Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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Try to stop me

July 23rd, 2013

“Woooo! Hoo hoo hoo!” Nono shrieked as he hopped off the diving board and into the large pool.

This has been the best summer vacation in his whole life! It’s weird for him to actually WANT to be seen in swim trunks, and with his new body, he was bold enough to choose a speedo! He’s not exactly king stud, but he feels really good. It’s hard to explain it if you’ve never been fat then suddenly lost it then he supposed it could be compared to winning the lottery if you’re penny poor.

And get this... he got laid! Sure, he could have lost his virginity ages ago from one of Gev’s weirdo lady friends, but he didn’t want anything to do with the near orgy episodes of their past-selves. He was never into that sort of thing, that’s Gev’s world and Clark’s. He would have lumped Yakusoku in there had they not just let his disappearance go. It’s sort of like in some ways their lives have taken a step backward to before they met him, and instead of the Asian American they got the Canadian. And though the vibe of their group has changed, it’s also sort of the same.

Gev still secludes his self with his favorite group member, Clark still wants everyone to touch his crotch, and he’s still the nice push over. He supposed Ludwig’s personality clashed with their missing friend’s in the sense that he doesn’t seem to enjoy being secluded with their Russian-American leader- even the milder version of him, and he doesn’t do drugs, he doesn’t dye, pierce, tattoo, or smoke anything; he can be a bit of an ass or super shy- guarded really- like he can’t trust them. Nono often wondered why? They’ve all been friends for some time now, what is there to be nervous about?

Bobbing up and down in the crystal clear water, he looks up at the second window on the left side of the building and wonders what goes on beyond the closed door and the haze of smoke.

“Do you wanna go swimming?” Gev asked, his voice is muffled due to being buried beneath some of the blanket's thickness and some of Ludwig’s nightshirt covered chest where he’s been lying since waking up that morning.

“No.” A sorrowful reply came.

Ludwig’s having another ‘It’s starting to sink in’ day. Gev’s had a dozen himself, and they never get easier. But the two agreed that when those days come around they would help the other get out of it. God help them if they were both suffering ‘Missing Friend Syndrome’ or MFS at the same time. That could turn nasty.

“Wanna talk about it?” Gev asked in a drowsy, tiny voice.


“Wanna make-out?” He teased, and cupped a hand beneath the depressed’s shirt to tweak his nipple.

Ludwig didn’t laugh, he didn’t even shoo the hand away he just stared at the ceiling and fought back tears.

“It helps if you talk, though.” He removes his hand and instead brushes it down his friend’s torso as if trying to remove the color from the shirt by brushing it out. “Remember?”

“I feel inferior.”


“Like I’m the world’s biggest jackass because I haven’t known Yakusoku as long as you guys have.” He rolls over onto his side, somewhat pulling the human-koala along with him. “I feel like my pain is only this bad because I’m jealous. Isn’t that retarded?”

“Everyone has been talking about that lately.” He says calmly, but he gave his lie away by snickering between Ludwig’s shoulderblades. “Do you want me to say something nice, or tell you the truth?”

“Tell me the truth... I deserve it.”

Rolling his eyes, he rolls the male over onto his stomach and meets his eye. “Listen to me, I don’t think you should be jealous because of the length of knowing someone, but how much you care about ’em, right?” He squeezes Ludwig’s shoulder. “And you know who doesn’t give a shit, even though he’s got a lot of history with Yakuza? Clark. You know who the runner up is? Nono. So the way I see it is that you’ve really had some good shit going on with him to still care... even though you’ve only known him for a little while.”

Ludwig seemed to be processing this. Slowly, his head nods. “Thank you.”

“Whatever.” Wrapping his arms around his torso, he nuzzles his forehead in the between of his pillow’s shoulderblades. “I’m tired.”

“It’s eleven o’clock in the morning,” Ludwig informs. “How can you still be tired?”

“Mmm.” He hummed. “Cause you’re a really good pillow,” He opens his eyes flicking his gray gaze around the room. “And it looks really cozy in here with all that sunlight going on, and sleep endorphins hanging in the air.” He added in a mutter. “You’re still in bed.”

“Tch. That’s because you’re anchoring me.” He wriggles about to free himself. Laughing, he then scrunches in because of a wandering hand that isn’t his own. “Stooop, what are you doing?”

“Let’s get sexy while the natives are still occupied without us.” Gev chuckles when feeling Ludwig jerk his hand from the waistband of his boxers. “I’ll just go up the leg of your shorts.”

Laughing, Ludwig rolls over crushing the over-sexed Russian beneath his body. “I said stop it, I know you’re only trying to cheer me up.”

“And it’s working!” He cried out from beneath the rock laying on him.

“No, it’s not!” He punches messily over his side onto Gev’s wherever he’s reaching. “I’m already feeling better! This is just,” He grunts when grappled by the Russian’s legs. “this is just sexual harassment now!”

