Black Crush

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Two Friends... one secret. What can go wrong?

Drama / Romance
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The way his smooth masculine hands caressed my skin sent shock waves throughout my body causing me to shake slightly. My eyes kept fluttering close as I pleaded for them to open up. I had waited too long for this moment for me not to allow myself to see everything that was happening. Or maybe this whole thing had always been more about what we were feeling rather than what we allowed ourselves to see. His lips pressed against the curvatures of my neck before painting butterfly kisses along my collarbone. They were soft as they teased the sensitive spot on my neck making me moan lightly. I could feel him smirking before he used his tongue to lick against it. I shivered.

This was wrong and we both knew it; but it felt so right. Being here like this, with him, underneath him felt like a fairy tale come true.

I knew that we were going to use everything we had learned about each other against each other for the maximum amount of pleasure to be given. It had always been how we were. Using our friendship, the knowledge we've gained over the years and our competitive nature to come out victorious.

We were hungry for each other and finally allowing ourselves to feed into our own desires. They had been unleashed and there was nothing that we could do to turn them back; and there was nothing that we were willing to do to contain them. We were going to let them run wild for once.

He had me exactly where he wanted me and I finally had a lock on him.

I gasped feeling his cold hands against my burning skin as they began tugging on my underwear. I lifted myself a bit to help him out. I was getting more excited and less in my head. Everything was starting to feel like it was moving in slow motion, but I’d be lying if I said our clothes hadn’t been discarded quickly. We had practically ripped our articles of clothing off of each other before something in us switched and we slowed down a bit.

My eyes widened as he finally removed the last piece of clothing containing him as he took in every part of my naked form. He was turning out to be more man than I ever thought he possessed and he was finally seeing that I was every bit of woman I had claimed to be. Our lies had been exposed and before us laid the naked truth...literally. I wanted him to lose himself within me and I couldn’t wait until he took me into another dimension.

After years of hearing all the stories, the praises from past partners, it would all come down to this moment. This moment would end up being our tell all and possibly our destruction.

Finally he pushed all of himself into me making me cry out in one long drawn out moan. Already I had to catch my breath as my nails scraped down his back. My senses were heightened in a way that I hadn’t been prepared for, making me feel every part of this moment more than I was used to. I laid under him completely opened and all he did was enter me. My senses were in anticipation for what was to come, but still had no idea what to expect.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this.” he whispered for once letting me see the vulnerability in his eyes.

“Almost as long as I’ve been.” I whispered back before pulling him down to me, connecting our lips in a fiery, passionate kiss as he moved, giving me one long deep stroke that made my juices build up in anticipation for more. We had barely started and it was already better than anything I’d ever imagined; already more than I could take.

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