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Rumor has it

October 27th.

Ludwig felt his heart hurl up into his throat. There was a note tacked to his locker, and he didn’t for a second believe that it came from a girl interested in dating him. He knew the note meant trouble, he could just feel it as he lifts the tab reading what’s inside.

We know what you did, faggot.

That was all it said, but that was enough. Enough to freak him out. Enough to make him self-conscious about his actions and conversations with people. And he knew it wasn’t from Ai because the note says ‘We know what you did’, and Ai already has confirmation of that. His message would have been more along the line of ‘I’m telling’.

He honestly couldn’t blame him if he did want to tell. A new school year, new friends, new faces asking him about his brother’s disappearance. Ludwig had seen it going on a few times last year. A pile of little bastards teasing the kid about how Ai would be next or some dumb shit. It was sad, and it only had the boy despise him more.

Didn’t help it that he constantly jumps on himself. Even if Gev doesn’t think it was his fault that the kiss ran him off, he’s now believing that maybe if Yakusoku hadn’t been over at his house... God, if he’d of just gone over to the Land’s home Yakusoku never would have needed to drive home. He wouldn’t have been out on the road. He wouldn’t have been followed, which means he wouldn’t have been abducted. And it seems he wasn’t the only one thinking this at times, because when he’d gone to confide in Gev, he was very surprised to find the usually bitter Russian sulking with his head in his locker.

“What’s wrong?” Ludwig asks.

“Take a guess!” His voice echoed around the metal locker. “It’s my birthday, and I can’t spend it with my best friend because of you.” He slams the locker.

“I...” That actually hurt since Gev was the only one really on his side.

“Why didn’t you just go to his house? Huh? Why did you have to bring him over to your place?” He searches the male’s face waiting for an answer. “It’s easier to have someone fleeing from your creepy advances than the other way around, right?”

“Gev, don’t be like this... you’re mad. I get that, but..” He glances around before leaning over to whisper. “you said it yourself, kissing Yakusoku wasn’t what ran him off. It was all just some big mistake and I was just there when it was happening. No one knew someone was planning on abducting him, it was just supposed to be a simple day of doing homework then he’d go home. I’m not to blame-”

“Well, maybe you should be!” Gev practically hollered.

Ludwig took a step back when Gev took a step forward. He’s definitely mad, and probably in no mood to hear him griping about his own troubles of being outed when he wasn’t even in!

“Hey, relax..” He says in a calm voice. “Maybe we should skip today?” Even when he said it he was regretting the idea. He’s a pretty good student. Skipping classes could really hurt him. But if it meant Gev would cheer up, and stop blaming him for what happened, then he’d do it. “We can get some pizza, or just hang out at my house. It’s empty, so my parents won’t bother us.”

“Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t you? You gonna have me disappear next?!” He gives him a not-so-little shove. “Or maybe you think your queer ass can kiss away my pain?”

“Who’s queer?” Clark asks, always present- it seems- when the conversation of homosexuality comes into play. He must be a bloodhound to it.

“No one. Get out of here.” Gev said suddenly sobering from his anger.

“No, you said that someone was gay- was he talking about you, Ludwig?”

Terrified, he shook his head quickly unaware that that completely gave him away.

Nodding, Clark says with a malice in his tone. “It’s true, isn’t it? That’s what that outburst was about when I told you that I thought Gev was gay, that’s why you kept defending him that he wasn’t. And that’s why you two keep whispering all the time? It all makes sense now...”

“Dude. It’s twenty thirteen... get a life with the gay bashing already.” Gev cuts in. “And nobody is gay, it’s said all the time about this person and that person... it’s nothing more than an insult.”

Clark wasn’t buying it. If anything, it seemed that he was becoming angrier about it! “You know, maybe you’ve got something there with the gay bashing concept being out-dated,” Fist clenched, he moves toward Ludwig. “It should be resurrected... Starting with him!”

Gev stepped between them taking the punch to the face meant for Ludwig. Ludwig and Clark looked at the slumped figure in surprise. Both in disbelief that he had stepped in the way; the socked-teen grabbed his jaw giving it a wiggle back and forth.

“What the hell did you get in the way for?” Clark asked. “Don’t tell me you’re sticking up for him? Don’t you care? With the way you act, this guy could be into you!”

“I could do worse, and no, I don’t caaaare. And neither should you... but I can tell you one thing... for hitting me...” Straightening himself to stand, he sharpens his eyes on Clark. “You’re gonna wish you were never born!”

Ludwig gaped in horror of the two brawlers. He couldn’t believe it! What happened to that lifelong friendship they have? What happened to their being buds who could rib each other in any way they saw fit? Suddenly they’re doing this?! The sounds of impact alone spoke of how serious they are about hurting each other too. What should he do? A teacher! In times like this, you tell a teacher. Oh crap, here come the other football players.

