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So Close

“I know you... don’t I?”

Such a simple statement had Yakusoku’s mind haunted. It held elation and fear at the same time. Someone had recognized him! And even though the reason why was staring them hard in the face... it was ignored. And instead, he’d found himself saying that he’s a star in Japanese dramas, that the woman probably saw a commercial or trailer on the internet, and wasn’t aware of it. Problem solved- for her anyway- she wasn’t going to be killed by Maria for helping him, or actually recognizing him as Yakusoku Land, rather than the made up acting name of Kano Shinzu.

Laying on the picnic blanket after having endured acting out a couple lines and signing an autograph, he finds himself crying. Silently. Tears are just rolled down the sides of his face from his eyes. He heard himself suck in a breath from where round two was going to start after a ten-minute break has passed without him crying.

“Don’t tell me you’ve given up again?” Mamoru asks.

Yakusoku can hear how annoyed Mamoru is with him, even though he can’t see him, the broken male is pretty sure that he’s receiving some dirty looks along with it.

“I don’t know what else to do, she practically looked right through me.” His attention shifts from the conversation to an ant crossing the blue and white striped picnic blanket.

Sticking his finger out to block its path, he lifts the bug into the air when it's in the middle of crossing the blockade. He wondered if it would bite him? He wondered if it did, would he feel it? He had to ask himself how far gone, is gone? Is pain non-existant? Fear? If he’s fearless then couldn’t he get away? He wouldn’t be afraid she’d harm the girl if he fled. He wouldn’t fear prison for killing her. He wouldn’t fear the loss of other people... he’d be fearless. He’d be free.

Rolling over onto his stomach, he places the ant down on the blanket before it could get any farther up his arm and in beyond his shirt sleeve. Holding the little pincher down by the head he gingerly picks the legs off of it then removes his finger. He smirked at the bug, still alive, still moving in a quest to figure out what’s happened to it, and how it can continue to survive.

‘I know how you feel. Should I show you mercy?’ He wonders.

Pressing his finger down on the back of the ant, he looks for a water bottle and with it, takes a droplet of water onto his finger to force it between the ant’s pincers. The ant’s antennae flared in protest of having a large droplet of water shove into the mindlessly moving feeler hairs that are beyond its pincers. Well, if anyone ever wondered if ants need a drink, the answer is ‘No’. And the little black bug drowned while trying to consume the water.

Yakusoku found that very odd. Ants can eat, so why not drink? Is the food actually ground to nothing in their mouths, so having something like water move somewhere kills them almost instantly? He wondered these things as his gaze shifts to the right where he’s more than startled that Maria was watching him. He shouldn’t have been surprised, though, it’s all she ever does! But, he was so concentrated on murdering the ant that Yakusoku sort of thought that he was alone. A beautiful 3 minutes.

Realizing she’d been found out, Maria cocks her head. “I’m proud of you, you know?”

Scrunching his brows he asks, “What for?” while discarding the lifeless insect. “Killing an ant?”

“No. That was juvenile,” She replied quickly. “Why were you doing that anyway?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know, just felt like it.” Maria gave him a look that he couldn’t quite decipher, but he waved it off. “So what were you saying?”

“Right, I just wanted to tell you that I like how you handled yourself back there.” She moved from her place on the blanket, crawling over to him. “I felt worried for a moment, but you really proved yourself with that lie you told.” Snickering, she says. “The way you took control of the situation was so sexy...” Maria leans over when her knees are at the top of his head. “Putting your arm out across my path.”

And when he was sure a Spider-Man-style kiss was coming, she instead crawled a little farther up and over. He held his breath, very panicked and disgusted for all of 30 seconds before he grabbed her suspicious hips and gave her a light shove off.

“Mmm. See. That’s what I mean,” She giggles when righting herself so that she can lay beside him face to face. “The way you take charge can be really attractive... I think maybe when we get home you should flex some of that macho testosterone on me.”

“Whatever you want.”

Maria clapped her hands together, squealing with delight. “Oooh, you’re just so sexy today! You’re practically stripping me with your mind.” Climbing on top of him, she nuzzles her nose to his. “I can hardly wait to get you home.” She kisses him during the breaks of her sentences. “I wanna hold you,” Kiss. “and squeeze you.” Kiss, kiss. “and make you come like you’ve never come before.”

Her tongue is down his throat in the next second and the two engage in a breathy flurry of kisses. It was sort of like watching something fly around in a tornado really, her’s were all passion and lust and his were just enduring it and floundering.

Tsukiko, who had been dancing around the blanket with her stuffed animal, stopped and stared off into the distance. Dropping to her knees beside them, their torrent make-out sessions nothing to hide from since they’re all too familiar by now, she begins to sign at rapid speed due to the excitement. She even tapped Yakusoku’s shoulder when finding an opening beneath Maria in which to tap him.

“God, really? What the hell do you want?” Maria snapped, before climbing off of her boyfriend.

“She sees some flowers over by the trees and,” Yakusoku translates for her. “wants to pick them. She’s asking if she can go- they’re not that far.”

Maria looked at her, bitterness and distrust in her cold ice blue eyes; Yakusoku touched her wrist then held it and she melted inside, folding to the girl’s want. “Fine. Go. Pick some but then come right back, no funny business.”

