Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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Too Sweet

Maria’s hands white knuckle the edge of the tub and handle bar of the soap dish, so they can help support her in bobbing up and down on Yakusoku’s sex. Head thrown back with a moan, she rocked and rolled her hips with the sway of the water in the tub.

Behind her, Yakusoku washed water up on her back, massaging her shoulders with soapy water whenever his hands came up high enough. His angered hands trembled in fear and excitement when he brought the heated water up to her neck and let his fingers feel the pulse of her veins. How easy it would be to kill her right now. He’d earned the right long ago, but now he seeks it outright. Unlike before, she wouldn’t see it coming and role verse by trying to drown him.

‘So easy.’ He thought, until her touching his hands brought him out of his murderous thoughts.

She placed one on her breast and the other on her lower mound, saying a breathy “Hold me here.” while doing so.

Since her body is currently occupied by his manhood, he can only make an upside down V with his index and middle finger while applying pressure against her exposed muscle with the bone of the knuckle through his palm. The other hand squeezed and kneaded her breast, while his thumb gave flicks and pleasurable friction to her protruded nipple.

Maria really picked up the volume then; uncaring about getting water all over the bathroom floor as she moved almost desperately up and down against his ministrations. Tsukiko, deaf, can’t hear a thing. Maria, a mute, isn’t physically saying or panting anything. Yakusoku could only imagine what it sounds like in real time. He could guess like someone drowning in the bath, while their body- against their will- panics to hold onto life.

He kissed her shoulder thoughtfully because his mind drifts to her ass. He wondered if she’d like a little something going on there? And removing his hand from her sex, he switched off with his left hand, so it's now rubbing and petting her sex and his right hand began at kneading her bouncing behind. She seemed a little less frantic in the pleasure zone because his left hand isn’t as competent as his right when it comes to a strong grip- that’s just life when you’re not ambidextrous- but she still seemed to be enjoying it.

His middle finger traced with a very firm path from her female anatomy up the run between her butt cheeks and out. Maria didn’t mind; lowering his fingers between her cheeks again this time he spins the tip of his middle finger around her entrance and got the shock of a lifetime when her elbow came smashing against the side of his head.

He grunted in pain from the shock more than the actual sting of the bony yet oddly heavy limb. Opening his eyes from the throb he sees a very ticked off blonde eyeing him.

“I’m sorry.” Once he swallowed the lump in his throat silencing him, he found those words to say.

But the weirdest thing happened. She smiled and replied. “I’m sorry. I know what happened was pretty fucked up... and they were only asked to make you behave, they had no right to do any of that other stuff on the side. It must have been very rough on you, and for that... I’m sorry.”

You are?”

“But only that... you needed discipline, not to be treated like some fags fuck toy. You were probably just trying to make sense of it, no harm done.”

Her mood seemed to be as dead as his when this little tryst started because she suddenly withdrew herself from him and began washing him, and herself, with a soapy rag and scrub brush; the two stood dripping wet and scrubbing for dear life like they had to remove any evidence of the weird scene that was about to take place before she shoved him aside.

If she’d seen his dreams and went by them, she’d know everything that happened from the moment he'd arrived up to when he left. And she’d know that the sexual advances happened week three when someone- since he was blindfolded- started rubbing him through his clothes. He shrank away and told them to stop it, and thankfully they did. He could tell by the breaths coming out from his attacker during the ministrations that the person responsible must have been touching their self as well as him, and that it was a woman. But since his little outburst at Dan over wanting to be seen for the kidnapped and imprisoned person that he is, it’s been him every other time.

Remembering all his advances till his end, had Yakusoku scrubbing until he was sure he broke the skin, and blood would just bead from his body one pore at a time. Tub drained and shower on, she seemed to get her second wind but chose to simply make-out with him, since his unmoving lips told her that he was still very much having lucid flashbacks.

No bother. She was sure that he’d just love proving to her that he’s still a man once the nightmares end, and boy will she ever reap her rewards during it. She deepened her kiss while running her wet hands down his soapy back, but stuck with the cleaning by turning them so that he’s directly under the hot spray.

The bathroom fogged in the cool and hot air mingling together, the mist danced about in an early morning summer wind blowing in through the cracked window in the bedroom. It was creepy and romantic at the same time, like ghost enjoying the couple’s cuddling.

Couple. Maria is so giddy over having heard the captive teen say that, that she plans to celebrate with a little late night romp in her bed, with some wine and maybe starwberries. It’s been so long since she’s been properly romanced. Not like the good old days when she would eat with Yakusoku at school underneath that big old tree, or wait around outside of his home just admiring his natural movements through opened curtains and blinds.

Maria screamed- though, she’d intended for it to just be in her mind. So when she doesn’t move her lips to show she’d done so she could only laugh when Promise flat-lined an expression at her.

“I’m just excited about sharing dessert with you later.”


“I love you.”

“I love you too.” He said easily, but he petted her on the head like he would a little sister or Tsukiko. “And I’m sorry that I broke your shower.” He mentioned when he noticed the cheap plastic curtain has been put in to replace the glass door.

“Forget it.” Maria just took notice of his hair and found herself stepping out of the tub- tracking watery footprints along her trail- to retrieve the shampoo from the little cabinet. “Peach and honey.” She explained before squeezing three big globs of it into his hair.

“Nothing I love more than smelling soft and girly.” He winked an eye when it ran forward instead of back or off to the side.

She quickly whooshed her hands all over his head scrubbing her nails into his scalp with a painful amount of pressure. He felt his weight shift back a few steps until he’s standing under the spray of water, where he’s deafened by the wet gargling in his ear while his hair gets rinsed out. Assisting the mock hairdresser, he brushes his hair from his face removing the sudsy water blinding him along with it.

By the time they are done in the shower it’s 8:30 a.m. Having stayed up all night, Tsukiko is passed out on the couch, Finding Nemo was over and sitting on the opening screen waiting for an action to be chosen from Play. Deleted Scenes. Games. Etc. She must have snuck downstairs when she realized that she couldn’t sleep.

“I’ll make you some french toast.” He says.

“I’d love some. You know how?” She turns off the DVD and walks into the kitchen to sit at the table to admire the view of her man cooking. Her man. She screamed again, laughing when Promise laughs. “Get used to screams. I love you.”

“I love you too.” He says while gathering milk, an egg, and butter from the refrigerator.

“And you need only me?”

Only you.” He says. Turning on the pan, he turns to her. “I was scared before, but now... after what had happened in the sanitarium.” He looks at the floor. “I wanna learn. I wanna perfect my gift.”

Grinning, Maria was actually speechless. Tickled like her throat would close up, or maybe her being speechless meant it already had.

“Can we start with shutting off other peoples’ voices?” Yakusoku prepped the slices of bread with cinnamon directly on the slice before dabbing it through the milky egg. Dropping it on the buttered pan, he turns back to the girl. “I... I had to hear all the disgusting lewd things that orderly Dan thought about doing to me, and I don’t wanna hear those things anymore.”

“I understand.”

“So can I?”

“Promise, I can teach you everything.”

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