Extraordinary Friendship πŸ‘¬

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Jin-Ae, Chi, Nina, Luna, and Orly meet at the college and become buddies. In the beginning, they live happily but after sometime later they get into some trouble and they struggle a lot to overcome it. Then one day they realize that they have to split to overcome the trouble. But they don't want to split. Read πŸ“– the story to know how they overcome all the trouble.....

Drama / Romance
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Everyone is jogging in the park except Orly. She is sitting on a bench and looking for someone.
"Hey Orly you not going to join."
Her brother Orion asked her.
"No, I didn't feel well. So I am not."
"Ok then see you"
The person she is looking for is Liuz her love ❀️ but one side. She didn't tell him that she had a feeling for him. Liuz is Orion's friend that's how she knows him. On that day he didn't show up in the park so she returns home sadly 😭. The reason she was sad is the next day she is going to South Korea, for higher studies πŸ“ so she wants to see him before she left Italy. She knocked on the door with a sad 😭 face.
"What happened my dear?" Her papa opened πŸ‘ the door and asked. She looked up at his face and said, "I am sad 😩 because I am living tomorrow"
"Oh, don't be 😩 sad. There you will get good πŸ‘ friends πŸ†—. Your mom studied πŸ“ there." He tries to make her happy 😊.
But he didn't know that she was sad 😩 because she can't see Liuz on that day.
Telling about Orly, her mother Eun-Ae was from Korea and she was an architect. She graduated from KAIST. She was so beautiful and cute, and a lovely character but she died due to cancer β™‹. And Orly's father πŸ‘¨ Otello he is also a handsome young man πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ¦°. Otello and Eun-Ae were love marriage πŸ’ and they come out of their families πŸ‘ͺ. Otello never gives a chance to Orly and Orion that they were grown up without a mother. Because Otello loves 😍 them that much. Then, Orion, he is different from his father πŸ‘¨ and mother πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦°. Otello always tells them that Orion is just a carbon copy of his grandpa. Orion does anything for the person πŸ‘­ he likes. But he never does a small thing to the person he hates 😑. And then Orly, she is just like her mother. She never shares her pain with others, but her father πŸ‘¨ read πŸ“– her eyes πŸ‘€ , so she can't hide anything from her father πŸ‘¨. She never asks for anything but her father gives her what exactly she needs. In short, it is a happy 😊 family πŸ‘ͺ. But tomorrow Orly is going to Korea for higher studies πŸ“. On that day she goes to bed πŸ›Œ with a sad 😩 look because she gonna miss her Papa, brother, and Liuz. She falls to sleep.
Suddenly, she feels something and wakes up from her sleep and look πŸ‘€ at the clock and it is 3 am. She just wants to out through the window. She goes near the window and removes the curtains and lookout. There she sees Liuz, he is wearing a white t-shirt with black pants. Her face blushing ☺️ and she looked at him. The very next moment she thinks πŸ€” 'what 😦 he was doing here at this time?' Then she looks carefully and realizes that he was talking πŸ’¬ to someone. She looks carefully again and she realizes he was not talking to someone he was kissing 😚 , someone. She becomes depressed πŸ˜” and starts screaming and jumping out of the bed πŸ›Œ and look πŸ‘€ at the clock, it already 7️⃣ am. And she realizes that it was just a nightmare. Then she goes to the window and removes the curtains, and looks out. There she saw Liuz wearing the same dress. She looks carefully and he also talking πŸ’¬ to someone. She didn't think anything and run πŸƒ to the road to see who is she. But she saw him and becomes shocked. Because Liuz is talking πŸ’¬ to her brother. She said to herself ' that stupid dream makes me crazy '.
She turns back ⬅️ to go home 🏑 "Hey Orly, what are you doing here?" Her brother asked her.
"Nothing just take some fresh air πŸ’¨" she tries to smile 😊.
"Hey Orly you are going to Korea, right? All the best πŸ‘ and happy journey" Liuz said to Orly.
By seeing him she stands like frozen β›„. "Ya, I am.. I am studying πŸ“..no I am going. I mean 😏 thanks." She runs to home 🏠 the very next second.
"Orly, where are you coming from? I think πŸ’­ that you are in your room." Otello asks Orly.
"I am wake up early πŸ•’ and go outside to see the garden for the last time." She tries to smile 😊.
"Ok πŸ‘Œ go and ready fast you have to reach the airport πŸ›« at ten."
"Ya ok pa." She said and go to her room and close the door πŸšͺ. She was very happy 😊 because she thinks πŸ€” that she can't see Liuz before she goes. But now, he saw him and he wishes πŸ™ her a happy journey. Then she gets ready within ten minutes. She is wearing a white T-shirtπŸ‘” and black jeans πŸ‘– and a hairband for her free hair. And put a tiny makeup on her face, she takes a simple chain from the table and put it on her neck. It is her mom's remembrance. Then she comes out of her room and asked.
"Pa I am ready. how do I look?" she blinks her eyes
