The Fault In Her Stars

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"The world will always push you pass your limits and it's up to you to pick yourself up or have it run over you again and again and again. . ." - She has only ever been blamed for every misfortune.  It's a short and inspirational story.

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Chapter 1


The windy breeze did nothing to aid in lessening the heat of the sun. It seems like even the sun has a bone to pick with her, the sky was cloudy but the scrunching heat still found their way through. Other students had either hit off home with their rides or a group of friends. She has none. She is nobody and no one wants anything to do with her. Some said she is a psychopath, others claimed she might be a witch while many suggested that she is just a homewrecker who ruins life.

She's a homewrecker alright, her minds seems to agree even if it is not true. She has reached that limit that nothing matters anymore; she doesn't care what people say and all she wanted was peace of mind or just to be invisible. She is tired of telling people she is not whatever it is they are speculating but it doesn't matter anymore. Speaking up just seems to do more harm than good anyway.

Her mind wander far off to the extreme as she walks mindlessly down the road. A van at it's full speed gave off a loud honk, the driver was quick enough to jam the brake and swirl the steering wheel as the van did a sudden turn and faced the school. The angry driver pushed open his front door and rushed round the car.

"Hey kid, you alright?" To say the driver was relieved to see that he hasn't caused any damages was an understatement, he cannot afford any charges or bills in this state of his.

She was still frozen in place from the shock she just experienced. The books she held onto that couldn't fit in her backpack fell and scattered on the road, a bewildered expression fit her face. Her eyes dilated in fear, lips clamped shut as she held her breath.

The driver snatched her by the arm and pulled her towards the school. "Next time, stay away from the road, it is not a picnic mat. The other drivers won't be as nice." He gritted through clenched teeth, went back to his vehicle and drove away, ruining some of her materials on the road.

She let hold of the breath she held as she watched the driver drive away. It seems even death doesn't like her. Funny, not that she wants to die but she find herself often thinking, what does it feels like to be death? Where would she go? What will happen to her? Would she be free from this world and all it's lies? She has seen faces of dead people before and she couldn't help but think that they are more at peace than they ever were when they were alive.

She quickly rushed over to the road, scouts up her books and papers carelessly and rushed back to roadside to sort them out before other drivers not as nice comes along.

"Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy," both the name and the voice had her quivering in overwhelming fear. She never liked the nickname and now she has even more reasons not to. "I just saw your little drama, and I have to say I'm not that surprised to see that you couldn't wait for your own fucking death to find you after all, bastards are known for their impulsive behavior just like the act that leads to their existence." He chuckled and the just sound of it sends another wave of sickening fear down the pits of her stomach.

A week ago, she would have been the girl standing next to him with his arms draped over her shoulders. A week ago, even if someone told her that the guy standing in front of her would cause harm to another living being, she won't believe it and not that anyone would ever tell her that. He was the only person in the entire school that spoke to her, the only person that had the decency to call her a friend and now all she sees in him was a devious and cunning monster.

The boy that she used to consider a friend was no more, he wasn't exactly that into their friendship to begin with. He would laugh at her together with anyone who tries to bully her, make fun of her, bully her himself but she was willing to put up with it because in the entire school Zack was the only person that calls her a friend even if he snickers whenever he says so.

"Here," he threw a big fat textbook and a notebook at her. "My assignment, I want them done before eight in the morning and I need you to bring them back to me as early as school starts, is that clear?"

She shivered and nods, the tears were already threatening to spill. She wanted him gone together with his new friend or girlfriend or whatever it is she is, not that he has anything else to say except to torture her and it's not like she doesn't know what assignment he was talking about since they shared the same algebra class.

"I asked you, is that clear?" He squats to her eye level but she has her eyes wandering all around except looking into his. She didn't dare look up to his eyes, his piercing blue eyes had always left an unsettling feeling lingering and still does.

"Yes," her voice was a hushed whisper.

"You would have to speak louder than that for me to hear you, sugar. We won't want a repeat of the other night to gain a voice momentum now, do we?"

"N-no," she quivered a bit louder as the tears slipped freely at the memories that began to cloud her mind. Memories she so desperately want to erase complete and is trying too hard to forget.

"Yeah, that's better," he pecked her cheeks and straighten up again. "Come on, bae. Let's go, Zach will squeeze my balls if I'm late for practice again," he said to his girlfriend and she giggled.

They went back to the school leaving a frozen Lizzy by the roadside, the name Zachary always seems to have a chilling effect on her. She believes that if Zachary is any worst than he already is, he would have had her killed or better yet, do it himself. But she doesn't blame him though, she and her mother did ruined his happy perfect home.

At the thought of home, she pulled out her broken phone to check the time and her heart almost skipped to her throat. She is late to go back to the house which means she will have to serve late dinner, which also means the cook will go unnecessarily extra hard on her.

She wiped her tears and extra hard against her cheek that Zack brushed with his lips and just picked up her mess of a books and jumped on the last bus that stopped. She had to ran another 30 yards to reach the house and as soon as she walked in she was encountered with an extremely drunk stepmother.

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