Black Crush

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Chapter Four:

Damien’s p.o.v.

The way her smile lit up her entire face as she stood over the stove humming to herself was better than that perfect bite of a jelly filled donut. She glowed under the dimmed stove light. The shortest pair of shorts I had ever seen were hugging her curves in all the right places. Her peek-a-boo tank top was exactly how the name would imply and her midnight black colored thigh high socks molded into her so perfectly it was nearly impossible to tell that she was even wearing them.

The flashes of her smooth caramel skin with a random shoulder pimple under that perfect bush of kinky curls on top of her head was better than finding seven hundred dollars on the perfect day, with the perfect weather, and everything is going according to how you want it. She was gorgeous and any guy would be lucky to have her, but she was just so picky and still chose wrong in the end.

It was like the right guy just didn’t exist for her and she’d never be happy. Just content. She didn't seem to understand just how beautiful she was both inside and out.

“So Cupcake can I ask you a question?” I asked pausing from cutting up the tomatoes in front of me. My body felt like I was vibrating with good emotions and full of energy that I needed to release as soon as possible.

“That depends. Are you going to ruin the nice little buzz I have going on right now? If so you can forget it.” she teased sticking her tongue out at me as she continued to brown the meat in the pan. We had decided almost at the last minute that we wanted tacos and had determined it best to just do everything at once. I knew that what I wanted to ask would make her feel some type of way, but it was something that I needed to know. To an extent it felt like it was my job to know. I needed to be able to protect her from anything and I couldn't do that if I didn't know what was going on in her head.

“I just want to know what happened this time. I mean, I know he’s not me, but I thought the two of you would’ve been good together.” The glare she gave me was enough to send chills through anyone if they weren’t used to it.

“Dai please, let’s not do this.” she whined as I rolled my eyes. I have never seen her walls go up so fast and I wasn’t going to allow them to stay that way.

“Fine Cupcake. Let’s make a game of it. I write seventy-five of the most asked, makes you think kind of questions; we do heads or tails to see who goes first and then answer them. If not we take a shot of that number.” I teased knowing that she wouldn’t pass up on a competition against me.

“We don’t have that much alcohol.” she shrugged finally finishing up as we both prepped our plates together.

“We have enough. If the number ends in zero thru nine that’ll decide what we drink. We’ll make zero water, one flavored water, seven apple juice, eight orange juice and nine grape juice. That way we have a fifty-fifty chance of either being completely fucked up or completely sober, but if you’re scared you don’t have to.”

“Fuck you. We’ll play after our food has digested.” she said matter-of-factly with a frown on her face.

“Great, now I have time to find the worst, most embarrassing questions that people can think of.” I smirked. “I wonder just how much I still don’t know about you.” I teased.

"A lot Dai. Don't forget you left me on my own for a few months. You have no idea what I did or who I was during that time." she snapped. I groaned realizing that I had definitely pissed her off, but hopefully the game would lift her spirits again.

… … … … … … … … …

“Are you sure you want to do this Cupcake?” I asked starting to have second thoughts. She still seemed upset with me.

“I’ll do anything if it’ll get you to shut the fuck up for once.” she spat as I laughed.

“Ouch, you wound me.”

“Let’s just get this over with.” she sighed, taking a seat across from me and digging her little hand into the fish bowl filled with numbered questions. “Number seventy-one, what’s your virginity story?” I went wide-eyed as she groaned. This was one story that she would never tell me. Said it was too embarrassing to rehash. I stared her down wondering if she would tell me or just take the shot of water. Unsurprising she drank the water and smirked evilly at me. “You’re turn.”

“Number twenty-two,” I said after fishing it out the bowl. “Have you ever had romantic feelings for your closest friend of the opposite sex and they didn’t know?” Just to fuck with her I took the shot too. Letting the burn of the alcohol ruin my vocal cords, I threw my head back and tried to think of an answer for the question anyways. I came up with nothing. “You’re turn.” I teased as her shoulders sagged a little.

I wondered if she was expecting me to answer it, and if so what did she expect me to say?

I sighed as I parked my car in it’s spot. I hadn’t expected her to text me. I didn’t want to tell her no. I’d much rather hang out with her than to do this stupid ass apology dinner when I had nothing to apologize for. The fact that I didn’t even want to go home proved just as much. Sighing I pulled out my phone and texted Sophia. This would be so much easily to do with out her yelling at me every time I said something she didn’t like.

Damien: So I’ve been thinking about this all day and I’ve decided that no. No, I’m not taking you out tonight, no you aren’t going to force a date night on me and no I will not feel bad about the roses. I will not apologize for doing something nice for a friend after I hurt her feelings. I will not apologize for being a good guy. I don’t care that you don’t like her, that doesn’t change the fact that she is my best-friend. Now, if you want we can still have our usual date night tomorrow night like we do every week, but I’m putting my foot down with this one. I hate that you are always trying to force me to choose between the two of when my love for the both of you are two different levels. I wish you could understand that and just respect that she’s my best-friend and I’m leaving her out to dry by herself with no one there.

Now my hopes with sending the message was that Sophia would be a bit understanding and realize that she’d been acting crazy and back off a little bit, but the response I got proved otherwise. Maybe she really wasn’t the one for me.

