A Coven To Call Home

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At 17 years old and bouncing around in the foster system due to unreasonable issues since she could remember, things start looking up with her foster family. That is, until one day, her room catches on fire in her sleep. They blame her and she gets picked up by her case worker who takes her to a town in the middle of nowhere. She got lucky and got out of having to go to a group home seeing as there was no proof of how the fire started. What she doesn't know, this new place she will finally be able to call home and fit in. To discover oneself, is that not what we all await?

Drama / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

"Bai, did you light a candle or something? Cover the vents? Anything that you can remember was an accident? I promise, I'm not mad. It's just, the fire department has an investigation going to see what started the fire and if they find anything that can lead back to you, the Esters can charge you and send you to Juvi." Crystal, my social worker knows I had nothing to do with that fire. If I tell her it was another dream, she may not believe me this time.

"I swear, I was asleep. The room had no clutter of any sort. There was no reason from my part, I swear!" I'm barely shocked at this situation, again. I'm only surprised the entire room was on fire this time. I woke up to screaming from Mrs. Ester to see the whole room engulfed. The dream was simple, I was at the beach, in the heat. It was getting too hot and then that's when I heard her and woke up. I got through the flames untouched and out the door. No one would believe me. "So, what group home this time are you taking me to?"

"You got lucky. No group home. I found another foster home for you already. I told them about all the incidents, including this one." Well, got to hand it to Crystal, she works fast. Usually, I spend anywhere from a week to a month in a group home after something like this happens. "We will have a bit of a drive though. It's a really small town, basically the middle of nowhere. This family is a founding family even! It may help you to get some culture in you. Their daughter is a debutante!"

'Great. I'm not wearing a damn dress.', is all I can think of. I don't care to get away from everyone and start new for once. That's always the point, isn't it?

The rest of the drive is so silent. The radio doesn't work in Crystal's car since Bentley took it for a joy ride. That's a funny story for another time. It's dark, but the house lights are on and the driveway has some of those old fashion like street lamps. This place was huge! Why take in some orphan kid with a past like mine into a place like this? This is just asking for the worst outcome and I know it.

"Crap." I say under my breath as I climb out the car and two people come walking out.

"Welcome! You must be Crystal, the social worker I spoke to." The lady said. She was really pretty. Tall, blonde, and beautiful. Just what you'd expect. The guy was tall with dark hair. Pretty much the dream couple. I can just picture this daughter Crystal mentioned.

"Yes, Jocelyn gave me your file and I just knew this would be the best match. This is Bai. Usually I go in as well to make sure she can settle, but its already really late and I have a long drive back." Wow, thanks Crystal. These people could be axe murderers or apart of a cult, and you just hand me off?

"Oh, no worries at all. Hello, Bai. I'm Maxwell Hexton and this is my wife, Florance. Our daughter, Ember is at a friend's tonight. We won't hound you with everything tonight if you'd rather just be shown your room and get the tour in the morning." He has a smooth voice that is very calming.

"That would be great, Thank you." I say in reply before turning to Crystal, "Like always, thanks and goodbye."

"You all have my information, I will call probably about one to check in tomorrow." Crystal says and then she pulls away.

After entering the house which honestly seems even larger from the inside, Florance showed me to my room. I had my own bathroom, so that was a plus. They ask me not to venture around the house until I'm shown around, as so I don't get lost, before leaving me inside this strange room. It had a large four poster canopy queen size bed inside. This room was huge and extra feeling but was very plain. Nothing much else inside it. Since all my things burned in the fire, Crystal gave me a bag with a couple of clothes from the donation bins. Guess I'm stuck with an extra large tshirt to sleep in and some pants that say sassy on them. Wow, really, Crystal? This had to be some cruel joke. All these clothes didn't match at all, were a little too large, and was nothing I would be caught dead in. Got to admit, at least there was no dresses.

I took a shower. It felt amazing with the power from the jets and the temperature controls this thing had. This bathroom was amazing! It even had one of those Japanese toilets that sprayed your ass clean. Fancy and modern. I may like this place. I get dressed in the clothes, I really hope Florance wouldn't mind on helping me with my wardrobe dilemma but I don't think I would end up in anything other than dresses or something pink. If it has to be a dress at least make it black.

The bed is so soft! It is like I am laying on a cloud! The cover I can tell is a weighted blanket. The sheets smelled different though. Not your normal Tide or Snuggy. More like, sage. It was very calming to me. Sage calms me more than lavendar is supposed to. It's one of my favorite smells. I'm soon finding sleep and the most peaceful night of it since I can remember.
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