Ludwig wondered who the hell called them? And worse, what were they planning on doing to help out their jock leader? He got his answer quick when the two were pulled apart, and they helped Clark out by holding Gev up. Where students shrieked and muttered that it was messed up, who among them moved to stop it? No one. Even Ludwig was mesmerized by the fact his friend was ganged up on and punched in the gut by his original competitor.

It was definitely time to call a teacher in. He turned to leave but the students were packed in so tight, some trying to do exactly as he is to get out of the fray, but they can’t because of the students packing them in.

“Excuse me! Let me out!” He called over the noise. Feeling that escaping was futile, he tried a different approach. “Someone get a teacher!” He shouts to anyone in the back of the mob who cared to listen.

“You know, this has actually been a long time coming,” Clark says to the thrashing Russian. “I’ve been dying to tell you that you don’t scare me.” He punches him in the gut again. “And you never have.” He smacks him then. “You’re just a wimpy, whiny, goth boy, who needs to figure it out before he gets what’s coming to him.”

Gev only spat the gathered blood in his mouth from his bruised gums out at the jock. He laughed when it hits Clark in the face.

“You fucking-..!” He trailed off, too angry to think of something to say.

Clark’s charge was coming in low and hard, but thankfully someone was there to stop it. Only it wasn’t a teacher, it was Nono. And though his loss of weight should make him an easy shove aside, he’s got Big Boy mentality, which is what he flexed when stepping between the wrecking ball that was aiming for the punching bag.

“What the fuck are you two doing?!” He barked in disbelief and disgust. “What is going on?!”

Arms held out between them, though with Gev being held Nono only really had to stop Clark. He’s practically snorting like a bull to get at his former friend again.

“Ask Gev, he’s the one keeping secrets and shit!” Accused the bull. “The guy’s a piece of shit, and we should never have made friends with him.”

“Oh god, Clark... whatever you’re mad about just get over it. We know what he’s like, why get mad now?”

“He’s been lying to us about this guy, Ludwig.”

Suddenly wishing that he was very small, Ludwig lowered his head and tried to shrink his way into the crowd.

“Ludwig? What does he have to do with this?” Nono cocks a brow in question. He wants a reply from Ludwig, but Clark answered for him.

“This guy’s a fucking fag! And all those times we were around him... God, he’s probably been getting off on it!”

The small crowd went ballistic with murmurs of this confession. They wondered what happened and what the popular- but odd- football star was going on about.

“Is that true?”

It wasn’t that he wanted to lie to Nono, he’s a really nice guy but the tone of his voice when he asked if it were true or not had Ludwig shrinking further into himself.

“No.” He replied weak enough to let everyone know it wasn’t true, but it also wasn’t a lie.

“I was just fucking around, and called Lud’ a fag or some dumb shit, but Clark got it all fucked up and thought it was true. But it’s NOT!” Gev declared.

“I hope it’s not, now knock it off you two! Now!”

“What is going on here?!” Called Mr. Magge shoving his way through the crowd. “Someone better start talking.”

Like the sprinklers had been turned on and suddenly no one wanted to get wet, though they were standing in it for a while now, the crowd of students dispersed.

“Get your hands off of him,” He says to the two dogs who’ve been latched onto Gev for their buddy’s sake. “Now Mr. London, Mr. Daily,” He assumes him to be responsible as well since he’s reddening from the blows he’s taken from Gev. “What happened?”

But Gev was on his way over to Clark who’d just ran. Nono followed after them, and so did Mr. Magge though he is not running but walking hard. Ludwig stayed behind with his eyes on the floor, knowing that he’s receiving odd looks, questioning looks, damning looks. He thought to himself, “this is a good time for a vacation”. Especially when a certain crowd cast him dirty looks.

Ludwig’s seen these people before, twin girls and a brunette. The boy was new, but not that new because he’d come around when the school year started last year. He seemed to know Ai because he’d overheard them talking one evening when he was coming home from the convenient store, and they were just passing by on the street.

The downtrodden teen wondered if they were the one’s who’d sent him the anonymous note saying they know. The kid seemed to share Ai’s dirty look whenever they crossed paths. They must be Yakusoku’s old friends, the one’s who ditched him and even hated him. Why care now? Because he’s missing?

Ludwig looked at the small pile up in detest. He’s no superhero to get in brawls for peoples’ honor, but he can give dirty looks like the best of them. And he did just that as he stolled past them to class. He isn’t sure what’s going on wherever Gev and everyone ran to, but he hoped it turned out alright. Somehow he doubted it.

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