The two roll and scoot about the large bed in a struggle of power and overpowered, laughing and teasing the other person. They didn’t notice that Clark had walked in and just began shaking his head at the sight.

“But there are no girls here to cuddle with and” He manages to get on top of him pinning him down by sitting on him. “you’re so hooot, Ludwiiiig!” Gev whined out. “Just let me have yooouuu.” He pecks at his neck and arms since he has to grab them while swatting their assault away.

“Ha-emmm!” Clark cleared his throat; arm resting on the door frame as he stands in the entrance, he gives the two a frightened and somehow know-it-all look. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Calm down dick-sick, you’ll get your turn.” Gev snorts short of breath and panting his laughter. “I know you’re so crazy about me being gay.”

Ludwig paled hearing that, the color of death just completely covered his natural hue. Will Clark think he’d ratted him out? He didn’t say to not tell, but it was also sort of a given to keep your mouth shut when friends bring you aside to talk in an empty room. Although, to be fair, they were in a garage.

“Hmm? Are you mad because I don’t give you the same attention?” Gev went on, his tone went from playful and sweet with Ludwig to snipping and challenging. “I know it’s weird because we’ve known each other forever, but that’s the way the ball rolls.”

“What are you talking about?” He asks, trying to put his own intimidation behind his words. “I’m straight, unlike some people...”

“I introduce girls to you, remember that.”

“I have a girlfriend.” He nearly shouted.

“Then where is she? Nono brought Shelby along, but I don’t see Angelique anywhere.” He looks around like she might just be hiding. “Nowhere, huh? Did you even ask her to come?”

Clark only glared at the questions being fired off his way, not about to answer to the betraying fucker. He thought he knew Gev, they’ve been friends for a very long time. If he is gay, it’s all over. He just can’t have that sort of thing around him. He sees the way all the queers in school will look at the football or basketball, and baseba- well, no maybe not the baseball players, but then maybe... yeah! Yeah, they probably look at them most of all with all the bats and balls being thrown and waved around and fondled in the pitcher’s hand.

“It’s fucking scary when gears try to turn in an idiot’s head, am I right?” He asks the Canadian who’s shoving him aside to straighten himself up. Scooting off to the side he then climbs out of bed after a second thought. “I’m gonna shower. Try not to follow me in there, dick-sick- I’m not into you.” He grinned toothily, then exits into the en-suite bathroom.

When hearing the water run, Ludwig swallows and looks at Clark who’s entering the room at a sauntered pace. “He isn’t gay, Clark. I swear. He was only trying to be funny because I was having a shitty morning.”

Taking a seat on the bed he fatherly placed his hand on the younger male’s shoulder. “If Gev is coming on to you, and you don’t want him to... you can tell me.” He smiled then. “I’ll throw his ass right out, I promise.”

“He really wasn’t... I told you, I was upset about Yakusoku being gone. I mean,” He shrugged. “I kind of thought that it’d be fun if he were here with us, then I remembered that he’s gone and it got me down. Gev was just trying to cheer me up.” And man, he felt like an ass for explaining Gev’s actions to someone who had no business impinging in their personal moment.

It was kind of like with himself when he’d been invited into the car, he saw how the two behaved and loved each other, and because of that he’d felt the need to tell Yakusoku that he thought the male’s best friend was gay, and worst of all that he wants to fuck him. He would have deserved it if Yakusoku had punched him in the nose. Being with Gev, being in Yakusoku’s place... he sees now that the Russian just has weird humor, but that he is funny.

It’s not his fault that his behavior tends to seem suggestive to others, having switched sides he sees that it’s actually not. He’s just messing around and grossing you out while making you laugh at the same time. And if your comfortable enough with yourself that you don’t mind the old-school way to love someone through touches and kisses. As opposed to pushes, shoves, insults, and shoulder punches of today’s youth- and even adults!

“Are you sure?” He asks in a quieter tone as if to say that this is 'tell the truth time’.

“Positive. And what difference does it make?” Ludwig asked, though not in the meaning it should have. “Gev. Is NOT. Gay.”

“I hope you’re right. I’m not into that freaky-faggot shit.” He moved as if his skin had just crawled right off of him.

“I know. But you have nothing to worry about.”

“Well, what are you two doing up here then?” He asks curiously. “It’s damn near one, and Nono and I want lobster out, so get dressed- in my room- and come down.” Clark had to continue pressing the issue of Gev’s being a pervert.

“Okay.” He rolled his eyes. “And the reason I’m sitting up here is because I was getting a little depressed, I told you that.”

“About what?”

“About the fact that our friend, is...” And he paused for dramatic flare. “MISSING!” Ludwig feels like he’s had this conversation before.

“Oh, that.” Clark sighed. “Lud’ listen, I like you... even if you act a little swishy with the music and the bedroom and feelings and all... but I like you.”