"You look like an angel 🧚." Otello smiles 😊 at her.
"No..no. You look like a devil 😈 wearing a white T-shirt." Orion giggles at her.
"I think πŸ’­ you are jealous," Orly said to Orion.
"Jealous... For what "
"Yha you are jealous because I am going abroad." She laughs πŸ˜„ at him.
"Oh, really I am happy πŸ˜‚ you are going far from me. I can eat every chocolate πŸͺ pa buy." He smiled 😏 at her. But definitely, he is hiding his pain inside of his Hart. He doesn't want her to leave. He loves 😍 her a lot.
"Ok, it's enough for today, let's have your breakfast 🍳.
After finishing the breakfast 🍳 Otello asked Orion " did you call the cab."
"What 😦???" Orly asked.
"Let me finish first. Liuz said, that he will give a trip to the airport."
"Okay then."
"Orly take your luggage 🧳 to the yard."
But she is dreaming about Liuz drop her at the airport. "Are you here or already in an airplane ✈️" he hit πŸ‘Š her head?
"What?" She wakeup from her fantasy.
"Go and take your luggage 🧳 to the yard."
"Ok πŸ‘Œ " she goes upstairs and takes her luggage one by one.
"Do you need any help?" Liuz asked Orly.
She realizes his voice and stand froze. "Orly do you need any help?" He asked again.
"What are you doing here? " she starts blushing ☺️.
"Your brother asked me to help you." He smiled 😏 at her and continue "if you don't need any help then I will leave now."
"You can't go... I mean, you need to help me... Oo I mean, I need your help." She tries to smile 😊.
"What I have to do?"
"Help me with this luggage 🧳 she pointed out a big bag πŸŽ’ near her.
" ok, I will take it downstairs." He tries to take the bag πŸŽ’.
"Ok, I will take this one." She takes a small bag and follows him downstairs.
"Oh, Liuz thanks for helping us," Otello said to Liuz.
"No mention uncle. I am happy to help you all." He smiles and goes to the yard.
Orion is standing near the car 🚘. Liuz handover the bag πŸŽ’ to him and he put the bag in the car 🚘. Then Liuz turn to Orly and said, "Give me the bag πŸŽ’." She handed it to him and he handed it to Orion."
Suddenly Orly thought something and becomes sad 😩. "Why are you pulling a long face, Orly," Orion asks her. She didn't reply to anything and run πŸƒ to her room.
"Maybe she is sad 😩 because of leaving," Liuz said to Orion and get in the driver seat πŸ’Ί.
"Yha you are right, I also feel like, I am gonna lose something," Orion said with a sad face 😭.
"Not something, an important part of your life." Otello comes out of the house 🏠.
"Yeah, you are right Pa." Orion hides his tears 😒 with a smile 😏 and continues "oh, where the devil 😈 has gone? It's almost time to take off." He runs towards Orly. She is sitting on her bed πŸ›Œ and sobbing. "Hey, Little devil 😈 why are you crying 😭?"
"I gonna miss you, the big devil 😈. I can't fight with you and I can't get your chocolate πŸͺ too." She can't hold her tears anymore. It flows down.
"It is for you." He handed herb a little Kitty keychain. "You like cats 🐈 a lot that's why I buy this for you. How is it?"
"It is so cool ✨." She hugs πŸ€— him.
"Hey, Little devil 😈 doesn't make me cry 😿." He tries to smile 😏, but he can't hold his tears anymore.
"Hey, Devils 😈 stop crying and come down with me." Their father πŸ‘¨ tries to calm them. But the reality is he is also crying inside. Then Orion and Orly wipe their face and get in the car 🚘.
Everyone gets in the car and it starts moving from the house 🏠.
On the way to the airport, πŸ›« Otello asks Orly "Do you take your boarding pass 🎫?"
But Orly is her dream world. She is dreaming about Lius.
"Pa she is already in college. Maybe now she is looking πŸ‘€ at some handsome young man πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ¦°." Orion teas her, but she didn't hear πŸ‘‚ anything. "Hello πŸ‘‹ madam, are you inside the car 🚘 or in the college?" He hits πŸ‘Š her head.
"What 😦?" She comes out of her dream. Everyone laughs πŸ˜„ "Pa why are you laughing at me?"
"Nothing my little Devil 😈. Papa wants to know that did you take your boarding pass 🎫 or left it at home 🏠?" Orion tries to become serious πŸ˜’ and laugh πŸ˜„ again.
"I take it, it is in my handbag." She pulls a long face and looks πŸ‘€ out through the window.
They reached the airport πŸ›«. Orly have two ✌️ luggage 🧳 and one handbag πŸ‘. Her handbag πŸ‘œ is the face of a kitten 🐱. Then she takes her luggage 🧳 and says goodbye πŸ‘‹ and vanished into the airport πŸ›«. Otello and Orion want to cry 😭 but they hold their tears 😒 inside their eyes. They never allow it to flow down. And they turn to go back and suddenly they hear Orly's voice"pa". They turn back to see her. She runs towards them and hugs πŸ€— them both and said "I am gonna miss you." She looked into their eyes and continued "I will call you every day if I didn't call you then you have to call me. Ok πŸ‘Œ."
" of course my dear, Stammi bene, " Otello said, Orly. 'Stammi bene' means 'take care' in Latin.
Orly waves her hand πŸ‘‹. She likes to say goodbye πŸ‘‹ to Liuz but she didn't say a word to him and go inside the airport πŸ›«. Othello leaves after the plane takes off.

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