Under His Control

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All it took was Katherine Prescott, the host of his unwanted dreams to have the jaded Liam Harrington on his knees surrendering to love. But with a budding engagement and fresh romance built on the basis of secrets and lies, they come to a heartbreaking conclusion, to either stay and fight, or walk away from the person they cannot live without. ****This is a sequel, please head over to my profile and read, “Under His Touch” first, it is necessary.**** **This story is my original work, it belongs to me. Any form of copying, or reposting this story as your own, will be reported accordingly. Be honest, and don’t take credit for other’s work.**

Drama / Erotica
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Hi guys, I’m writing this message, so everyone that reads my stories sees it. I would usually post this kind of message on my wall, but I have a very low viewer engagement when I make post there, so that there’s no confusion on what’s happening going forward, I’m posting this message to the given story or stories that you have added to your library.

I started my graduate classes on the 31st of August, and they have kept me busy with more work than I honestly anticipated. In an earlier post, I mentioned how writing is my outlet and a hobby I enjoy more than anything, but unfortunately it doesn’t pay my bills, student loans, or employ me. I’ve been working my hardest to write in between classes or when I have small breaks, but writer’s block for a lack of a better terms has been a bitch. Knowing that you guys find enjoyment in my stories, means the world to me, so I only want to put out work that I am proud of and is executed to the best of my ability.

Amongst my active stories, I am in the midst of revamping Under His Control. As I got towards the midpoint of Under His Touch, my excitement went fully into the sequel, completely ready to execute the final part of Liam and Katherine journey, until that excitement began to die down. I want to say chapters 1-24 are executed somewhat the way I wanted them to, but the rest of the book was indeed rushed to get finished, so I wouldn’t have to write it anymore. When I was writing this book, I was going through a really tough few months, and honestly writing was the last thing on my mind.

Overall, the storyline will remain the same, just with some minor tweaks in order to help with the flow better. I know for a fact that I want to rewrite the entirety of the Detroit trip, the first 13 chapters, include more in depth scenes from Katherine’s past, moments with Liam and his family pre-accident, etc. There’s so much that I have written down in my notes that was supposed to happen, that just didn’t make it to the final cut. It’s also hard to hold reader’s engagement I’ve noticed with chapters longer than 1500 words, so I do cut a lot of stuff out in order to adhere to a certain word length.

Fridays have been my day to get all of my homework done, so my weekends can be used for rest and work. And as you guys know in the past, Fridays have been my update days, which really isn’t working out for me schedule and rest wise. As for updates, I’m just going to upload every week what can, whether that’s for all my stories, two, or just one. Whatever I have finished, and it’s up to my standards, I will post. There is no specific day, so please don’t ask, just wait patiently.

Thank you guys for continuing to support my stories, it truly means the world to me.


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