Ava's Last Run

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Chapter 5

That same hypnotic state that Ava experienced while running with her dad carried her miles away from the casino. Her pace slowed, her feet began aching, but she still ran; lost in her childhood memories.

The blaring honk of a car horn snapped Ava back to reality. She dug the heels of her barefeet into the ground in order to jump back. She avoided being hit by the honking car by just a few inches. Angered by the reckless disregard for her well being, Ava flipped the driver off as the black sedan continued down the quiet road.

She looked down at the freshly opened gashes on the bottom of her feet. Ava looked around and realized the strip was well behind her and there wasn’t a store in site. She was in a neighborhood, but no idea where. She had been so immersed in her memories that the run had taken her into an unfamiliar territory.

The air was still and quiet. That still silence that exist around three in the morning before the birds, insects and people wake up. No street lights were on, and no porch lights either. The street signs were absent which Ava found odd but she didn’t care. She wasn’t lost because she had nowhere to go. She wasn’t scared because she had nothing to lose. She just felt like she had to keep going, so she did.

Ava looked down the road at the sedan that nearly hit her which was now unrecognizable, just a red dot from the brake lights in the distance. She began to run after the vehicle. She wanted to catch the driver. She wanted to find out who would be so reckless, whose heart could be so callus, and who could have such disregard for someone’s well being.

Ava was overcome with rage as she sprinted toward the car. This wasn’t the first time she had pondered the heartlessness of a stranger. She had spent years wondering the same of her dad’s killer.

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