Touch in the dark

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Mia Wilson, a girl whose parents whose lives were filled with bad luck died on her twelfth birthday, being the only one who survived the car crash and the only child. A second uncle twice removed took pity. After his wife left him because she didnt want someone elses kid. Their son, Caleb whos four years older than Mia blames his parents divorce on Mia made her life a living hell. When she finally moved out, she moved to New York and wanted to forget her past and everything about it, including AA, the initals of an Aran Altas who only gave Mia more to worry about. When everything was going good and no one knew about her past she got a sign saying that someone who knows her and everything about her knows where she is. Aran Altas, a person whose name she hasn't said in years will come back to haunt her. And so will secrets that have been kept hidden for over a decade.

Drama / Romance
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A Single Daffodil

"Dont ever try to get inside my head," said Aran as he pushed Mia up against the wall "its too dark for you" "and who are you to say its too dark for me? Maybe its my head that you shouldnt try to get inside of" Mia warned "oh, darling, I know what goes on inside that pretty little head of yours" Aran said teasingly as he just ever so slightly brushed his lips upon hers as they looked seductively into each others eyes.

"But that was a long time ago, I cant focus on that now. I have to hurry or im going to be late for work, uh I need this job" Mia said to herself as she grabbed her keys and ran out the door towards her car. As soon as she got to the bakery she ran inside and started ti work.
"Where were you?, I told Henry you were at the bathroom across the street," said Layla as she walked up to me "sorry had a rough morning" I told her "well are you okay?" Layla asked me "yeah im fine, lets just get to work before we both get fired," I said. For clarification, Layla is my coworker who works at the bakery with me. Shes also my best friend, well my closest friend anyway. And Henry is our supervisor, he is such a douche bad, i swear someone fidnt hug him enough as a child. By the way, I've been working here at the bakery for a little over two years and Laylas been working here a little under three years.

"Mia your finally back, I told you to only go to the bathroom on brakes or wait until you get home," said Henry angrily "sorry, its just that theres no bathroom here and-" I said trying to explain the lie Layla so cleverly told. Before I could finish what I was gong to say Henry interupted again saying "I dont care, you should of already gone, Ive told you both already and this is your last warning before you dont work here anymore" "wow, I just told you she was in the bathroo, I didnt do anything" Layla whined. I nudged her with my elbow even known I knew she was only joking. "Uh, just get back to work before I fire you" Henry snarled "alright alright, we're sorry," said Layla with an already annoyed look. As we watched Henry leave to probably yell at someone else I stated "he cant even fire us" "dont let him know that" said Layla while looking in the firection henry went with a grin on her face. After we both laughed, but not loud cause then Henry would hear,we got back to work. Towards the end of the day Layla cane up to me and thats when she said "hey since I covered for you, can you close up for me?" Now being tired after a long day of work I would have usually said no, but since she covered for me it was the least I could do. "Sure" I said tiredly "really, thanks, oh I'll call you later, bye" she said as she walked out the door. After she left, I turned around and saw on a table that once had nothing on it but some napkins, a single Daffodil.

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