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The Mafia's Baby

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Yukihira 'The Executioner' Perez gets a phone call one day. In front of him is the annoying American gangster known as Maddock. Maddock says he has a gift for him; to receive this gift, he has to give his brother up. Maddock steps aside, revealing a chocolate beauty, which he already slept. Yukihira did not care about the woman telling him to sell her off... That is until he pulls a little girl with hazel eyes into the camera. Plans change, and so do feelings towards the mother of his child. An ex-wife who wants to be under his protection. An ex-father in law who wants to keep the merge together and a quiet but deadly baby momma. Hey guys, this is my first time trying to write a drama genre, so hopefully, it reaches your expectations and mine. Most of all, I hope it's fucking good. I'm winging it, folks! P.S. From my first two books I posted, I want to clarify that I am not a professional. This is a sort of short story type of story, so don't expect too much from me, folks. It 'int happening. I will skip and all of that, so don't get mad!

Drama / Action
Shanti Aventurin
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 Yukihiria

Base on posts I receive from a few readers. I notice the original chapter I posted was very similar to the book His Best Mistake. It was a coincidence. Nevertheless, this author posted their book first and I do not want to get into any sort of trouble with copyrights and what have you. Thus I change the chapter. I hope you guys like it. Happy Readings!

P.S. Thank you guys for the heads up. You guys are flapjacks awesome.

“Frost? Look, man, I’m really sorry. I-” My brother Jose starts to say. I cut him off midway. “I didn’t mean for it to happen,” I quoted him. “Right. Get out of my sight, Jose,” I told him. I stared blankly at my brother. The rest of the family was in the room, shocked by the news we just receive. Like everyone that gets caught, they are only sorry they got caught. And, never meant for it happened because they got caught.

“F-” Before he can utter anything else. I pulled out my gun. “Honestly, you are testing my patience and my generosity,” I said, annoyed, irritated, and pissed off. Without another word, he got up and left. Our brothers, sisters, and father didn't say anything as they look between the two of us. I throw three pictures of him on the ground. There are more pictures of him fucking my wife in a hotel room. Several pictures of them are scattered on my desk. And the three that I displayed for our family and him to see. I move the one on my desk out of my way, only for another set to appear. This time she’s sleeping with the enemy. There are different pictures of her trying to cover herself as she meets with him. Pictures of them having sex in different positions are also scattered on my desk.

I shifted my eyes to the USB drive that sits on the envelope that once held all these pictures. I stuck the USB into the desktop. The folder for it pops up with two videos in it. I played the first video with Angelo’s face as the video snapshot. His laughter is the first thing you hear when you play the video. I crack my knuckles, breathing in deeply as this asshole taunts me on the monitor.

“Oh, man. Who would have thought that your wife would fuck you over like this? After all, she said that you take care of her so very well,” He mocks in a sarcastic tone. “Guess not good enough. I had your bitch begging me to keep fucking. It was fucking priceless,” He goes on for a few more minutes, taunting me before he finally says what he wants. My empire. Being that my wife and I’s marriage merge our families, I am the sole owner of a large empire, even without the merger. I made my family the largest and most powerful empire that it is right now. My wife’s family had nothing on us.

Angelo then suggests that I have a look at the other video, which he assured me was not edited. After his video ended, the following video played automatically. Sounds of moans with her and Angelo were clear and loud. I cut it off when she started calling his name as he pounded into her.

“Get the lawyer,” I requested before getting up. “Have her draw up divorce papers immediately. Send a notification out to the other families that we are cutting ties with The Smiths. Clients will follow both in the public eyes and the underworld,” After I made that announcement, I didn’t care who fulfilled what. All I knew was I needed to leave.

I asked one of the workers to drive me to a bar, any bar. I want to drink the aches away. Betrayed by my own brother. Be it half-blood or full; a betrayal is a betrayal. Yet, I could easily see myself forgiving him because we work hard on our relationship. After all, I was the illegitimate child their father had but put into power on his first day of entering into their home. I guess I was fooling myself.

When I arrived at the club, I sat in the corner. Observing my surroundings. After six rounds of whiskey, my head started to feel light and dizzy. But the ache was still there. My eyes roamed around the club until it landed on a petite girl. She was enjoying herself with two other girls.

An eye for an eye. Even though I don’t know who exactly I would be hurting, I'm divorcing my wife. I had no reason to take revenge. But it didn’t matter. All I wanted was for the ache to go away. Fuck it, I’m pissed. What I need is to release some of my anger. I called the bartender over, telling him to mix the same drink miss-tall-curvy-petite is having and deliver a message for me. It seems like she was down for fun.

I watched as this goddess took control of me and pulled me onto the dance floor. My hands roamed her body. It didn’t take long for my body to react to her. Surprising the shit out of me, but I figure it was the alcohol bringing about this feeling. I took her back to one of my hotels not long after. We started kissing and pulling each other’s clothes off. We didn’t break apart until we were in the elevator. That’s when something in me woke up. As I watch the moonlight shine down on this seductress, I couldn’t hold back.

Her pussy glistened with her juicy’s, the temptation to taste her was overwhelming. But the feeling of wanting to pound into her was strong. I wet my cock, looking at her reaction. Her beady eyes are wide with shock and anticipation. As I slip into her, I cursed softly, knitting my eyebrows together. She was extremely tight. I pushed forward, making her gasp out loud.

“Fuck,” I groaned out. Her pussy clutch to me like a glove, refusing to let go. Was she a virgin? If she was, she didn’t scream as if she was in pain. I waited a moment before I started to thrust into her. Her moans got louder, sending my already blank mind in a daze. Her hands roamed from my head to my back to my chest. All the while, she left her nail marks, which felt good, causing me to pound harder into her. I did hold back as I fill all her holes. By the time I was done with her, we were both passed out, with my dick deep, and sweetly sleeping inside of her.

The next day I woke up. It was after 10 in the morning, and the mystery girl was nowhere to be seen. I got up slowly a small headache was beginning to form. I stood up, collecting my scattered clothes before heading out. Upon walking out, I saw my brother Emmanuel and Tomas standing in the place my driver was. Seeing that Tomas had shades on, I took them from him, putting them on. Without any formal greeting or acknowledgment, I got into the backseat. They drove while I rest my head against the car seat.

“Tiffany has the divorce papers ready. We also send the announcement to the Smiths and all our clients,” Tomas said. I didn’t respond. I closed my eyes breathing out quickly. Images of the mystery woman flash through my mind. The sound of moans, grunts, groans, screams, and skin slapping against each was fresh in my ears. It would be a night I will never forget.

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