Something Domestic

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Charisse Skylar Walker had to be perfect. Not because she wanted to, but because it was mandatory; she had to put up with everyone around her in order to 'protect herself'. From what? She didn't know. That involved keeping secrets which involved telling lies - it was a never-ending cycle. She didn't want that fake life. She wanted to be herself. But doing so would potentially ruin everything she - and her mother - worked for. How can she go against what she basically lived for? She then meets someone similar to her, but even he seemed like a lie. He, while keeping true to himself, was able to introduce her to a new world - one that still involved the secrets and lies, but it was slightly better. And although it isn't entirely his fault, secrets get revealed, people get hurt, and in the process, Charisse is thrown into danger. But from the beginning, she knew something was going on with her life, that caused speculation. She'd been asking for this to happen for a long time. She didn't know how to describe her life. It was just something domestic. (SUC)

Drama / Romance
Maya Cyns
4.7 6 reviews
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“The world says beauty is changing

Fuck that, it’s fake expectation

Not the real shit

Let’s get naked

Start meditating

Feel elevated and say

I love my body

I love my skin

I am a goddess

I am a queen,”

Jessie J

**Please don’t mind the grammar, punctuation, and everything else to do with that beyond this point. I’m editing the chapters here now. **

*some trigger warning. mentions of death, rape ect.

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