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Too busy trying to save everyone around her, Mina Hart has failed to save herself, spiraling out of control and hitting the cold floor of the bottom. On top of battling a secret depression, she simultaneously struggles with her growing feelings of love and the fear of rejection when long-time friend Ronan Keat begins to uncovers her secrets.

Drama / Other
Kamille 🤍
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Me to You

Although not in explicit detail, it's necessary for me to state that this story mentions suicide and self harm. The last thing I want is to trigger anyone who reads beyond this point.

I've never written anything with such heavy themes before, but having gone through some heavy and dark shit, especially as of late, I found writing to be the best way to begin to heal.

If and when people decide to give what I've written a chance... I wouldn't want it to be One Night, as much joy writing that book has given me. Instead, I would love for it to be this, Mina's story.

Mental illness is more prominent than ever in 2020. I mean, we're in the midst of a global pandemic with orders to stay home, in between four walls and if that doesn't have you at least a little frayed then well-

It's easy to become overwhelmed by your emotions, to lose yourself through the ups and downs of life. It's so damn easy to spiral out of control. The hard part is finding your balance again— digging yourself out of that seemingly bottomless pit of despair and self-pity or whatever it is you may be feeling... reclaiming that loss of control and re-evaluating who you are and who you want to be.

At the same time however, hitting the bottom is the best way to start.


Cause the only way is up (:

All that said... don't be afraid. Don't be afraid to feel down. Don't panic if you've gone 6 days of the week feeling happy and suddenly crash on that 7th. You don't have to be strong 24/7. Hell, it's impossible. Don't feel that you need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

When you feel you aren't good enough - please know you're worth it. You are so freaking worth it and I'm so sorry that you don't get told that enough.

I'm so sorry you've cried yourself to sleep countless nights. Or gone to bed feeling unloved or unwanted. I'm sorry you had to resort to self destruction. I'm so sorry you've been constantly overlooked.

Your best is your best. You are important. You are strong and you are loved. Don't think for a second that your life doesn't matter. It WILL get better, love.

Just because society won't change its face, doesn't mean you have to suffer in silence...

-and most times, all it takes is a concerned and faithful friend in your corner to help you through it and brighten up your perspective and most importantly, to show you a little love. That is one of the things I want to be taken from this story.

If anything, let this- let ME extend my arms to you.

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