Garrison Fields

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Chapter 18 - Evicted

The following day they awoke early and ate the small amount they had left for breakfast, just some bread and a sliver of butter. There was no tea, for the fire was now out they packed their few possessions. A knock was received on the door, Jane answered it, surely it couldn’t be the bailiff, he was two hours early, it wasn’t even nine o’clock. She answered her door to two of her neighbours, they were stood with a large plate of sausage and bacon sandwiches a tray and teapot and all the accessories to accompany it.

‘We could have come last night, but we didn’t realise until late, and we weren’t sure if you were in,’ Mrs Bivens stated.

‘Now we brought a bit of breakfast round, we saw there was no fire on.’ Interjected Mrs Carr, not to be out done Mrs Bivens broke back into the conversation.

‘If you need anything before you go, just knock.’

Jane thanked them both, informing them that the bailiff was coming in a couple of hours and that she was going to stay with the boys for a few days with Albert’s parents until she could find rooms. They both commiserated with her briefly telling her that it would only be a temporary setback and her and Albert would soon be back and all would be well. She thanked them for their kindness as they excused themselves before the breakfast they had provided became cold.

‘I’ll bring the plates back as soon as we have finished.’ she stated as they left.

It gave her a boost at this low time, she had not intended to leave the house with her tail between her legs. She had not been beaten and she owed nobody anything, and the compliments from her neighbours had given her that sense of pride. The thoughtfulness of there visit with those few sandwiches, was worth more to her at that moment in time than a visit from the king.

After they were finished the time was drawing near when all the forces of the law would be approaching to throw this unfortunate family out on to the street. She didn’t want the boys to have to witness this, so after washing the few items of crockery she asked Matt and Joe to take them back and thank the neighbours and then to take the few possessions they had up to their grandparents. She would come shortly after with Ted.

She was now in the house alone with Ted, who was still too young to appreciate what was happening and saw every eventuality therefore as the natural course of events in this strange world in which he had been born into. She stood in the kitchen looking out into the back yard and talking silly childish talk to Ted to keep him occupied. There was no desire to have a last walk round, she remembered the good times and the bad that she had in that house. It was empty its heart had left, it was just bricks and mortar now, the house was dead to her, devoid of any feeling.

She could hear the footsteps and sighed as she made her way to the door. She answered as the knock came. The words were not worth remembering and so she handed the bailiff the keys for the property tied together with some old brown string, he took them gratefully and asked her if she needed a moment.

‘No I’m ready to go, thank you.’ She stepped down onto her doorstep for the last time, holding Ted and turned to go. The policeman having nothing but revulsion and scorn at what he was witness to asked her.

‘Will you and the bairn be alright; you’ve got somewhere to go?’

She turned and looked at him as he said it was a voice that she remembered, yes it was that same kind voice that she had heard some time previously.

‘Yes we’ll be alright, we’ve got somewhere.’ He sighed.

‘God go with you missus.’

‘Thank you, and may he always look after you.’ The tears welled in her eyes as she walked down the road. Her head held high nodding in recognition to all who came out and wished her well, on that final walk and so she left Kimberley Street; a street she would not venture down for the memories it held for several years.

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