“What’s wrong with my bedroom?” He wonders out loud.

“So I can only say this once, alright?”

Ludwig cocked a brow in absolute disgust at what he’s about to hear.

“These things happen. Little girls go missing, little boys... when have you ever seen anything saying they’ve been found?”

“Lots of times. They even have whole shows about it.” Replied the sickened male. Tugging the blanket from his body, he heads for the closet to grab some shorts and a t-shirt to slip into. “And you see photos on the internet.”

“I haven’t.”

Ludwig wasn’t going to comment.

The bathroom door pulled open and Gev walked out, fresh as a daisy and dressed like his usual self which made him stand out more in the polished and beautifully decorated beach home. Ludwig could honestly say he’s never seen bondage shorts before.

“I’m gonna shower.”

“Leave the door open, we the queer just love a peep show.” Gev grinned at Clark snidely.

“Jig is up,” Says the jock. “I know you’re not gay. Ludwig told me.”

“Taking the word of the new guy?” He cocks a brow at the slamming bathroom door. “What would he know, I pay him for his silence.” He made a gesture of sucking a cock.

Chuckling, Clark crosses his arms and shakes his head in disgust and dismay. “You really need to see a shrink when we get home. Somewhere along the way drugs have fried your brain.”

Scrutinizing a painted seashell that’s resting on top of the dresser, Gev turns it over reading Clark’s name. He must have made it in elementary school. He never got his pottery back, it always exploded in the kiln. Setting it down, he replies to the comment. “Dobble deeble debble dooble dooble.” Then sticks his tongue giving a raspberry with a thumb down.

Clark, again, rolled his eyes but smiled all the same; happy that his friend isn’t hiding any secrets of his sexual orientation.

“Where’re we going?”

“Out for lunch.”

“I like when you flex your cash, makes me hate you a little less.” He punches him in the shoulder.

“Sure.” Looking over his friend’s attire, Clark cocks his head disapprovingly. “You should change.”

“Why? I’ve been dressed like this before and we’ve gone out.” He stuffs his hands in his pockets, rocking innocently on his heels.

“To MacDonalds or The Hut, this is an actual eatery.”

“Ohhh, suh-sorry.” He says in a stuffy rich person’s tone. “I’ll just go reach into my other suitcase for something to put on.”

“Thank you.”

“Wait, your butt’s bigger than mine. I can’t fit your clothes.”

“Damn right you’re not. Wear something of Ludwig’s.”

Exaggerated in his groan, Gev strips to his boxers and snags a pair of black jean short, and a white tennis shirt from the closet. “And you know, even if I were gay” He slips the shirt over his head. “I wouldn’t have the slightest bit of interest in you.”

“Yeah right, I’m stacked.” Clark even had the nerve to flex. “No one can resist me.”

“Again, where’s your girlfriend?”

“We broke up! Okay. Is that what you wanted to hear?” Sitting on the bed; he looks at the bathroom door to be sure it’s still closed. “Can you believe this guy is still thinking about Yakuza? How naive can one person be?”

“It’s not naive, it’s smart.” Zipping his shorts, he locates a mirror- not hard to find in any home owned by the Daily family- and he frowned at his reflection. “Yeesh, I feel like an ass.” Turning to his friend he says. “Things I do for lobster.”

“But hear me out,” Clark says, pushing his earlier statement. “I’m really starting to think that the police were right.”

“About what?” His tone suggested that Clark shuts up, but he asked the question anyway.

“Maybe Yakuza knew the person, and he skipped town with them.” He shrugs. “We don’t know what kind of shit he was into when we weren’t around each other. The guy could have been into anything.”

Eyes narrowed, Gev moves over to the bed in order to loom over the seated male. And very calmly, he says. “Remember that old Tales from the Crypt movie, Demon Knight?”

Thinking, Clark nods.

“Good. Then consider this the part where I tell you that if you ever speak ill of Yakusoku again, I’m gonna reenact that scene where Billy Zane puts his fist through that fat old cop’s face... guess who’s gonna play the cop?”

“Alright you two,” Ludwig says from the bathroom entrance. ”enough. We’re supposed to be friends, let’s not act like the female version of it.”

“Yeah.” Nono chimes in; only having heard Ludwig’s end of the situation but he guessed what went on to have had it said. “Are we leaving or not? I’m getting hungry and Shelby probably is too. This is our last meal together, so you guys don’t fuck it up by fighting. Okaaay?”

Ludwig patted the fellow peace lover’s shoulder in support of that statement, then he passes behind him into the hall. Gev mouthed that Clark had better ‘watch it’, before putting on a smile and leaping onto his formerly fat friend Nono’s back.

“Carry me!”

Chuckling, he supports his friend taller form, but lighter weight down the hall.

“I really freakin’ hate that guy,” Clark says to himself. “And just to spite him, I hope Yakuza stays gone.”

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