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So it goes

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When Anna found herself pregnant and completely on her own at seventeen, she vowed she would build a dream life for herself and her child. After her parents kicked her out, she moved to Seattle, where she found a job at a bakery. Now her child is three years old, and with the support of a couple who have become her surrogate parents, she almost finished college. Her dream life is almost with in reach, but a medical crisis and an unexpected return of her child’s father threaten to tear everything down everything she has fought so hard to build. Will Anna lose everything she’s ever wanted, or will she finally get to live her dreams? Now on Galatea! 🥸

Drama / Romance
Lois Scott
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Anna's POV.

'Anna Johnson?' The professor asks through the room making sure all the students are present. I lift my head up from my notebook and look him in the eye.

'Present.' I say while lifting my hand up.
He writes it down, making sure that he doesn't miss anyone.

The class is somewhat boring, economics, but being 21 and only in my second year of college, everybody seems to have this opinion of me that I am stupid. Which I am not.

Every student here is 19, 20 at the most but I didn't have the privilege to study right away. I had to work to get where I am. To be able to afford college. I worked double shifts every day for 2 years so I could be living kind of comfortable.

If it wasn't for the two jobs and extra shifts I wouldn't be here. I work in a little bakery not so far from my home and at a café on the weekends. Now that I am in college, they understand that I can't work every weekend anymore. They respect that, and so I only go one day and not the late shift, I do the lunch shift every Sunday. It doesn't pay as much as a night shift, but I don't need that kind of cash anymore. Well, sometimes I do, but then I just ask for an extra shift. I know that for a good future, I need this degree.

The bakery is the only place that I do keep going to every morning. I start at 5 A.M and work till 9 before going to school, after school, I go back and start on making the pastries for the next day.

I always knew I was good in a kitchen and very good with pies and such. This job was what I knew and the bakery with the people who took me under their wing saved me on more than one occasion.

The class went on and on, I feel the stares of the other students boring holes in my back as I ask questions about the lecture. Sorry, peeps, but I actually want to graduate soon. You see I normally would be able to graduate this year. I only need to take this class and business 3.1 to get my business degree and graduate. I don't look forward to this year. I have more classes, which means less time at home.

My beautiful little home, I bought the house for almost nothing as I had to renovate the place. It's the reason I bought it in the first place. With some cheap materials and money, I made it my little home. Believe me, it isn't much and with the help of the bakery I could pay it off.

It was my boss her house, but they moved into the apartment above the bakery to be closer and since their kids are all grown up they didn't need that much room anymore. I only have to pay for what I did in my apartment each month and I'm proud to say that I almost paid them back. I don't like charity, I can make it on my own and that's why they accepted a reasonable price for the place. Even if they didn't want it.

'Class dismissed.' Professor Stanford says.

'Anna Johnson, stay behind please.' The "oohs" fill the room, but I know why he's asking me to stay.

Let them think I'm in trouble, it will fill their minds with all the gossip they want since none of them actually know me. They don't like the fact that I'm older and don't socialize. So if they need the gossip to stay away from me, gladly.

The most hurtful gossip I heard, was that I was in a mental hospital for 2 years and that that's the reason I'm only now in school. Like, do I really look that crazy?

I'm just a normal girl, with light brown hair with brown eyes. I do have curves, but it's not like I'm fat. My eyes are what I find most attractive, the color of them is something you could describe as the color of a deer. Light, light brown, almost amber.

I never really liked my curves so much ever since high school and they appeared.
In high school, I was a shy girl, having a hard time because they would tease me about my curves. I have thighs, so what? I had to learn to love my body. At 16 I didn't have any self-esteem.

They were so mean to me, I came home crying, it broke me and the fact that my parents were so religious, just gave them more ammo to bully me.

Over the years I got thicker skin and got over the fact that guys and girls thought I wasn't good enough, I like to think they were just jealous. I grew a mouth too, I won't let them walk over me anymore. But I don't mind the gossip, I think it's funny what stories they've come up with just because I am older.

