The First Episode (The Teen Rebels Episode 1, Season 1)

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A few hours passed since her humiliation by Josie Tremlett-Kahn, Trixie Leigh Kalbrunner, Moira Downing, and Seth Burke in the cafeteria.

Sheila Baines found herself in the principal’s office. Apparently, Wendell Meyer had told Mrs. Carker that Sheila was causing a disturbance in the cafeteria during lunchtime and verbally abused several children. Mrs. Carker wasn’t happy to hear about Sheila’s behavior; she knew it was time to reel that girl in or something dire would happen to her.

Isadora Carker glared as she stared at Sheila Baines. She had gone through the same routine of having Sheila coming into her office every time she misbehaved or bullied another student. This needed to stop.

She said, “Why is it that every time something happens, it always reverts to you?” When Sheila didn’t answer, Mrs. Carker continued, “I’ve heard that you’ve been causing trouble for the other students since you were held back three years ago. Why are you still here? You’re too old to be in the eighth grade and your mother can’t afford to keep you here. When are you going to grow up and leave this school?”

Sheila glared at the woman with hate and venom in her eyes. “You think I am a simpleton? I am NEVER going to leave this place! You think that just because you’re an adult it gives you the right to tell me what to do? Well, you have just earned yourself my wrath!”

With that, Sheila lunged at the woman, but she had made one strategical error. Mrs. Carker had been a running back on the powderpuff football team while she was in college. With that, Mrs. Carker assumed a stance and caught Sheila as the girl pounced on her, tackling her to the ground. Owen McTavish, who was one of the student office aides, burst into the room and snatched Sheila away from the other woman, only to throw her onto the floor and pummel her. He was on the Montagne Beach Middle School wrestling team and one of the biggest kids in the school at 5’7 and 145 pounds. (No one was allowed to think about intimidating him.)

“You’re gonna get in so much trouble when everyone finds out that you tried to jump the principal!” he yelled as he dragged Sheila away from the woman. Sheila glared at him, preparing to insult him, but then she yelled as she was punched across the face. “You will end up in a place where people will beat you up or kill you if you don’t cut that crap out,” Owen said angrily.

Josie, Seth, Trixie, and Moira saw everything as it unfolded; they were watching the confrontation from a window outside the principal’s office. They all shook their heads at Sheila’s antics, saying, “She is so going down.”

Little did they know that they would have the right of it. Or better yet, they would be the ones to bring down Sheila Baines for good.

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