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This is a journey that takes you through the life of these teenagers on their final year of highschool and the choices they have to make and how it will affect their lives.

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It was a Sunday morning and it just finished drizzling, the sound of birds chirping and water dripping woke Angie up from her sleep. It was the day before school resumes. "Huhh" she cried out, she stood up from the bed and opened the curtains and the light of a new day filled the room. "Hey, come on down and help me with the breakfast!" shouted Jessica, she was Angie's elder sister and she has been taking care of Angie and the house since their parents travelled out of the country. The work of house has weighed on her especially since the househelp quit few weeks ago.

Mr and Mrs Paul Cowen are both co-owners of a law firm at wallstreet new York. They usually take turns in visiting their children once in two months or whenever they are on an important trip back in the country, they had travelled out since Angie was seven and ever since the responsibility has fallen to Jessica to take care of her. Jessica and Angie are the only child of their parents. The relationship between Angie and her parents has never been a rigid one although her parents never allow them to lack anything but she feels those things can't fill up the emotional space they are leaving. At home she tries to hide her anger and emotions for the sake of her sister.

Jessica is a twenty three years old nurse working at fordsburg clinic which is one of the best hospital in the state, although she dreams of owning her own clinic. Unlike Angie Jessica has been one to hide her emotions although she feels the distance between them and their parents but she feels she has to be strong for Angie. Angie just entered into her final senior year at redhill High, although she is just sixteen she has the physical attributesbl like that of a twenty year old, she had dark long hair and brown eyes and she was light in complexion.

"Morning" she greeted her sister. "Morning Z", I trust you had a good night sleep" Jessica replied. "Z" is short for Zara and it's the name Jessica likes calling her younger sister

"well if you count constant terrifying school dreams as a goodnight sleep, then yes" she said with a grin. "Haha very funny" she replied while stirring the stew she had been cooking on the gas.

"will you be going to Church with me today?" Asked Jessica. "Noo!" retorted Angie " I think I'll just stay home and prepare myself for school tomorrow" said Angie while also thinking about the stress and drama that's going to start with the resumption of the new year at school "Ok, if you say so" replied Jessica.

"Help me with that" Jessica said pointing to the box of ingredients in front of Angie. As she passed the box, her phone screen lit up and as she read the message she giggled and smiled

"What's making you smile?" Her sister asked, "grace just got back to town last night and she's coming over later" she replied still smiling while texting her friend back

"That's good, well I should go get ready for church I trust you can finish the cooking cause I'm running late" said her sister "Nurses and their always I'm running late speech" taunt
Ed Angie

"Yes, cause if you are on time you can save lives" replied Jessica while she jilted upstairs.

It was just past twelve and Angie was arranging her newly acquired School items she bought for the new session, when the doorbell rang, she stood up to get the door.

"Surprise!!!" Her friend grace yelled at the other side of the door. "Hey, wow! you look new" angie said while hugging her friend "come in, come in. How have you been and how was the trip" asked angie

"It was amazing and fun. I made a lot of friends and did a lot of shopping too" grace replied, she travelled to cape town to live with her grandmum for the holiday.

"You made new friends, I'm jealous" cried angie
"You know you are the best, my best friend, they can't surpass you" her friend replied, they both laughed and hugged each other

Grace was a childhood friend of Angie, they both grew up in the same town, live close to each other, they attended the same church and school ever since they were little. They were basically like sisters. Grace's parents are what you can call a community service lovers, although Grace's dad was a business man and her mom own a very big boutique and hair salon. Grace was their only child.

"So tell me, what's new with you?" Grace asked her friend while searching her handbag for something.

"Well. You know the usual things" shrugged angie

"Do you mean the usual as in Luke usual" her friend said with a grin. "No, we broke up " Angie retorted. "What! How can you not tell me that, I thought we were best friends and we tell each other everything", "Well, it wasn't that big of a deal and I didn't want to waste your time with it" Angie said while arranging her books into her bag.

"Oh wow!" Grace said while hitting her friend on her hand.

"Ouch! Leave me alone" complained Angie

"Ha. Here it is" graced said with a smile. "This is what Sam got me for my birthday" she said while showing off the new pair of necklace and bracelet, Sam her boyfriend got her.

"Wow! They look beautiful, can I try ..."

"Nope" grace cut her off before she could finish the statement. "This are mine" she said laughing

"So how do you think this session is going to be like?" Asked angie. "It's gonna be as it has always been" replied grace while she was busy observing the necklace and bracelet again.

"I hope not" retorted Angie, "yeah me too. I should start going" her friend said while getting her things together. "Really?! So quick, you just got here" cried angie. "I Know, I just came to quickly see you. I have a lot of things to do before night time but I promise I'll call you when I am done with it all" "alright let me see you off then" said Angie.

It was nighttime and Angie was lying on the sofa watching a TV show when Jessica came into the house. "You are late" Angie said. "Well after church I visited a friend" her sister replied while taking off her shoes and she slump on the sofa

"have you eaten yet?" Asked Jessica. " Yes I have. I couldn't wait anymore"

"ok. Mom called on my way back" Jessica said with her eyes close. "Really, what did she want?" Angie replied still paying close attention to the TV. "Just to check on us" her sister said heaving a deep sigh.

"I'm so tired, I think I'll just retire to bed early today. Goodnight and make sure you sleep early too because you have school tomorrow. Ok?" Said Jessica while moving up the stairs "Ok, Night." Replied angie still not looking away from the TV.
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