I do get that I look different apart from being older, I don't have the money to buy myself fancy clothes like some of them do and with my lack of sleep because of my job, I must look like a zombie coming straight from a movie but as I said, I don't give a fuck.

I walk towards professor Stanford, he walks past me and closes the door.

'Anna, how are you?'

'I'm fine Jim.' I see the look on his face. It's telling me more than it should. I roll my eyes at him, knowing where this is going.

'She's fine, Jim. Why don't you and auntie Liz, come over for dinner tonight. Then you can see for yourself.'

' It was quite the scare, Anna.' I sigh, it's true.
A couple of weeks ago, my baby girl had to go to the hospital. She fell from the stairs and hit her head. She had to have a couple of stitches and right after she had pneumonia due to the cold weather, or so they say, so she couldn't go home for 5 days.

Jim's wife, Elizabeth, was watching over her like she does almost every day when she fell. She felt so bad, but it wasn't her fault. I know most moms, definitely, young moms would have had a huge fit, but Olivia climbed over the safety fence and fell down.

She knows she shouldn't do that. I warned her every damn time but I guess she's like her father, she needs to find out for herself in order to know when something isn't a good idea.

I sigh a little bit, 'Liz feels so bad.' Jim says.

'Come and see for yourself, she's fine. She's just like her father, she needs to find things out on her own even if that means falling down the stairs. Auntie Liz was just there instead of me. It would've happened, either way, Olivia likes to undergo it herself. The pneumonia was a big scare that's true, but her breathing is fine now. The antibiotics have kicked in, she's on the last bit of it.' He sighs in relief while raising his eyebrow up.

'Just like her father huh?' I clamps my hand over my mouth. I never talk about her father, I don't even think of him anymore. He doesn't deserve the honor, well not really.


'Anna, no. I don't know who he is and to be honest when I find out he'll get what comes his way. And if karma doesn't do it, then uncle Jim will.' He says, pointing to himself, I shake my head.

'Uncle Jim, don't, please. It's not his fault.' I sigh, a part of it is... my conscience tells me.

'I don't know much Anna but I do know you are raising your baby girl all alone. Nobody should do this on their own.'

I sigh deeply, 'He doesn't know...' I mutter under my breath, staring at my feet.

'What do you mean he doesn't know?' I shake my head. He sounds so disappointed... I can't have him disappointed in me. He means too much to me and to Olivia.

'He doesn't know, he got the chance of a lifetime, his dream job and I told him to go chase his dreams like "the good girlfriend" I was. Only to find out, a couple of weeks later, that I was pregnant.'

'Didn't you try to call him or something?' I nod,

' I tried to get in touch with him, but let's just say that he wasn't interested.'

'How do you know?'

' He promised to stay in touch when he broke up with me. If he wanted to stay in touch why would he change his phone number?' Uncle Jim's face is turning red from anger.

'It's fine Jim. I'm fine. Olivia is fine. I don't need him and neither does she. I wasn't even surprised when I found out his number changed. It's just something he would do, a new start not thinking about the consequences.'

' Go to your next class, but just so you know. You deserved better Anna.' He says with a smile as I make my way towards the door.

' I know, but I wouldn't want to change a thing. Tonight, 7 PM it's pasta night.' That made his face lit up.

' Oh, we'll be there. Your pasta is the best.' I smile at him going out of the room.

I walk towards my next class, business 3.1. I know I'm late, but that doesn't matter as half of the students in there know I had to stay behind. Plus, they will definitely tell the teacher about it since it's the latest gossip.

I rush over to the classroom, I knock on the door.

' Enter.' The dark voice says. Why does that voice sound so familiar? But that could be the fact that I had this teacher for the past 6 months. Only it doesn't really sound like my female teacher at all....

I open the door and walk through without looking at the person in front of me.

I close the door behind me and turn around, only to come face to face with the one person that I never wanted to see again.

'Shit!' I shriek as I stand there face to face, with my ex-boyfriend James Freaking Brown.
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