Sophia: I can’t do this anymore Damien. I get tired of coming second to her. It’s even more frustrating that you don’t even realize that you do. It’s like it’s forbidden to have a moment alone with you especially if she’s alone that night. You run to her side and just say forget about me. I’m tired of it. You have to choose. Me or her.

Damien: First, the time you talking about happened once and it was only dinner. She’d just lost her cousin for fucksakes. Of course I would be there for her. It’s my job.

Damien: Second. I set aside so much fucking time for you that I began to feel like I was neglecting my friend. Not once did she complain, but just had to have an issue any moment that I step outside the door. ESPECIALLY if it involves her. I’m tired of it Sophia, either you understand or you don’t.

Sophia: I’m tired too Damien. Either me or her. I won’t ask again.

Damien: I’ve had this exact ultimatum before. I won’t choose wrong again.

Damien: Her.

Sophia: I knew it.

Sophia: I’ve packed myself Damien. I’m already gone.

A part of me wanted to throw my phone against the windshield shattering both it and the glass, but I knew there was no purpose is doing that. Sometimes she really reminded me of the version of Leyah that failed to hide that she still hated me for not choosing her.

At some point the game stopped being fun or maybe it was just me. It seemed like there were a bunch of underlying meanings to what we were saying. Like we were intentionally pushing buttons. However, we were both too competitive to back out of the game first. She looked determined to make me pay for not having answered that first question. Or maybe she was looking for an answer I just couldn’t give her; at least not in the way that she would want.

“Okay Ley, it’s on you again.” I slurred as she smirked. We probably should’ve stopped drinking twelve questions ago, or at least got stoned to make this shit just a little bit easier to get through. Shaking her head she, once again, stuck her hand in the bowl full of questions and snorted after reading it. “What does it say?” I asked.

“Number fifty-two, favorite sex position.”

“But I know that one already.” I pouted as she laughed harder. It really wasn’t that much that I didn’t know about her.

“You wrote the questions Dai.” she shrugged as I rolled my eyes. “Do you still want me to answer it?”

“That’s the game.” I snapped taking a sip out of my own personal cup filled with more alcohol as she raised her eyebrow at me. I shrugged again. It wasn’t often that we took breaks and for this one, I needed a little ‘juice’ to get through it completely. After all isn’t that what a vacation was for.

“My favorite sex position is intimate.” was all she said. I took that as a sign that it was my turn.

“Number sixty-one, Do you think that mermaids exists?” I opened my mouth to answer, but the intense look on her face made me second guess. “What?” I asked.

“Don’t answer it. For the sake of your own personal peace don’t answer it.” she whined as I laughed.

“That’s not the game Cupcake.” I teased.

“”Dai, I swear I will kill you. You get a pass. Hell I’ll even take the shot, but I swear I will kill you if you talk down about mermaids again.”

“Whereas merman are questionable,” I started stopping to dodge the sandal she’d thrown at me as I laughed, “I completely believe mermaids once existed.”

“You liar!” she yelled before attacking me as I laughed. Her tiny fists were pounding me in the chest as she repeatedly yelled they were real. I couldn’t breathe and tears were running down my cheeks from laughing so hard. “I hate you.” she spat getting up and walking away like she’d done nothing.

“But I agreed with you!”

“You disrespected merman ass!”

“The question was about mermaids!

“I don’t care asshole!”

“Just pick your question.” I sighed rubbing my temples. Maybe continuing on with these questions and drinking were stupid.

“Number forty-three,” she sighed “Do you have trust/commitment issues?” Everything went quiet and you could literally feel the air in the room get more tensed. I somewhat knew the answer to the question, but I had never heard her say it out loud. With a deep breath her eyes teared up and she looked me dead in the eyes. “I definitely do, because at one point even my best-friend whom I trusted with everything within me, showed me that he couldn’t be trusted either.” Neither one of us said anything as I just reached for another question.

“Number twenty-five, Insecurities?” I read taking a moment to really think about it. “I have a few that are practically meaningless and I can get over quick, but there’s one that nudges and pokes at me all the time. I have this friend that tends to think I’m perfect and it’s hell trying to live up to that expectation when I know I’m not. It makes me feel like she doesn’t think I’m worthy of being around unless it’s by her standards. It gets to me more than I would like.”

“That’s not fair!” she cried. “You’re really going to try to penalize me based off an assumption created from your emotions?”

“Are you really going to sit here and act like you didn’t just try to kick the chair out from under me first?” I snapped. “I spoke the truth.”

“So did I. The only difference is I have proof of you saying fuck me for a girl that didn’t even stick around long enough for you to pour a glass of water!” she yelled actually shocking me from how angry she was. I had hurt her and I hadn’t meant too. “You have no proof. Trust me, if I wanted a perfect best-friend I could find a whole lot better than you!” she stormed off to the room slamming the door behind her as I slumped back down into my chair and picked another question from this stupid as game.

“Number sixteen, biggest fear?” I sighed finding myself staring in the direction she’d just left. “Losing my best-friend a.” I said to myself before getting up and going to my own room. The game hadn’t turned out in the least bit how I hoped it would.

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