Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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A New Old You

The man at the convenience store looked on the verge to kill when Yakusoku walked back into the place, but he cooled off when the male explained- or rather came up with a decent lie- as to why they did what they did. It was just a stupid prank, hence the Monopoly money. He even paid the right amount that he’d owed the man from what they’ve taken. He returned the dog!

If the store owner wanted more than that, well, he could go fuck himself. But thankfully he didn’t, and sent Yakusoku on his way with a stern warning to never come back. He would though, its not like he really knows what he looks like underneath all his pain.

Going home was a health hazard and he already felt the onset of a cold brewing behind each sneeze before he’d finally passed through the front door of his home.

“Yaku’ where have you been?” That was mother Ai showing through. “School ended ages ago. I’m sitting here with enough hot water boiling for two and you didn’t walk in until now. What the hell?”

Smiling, he suddenly felt very tired. It was so strange how emotional drainage could do that to you. “I’m sorry, bro.”

“Bro?” The boy cocked his head wondering if he’d heard wrong.

Usually its ‘shut up’, or ‘fuck off’. But he said ‘bro’ and ‘sorry’! So Ai could hardly help but run into his brother to wrap his arms around him, squeezing far more tightly than he should.

Snickering, Yakusoku couldn’t help but feel... better. He didn’t realize it but he’d missed his overly affectionate brother. He missed his fussy mother, and his palsy father. Maybe Maria wasn’t holding him back, so much as he decided to grab onto it himself. She’s gone. That’s a given. Nothing bad has happened to him since then, nothing he hasn’t brought onto himself anyway. It all made so much sense now, and all he had to do was talk to the semi-enemy to realize that.

Funny how the world works. Like spilling your guts to someone you hate on sight, because truthfully, you don’t want anyone to care. You don’t want babying, or kind words. You just wanna say it. You maybe wanna hear that you’re stupid from them. Have someone sum it up instead of make it worse by further tucking you away with it. Or maybe, he’s getting a bit too deep on himself.

“Ai, you’re hurting me.” He said, though had yet to let go himself.

“How do you think I feel?” Came the muffled voice against his gut. “You stink.”

Sniffling, Yakusoku had to agree with that. “I’m gonna take a shower. Boil some water and we’ll watch a movie or something.”

Ai was long paused to let his brother go, afraid this moment of clarity would pass and he’d be right back to the walled up bastard he’s become.

But Yakusoku peeled his arms away, and playfully messed up his hair. “Idiot.”

But he didn’t say it as he would have 2 days ago, or even yesterday or this morning for that matter. Yakusoku really has come back. He could almost cry... but he won’t. He only smiled watching his big brother walk away up the stairs.

Yakusoku scrubbed himself, watching muddy, dirty tears run down his body. They were dirty tears of joy- that much he could guess. He even made sure to tear his feet a new one because they were perhaps the worse part- next to his underarms. His hair on the other hand was beginning to fade anyway, so with just a tiny amount of product he rinsed the color clean away.

He almost didn’t recognize him when he finally stepped out from the shower and saw his reflection. He didn’t seem happy, but he didn’t seem sad either. His eyes just looked back at him, and he could only breathe knowing that what he’s doing is the right thing.

“Phew... Its really coming down out there.” Quinn came in tapping her cap free from the falling snow. “You boys all right?” She asked noticing the two nearly passed out on the couch; the tv on with a movie rolling the end credits.

“Yeah, we’re all right.” Yakusoku replied, rubbing sleep from his eyes before getting up to help his mother with the bag of groceries. “Just watching a movie, and you know how that cappuccino goes straight to your exhaustion.” That a heaps of emotional distress melting off.

His black hair didn’t go unnoticed either, and his mother stole glances at his face getting a soft smile when she saw those beautiful blue greens looking back at her. Quinn was guessing that talking to the school counselor helped in some way. She hasn’t seen her son in something of two years and then here he is, half sleep on the couch like he’d been dropped from the Heavens and has always there waiting for someone to notice when the doppleganger wasn’t around.

“Mom... when Dad gets home, can we talk about something?” He asked timidly. “Its important.”

“Sure, honey.”

“Thanks.” He smiled turning away to leave the kitchen once the food was put away. “Oh by the way,” He snapped his fingers. “can I borrow five bucks?”

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