Smiling, the girl leans in to hug the blonde but she’s shoved away. Disheartened, but not down, the little girl bounces away from the blanket.

“That was really nice of you.” Yakusoku comments insincerely though his tone doesn’t let on that he’s not.

“I did it for you.” Her sharpened gaze softens when she turns it from the little girl over to Yakusoku. “Gosh, you’re beautiful.” Smiling, she reaches out and brushes her fingers through his auburn hair. “Hmhm.”

The snicker came from her most girly place, the kind one would make when squealing at an untouchable Idol on a stage or show. Only Maria gets to own her Idol. She really hopes that that dead bitch Enid is rolling into a grave for being stupid enough to give him up- not that she had a choice. No. If Enid had stuck by her Promise’s side in their schooling days, she would most certainly be dead. And Maria would choose to get rid of her in the worst way possible.

“God... you’re beautiful.” She repeats. “So exotic, and handsome.”

Yakusoku ignored her every word. He absolutely hates compliments. What do you say to them? “Thank you! I try my best to keep up what my parents gave me.” Not likely. Funny thing about Maria’s compliments, it always has a knife with it, ready to shove in and get twisted. Which is why he didn’t miss the last part of her riflery of praise.

“I’d like to dig your eyes out of your head.” Her hand clamped down on his jaw, turning his head so their gazes lock. “Maybe I should take your vision from you. I took your honey voice that’s meant only for me, and now you speak through your gift. I should take your eyes too... I saw how that woman in the diner looked at you- clearly, she was in love. I should go back there and-...”

“I wanna draw you.”

The sentence was so odd that it threw her tirade against a stone wall with spike-covered spikes covering it.

Blushing, she asks. “What did you say?”

“I haven’t drawn in awhile. I wanna draw you.”

“I...” She’s really become speechless. “I’d like that.”

“I’ll do it when we get home,” Yakusoku replied with a peaceful gaze aimed at the sky.

Maria sat in embarrassed silence, her hands fingering a piece of chocolate cake. Extending her finger over to her daydreaming lover, she brushes the chocolate icing over his lower lip, giggling when his tongue came out to get it and the moist tip brushed the pad of her index finger.

“Tch. Zeichnen mein bild.” Mamoru muttered to himself. No one’s ever drawn him before.

“Have you ever drawn anything else?”

“No.” And he knew by anything the off girl really meant anyone.

“You’re lying!”

Yakusoku didn’t have a chance to react because he didn’t see the plastic knife coming. And because of that, he’s now bleeding from the path sliced from the side of his nose down the crease of where his right laugh-line goes along. Rolling over onto his right side, he presses his fingers to the wound as he sits up.

“I wasn’t lying!” He snapped. Reaching for the napkins, he balks when seeing them snatched away from him and held tightly by the person who took them.

“I’ve been in your house, Promise.” Maria brandishes the blood dripping weapon.

The blood really didn’t stick to the polished plastic at all, it ran down onto the striped blanket right where the decapitated ant lay, making its disheveled body look almost gruesome- in a microscopic kind of way.

“I’ve seen your sketchpad, you drew all those naked girls!” She accused; the knife remained pointed at him.

Shaking his head he answered evenly and without anger since that would only end up making the situation worse. “You saw pictures I drew for people, my friends... they like those girls and wanted pictures of them. I’m sick. I thought maybe it’d be kind of fun to draw them naked. I’ve never actually seen them that way, I just know what it’s supposed to look like.”

“And... that’s all?”

“Yes. I promise. Boys are like this! And I’m sorry, but we watch a lot of porn and stuff... it’s practically our favorite pass-time next to video games.”

Maria blinked in revelation, then nods. “I agree there, men are sick.” Lowering the knife, she sighs. “Just don’t let it happen again.”

“I won’t.”

Smiling, she leaned to him and presses him back down onto the blanket. She doesn’t climb on him since Tsukiko dropped back onto the blanket beside them, instead, she just returns to playing in his hair and caressing his face.

“Do you miss anything about your old life?” Her tone is soft and kind. “You can be honest. I asked after all.”

“No.” He replied quickly.

“No, really. I wanna know.”

He’s not really a glutton for punishment, nor is he stupid. But he’s mischievous, and somehow he can’t help but believe that it’s because of Mamoru’s odd behavior coming out of him in spurts. It’s for that reason that he finds himself saying.

“I miss my Mom... I miss the way her sewing machine went in the morning. I miss how she would place her hands up in the air and frame me in them, then go on about how she has a great idea for a dress or a shirt or something.” He smiled a weak smile. “I miss how my Dad tried his best to be so cool by taking me around in the car, and playing my CDs while singing the songs.” Tears form in his eyes, and his voice loses some audio due to his emotions welling in the back of his throat. “I miss spending time with Ai, and my other frien-...”

And he began to cry, violently actually, it was almost like he was convulsing like one would when they’re being smuthered or they’re hanging by a noose. He felt a hand on his cheek and tried to shake it off but she held her touch.

“Sshhh... it’s ok. It’s ok, Promise.” Maria soothed. “Now calm down, it’s twelve o’clock, Promise.”

And he stopped, just that instantly. Wiping his tears, he blinked in confusion as to why they are there. Receiving a kiss on the forehead, he hears Maria saying that they should leave and she got up to go.

Tsukiko watched the scene, mouth agape and with eyes widened in horror.

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