”

That took her by surprise because she stopped speaking.

“If...” He went quiet.


“If I listen, if I love you... we’re a couple. A real couple.”

“I’m gonna be sick.” Mamoru gagged from the backseat.

Ignoring the male, he continues. “I can’t “ma’am” you... or be the type who asks for permission to do things.” He side-eyes her. “It’s just not me, and a real couple doesn’t act like that.”

Maria silently thinks it over. It actually took her fifteen minutes of silent thought before she finally glanced at him to say. “Deal.”

Smiling, he turns it into a grin and says. “Then from now on... we’re a couple.”

Grinning back, Maria actually laughed. Merrily, girlishly; causing Yakusoku to laugh as well. Mamoru fake vomits.

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