Black Crush

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Chapter Seven

Damien’s p.o.v.

I groaned as I waited for Uriah. He was running late as usual. It was something I had grown accustomed, but for some reason it bothered me like hell today. My time was just as important as his. Pulling out my phone I decided to text Leyah. I think it was time for her to know that I knew about them hooking up again. It was almost like how this all started in the first place.

Getting an apartment with your best-friend sounds fun and all until she thinks you’re out for the night and make sounds you never heard from a girl all night. I didn’t care, I was happy that she was finally getting some. It made her moods more tolerable when she was relaxed. It felt like we were fresh out of high school, but in reality we were in our second year of college.

We’d gotten lucky to share a room in the co-ed dorms our freshman year, but this year we’d decided to go for an campus apartment. We’d gotten one last minute and instantly we thought that we adults.

I could hear giggling coming from her room as I relaxed on the couch. I, myself, had just gotten back in from a night with my own girlfriend. My feelings were a little hurt though. I thought we talked about everything, but she hadn’t disclosed her relationship to me yet. I had no clue who he was or if he was even good enough for her. Felt like my opinion on the situation didn’t matter and I was hurt. I only wanted the best for her.

“Shh, shh. Uriah be quiet.” she giggled and the sound of lip smacking followed afterwards. Had they kissed? Were they together? “Seriously, he may be back. We don’t want him to catch us.” Were they sneaking around behind my back? Why? Why wouldn’t they just tell me?

“I’m telling you Princess, he won’t care. We flirt and tease all the same and he hasn’t said a damn thing. You worry too much.” he laughed as if it was nothing. Everything within me was telling me to be quiet and not let them know I was here, but I couldn’t help. I had to make my presence known.

“Had I known that ignoring you two being disgusting would lead you to lie and sneak around behind my back, I would’ve given you more attention.” I spat.

“Damien!” she gasped, her eyes locked onto mine. “I’m so sorry. I promise I was-”

“What are you apologizing for Ley? For wanting to be with me?” he asked in complete disbelief.

“You don’t get it Uriah. Damien and I have a complicated friendship full of rules and understanding. I broke so many by lying to him.”

“I have known both of you since junior year. It’s not that serious.” he scoffed.

“But it is.” she whined.

“Why?” he urged.

“We don’t have to answer why, but we don’t lie to each other. We don’t sneak around. WE. DON’T. HIDE. Anything being done in the dark just ain’t worth doing. There’s no such thing as righting a wrong. You either suck it up and deal or you forget and move on.”

“Damien no.” she cried rushing over to me and wrapping her arms tightly around my waist in a bear hug. “I’m so sorry. I promise I will never do it again. I wanted to tell you so many times, I just didn’t know how.” she whispered her tears soaking through my shirt and wetting my chest.

“I’m sorry Cupcake, but I think I should move out. I’m going to move in with Sophia. She asked me this morning. I wanted to talk to you about it first, but clearly you already made your decision.” I growled the last part through clenched teeth. I was pissed that Uriah was here with her all night, but I had no right to judge. If he was who she wanted, who was I to stand in their way. I still felt like she could do better though.

“You’re just going to leave me for her?” she whispered harshly. There was no much judgement and disapproval in her tone, but she would never say what she really felt about Sophia.

“Cupcake you left me first.” Rolling my eyes I removed her arms from around me and basically pushed her on the couch. It wasn’t a hard push, but her touching me felt like fire and I couldn’t endure it anymore. It stung to leave her sitting on the couch crying, but she lied to me. She went behind my back. She chose him.

Damien: Mind telling your boyfriend that we had plans to meet up today?

I felt like I was back to the day that I walked away from her for the first time in our friendship. Again it was because of him and we seemed to always let him. It was like he was a curse for us and she just kept allowing him back in.

Our friendship ended years ago.

Cupcake: He’s not here Damien and he’s not my boyfriend.

Cupcake: How did you find out?

Wasn’t that a loaded question? How did I find out? I wondered if she remembered her promise to me. I wondered if she knew that she was doing the exact same thing as last time. She was to ruin us again with lies and deceit.

Damien: I caught him sneaking out...again. About a week ago.

Cupcake: It’s just sex Dai, it means nothing.

Somehow her having meaningless sex with him only pissed me off more. She was better than that. Knowing Uriah this was some plan he had concocted and tricked her into agreeing with. It was who he was. He wanted all the benefits of a commitment with none of the responsibility. I wondered how long he planned to stick around this time, but I’ll be damned if I let him hurt her this time.

Damien: With you two, it always means something.

Cupcake: That’s not fair Dai, I’m not the same girl I was in college. Besides, promises actually mean something to me.

I didn’t bother to respond to her jab. Not because I was being the bigger person, but because the reason for the drama had finally arrived.

“About time you showed up.” I growled.

“Put away the fangs, Dame, I don’t want to fight.” he sighed, throwing his hands up in surrender.

“Why are you back? You promised-”

“I promised you that I’ll stay away until I was ready for all the things I promised. I’m ready now Dame. I went and got help and all. I’m not running away anymore.”

“She doesn’t want you anymore.” I spat. Just seeing him sitting here so casually unaware of the kind of parasite he really was, was pissing me off.

“The past week or so would imply otherwise.” he smirked cockily. I wanted to kick his face into the floor.

“Quote, ‘it’s just sex Dai, it means nothing’. Sounds like the past week meant more to you than it did to her.” I laughed as his face fell.

“Why am I here? I don’t feel like another round of ‘jealous boyfriend’ with you. Newsflash… you aren’t her boyfriend and you never will be. After all this time and she keeps picking others over you. Get over her already Dame, it’s your only hope. I came back because I love her and I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with her. I’m not trying to get into a pissing contest with you here because you have some kind of moronic bestie claim on her. She isn’t yours to command, she makes her own choices. Let her for once.” he had the nerve to really try to lecture me. I was the one here through it all. Wiping away the tears that he caused. I had a right to protect her from him.

“Look, Uriah, I don’t know what game you’re trying to play at, but I will protect her from you at all cost. You weren’t good for her back in college, you weren’t good for her after college and you aren’t good enough for her now. I’m the one that was up all night listening to her cry and wiping away the tears that you caused every time you ran away. I was the listening ear when she was having problems with you. I was the one she hugged on too and cuddled when she was having nightmares when you were too chicken to be.”

“If memory serves correctly, she had those nightmares because you left her and she went looking for love in the wrong place.” he spat, cutting me off.

“Because thanks to your bitch ass planting a land mine before you left it blew up and I was forced to choose.”

“And you didn’t choose her.”

“Neither did you. She was with that asshole for damn near a year and I still came back before you did.

“If I’m such a bad guy as you claim, why were we ever friends?”

“It takes a while before you see the snake in the grass.”

“Why does she continue to let me come back? Why am I the one fucking her when clearly you want to be?”

“It’s called the rebound. They’re lustful leeches that always seem to pop up at the right times, and you always come around when another one doesn’t work. It won’t work this time.”

“I was her boyfriend Damien, her first love, her first everything! Get over it!” he yelled, getting more and more irritated. We were getting loud and starting to put on a show, but I didn’t care. There was a fire in my bones that needed to be extinguished.

“You weren’t though!”

“How would you know?!”

“Because I was! We got drunk and hooked up one night. I took her virginity! I was her first and when she wanted more I ran spouting some bullshit about how it was a mistake and shouldn’t have happened. She only chose you because I was too much of a chicken shit to accept what happened.”

“Is that the big what happened you two never talk about, but always bring up?” he asked, his voice hoarse and tears in his eyes.

“I wish it was, but the big what happened isn’t something you deserve to know. I’m not kidding Uriah, don’t hurt her. I’ll tolerate you if you are really what she wants, but you and I will never be friends again. I missed my opportunity for her heart in college, but I don’t regret it. Our friendship means more to me than one lustful night. If you are really here this time then be here. Don’t run off again.” he opened his mouth to say something, but I held up my hand to silence him. “Don’t ask what happened, it’s not something we talk about. Don’t ask me and definitely don’t ask her. In the past you’ve always been her rebound, but she did love you. If she chooses you good, if not back off so she can find someone who will always choose her. Before you say it, I’ve already proven that person isn’t me more than once. I hate myself for it and it’s my burden to bear. Good-bye Uriah.” grunting I paid for my coffee and left.

Damien: Let’s do lunch Cupcake, I feel like I haven’t seen that beautiful face all week.

I pressed send as a sense of accomplishment filled me.

Cupcake: Okay! I’ll set everything up in your apartment and even order the takeout. You can choose the movie this time.

Damien: We can watch whatever you want love, I’m in a good mood tonight.

Cupcake: Yay! I’ll see you when you get here.

I was looking forward to it.

For once I was starting to feel like I won, but when she finds out how hard I just lied to Uriah, she was going to kill me. I had my reasoning though, because of the seed he implanted in Sophia’s here she thought I had feelings for Leyah. He was the reason that she gave me the ultimatum and now I was just returning the favor. We’ll see if he really loves her, or if he’s simply in a useless one-sided competition with me.

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