Under His Control

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chapter nine

3:10 p.m.

Incoming call from: Ronnie <3

Incoming call from: Ronnie <3

Incoming call from: Ronnie <3

Incoming call from: Ronnie <3

I slowly opened my eyes, to find my phone vibrating in circles on the glass coffee table. I sat down on the couch to rest my eyes, but ended up falling asleep. Swinging my legs over the cushion, so my feet would touch the tiled floor, I picked up my phone, sliding the green button to answer the call.

-Is the world ending or something?

I joke as I answered the phone.


-Veronica, why are you yelling?

I stood up from the couch, stretching my limbs, waiting for her to respond.

-Liam came back today, and he-

I turned my direction towards the front door, that was swung open, as Liam came in. He didn’t look happy.

-I’m going to call you back.

-What, Katherine, no!

I hung up the phone, walking towards Liam, ready to embrace him after the rough few days I have had.

“Hi.” I wrapped my arms around his waist, taking a much needed exhale after today’s events. I slightly pulled away, when I realized he wasn’t hugging me back, he was just staring at me, emotionlessly. Like he had done when we first met. “Is something wrong?”

“We need to talk.” His cold tone caught me off guard, as he lightly pushed me away from him.

“W-What’s wrong, d-did I do something?” This is not how I imagined greeting him, once he came back.

“Don’t, do not play the fucking clueless card right now!” I jumped, as he turned to face me, yelling at me. This feeling, the feeling of fear was slowly coming back, and it shouldn’t. Not with Liam, not with the man I love. He’s not Vaughn. He’s not Vaughn.

“I-I don’t understand.” Liam walked towards me, pulling my cardigan open that exposed my bump. How does he know? “L-Liam-”

“Where you even going to tell me!” My eyes starting burning as I tried my best to keep my tears at bay. “Is the baby not mine, is that why you’ve been hiding it! Did you walk out on me!” My eyes widened at his accusation, how fucking dare he. How dare he after the hell I’ve gone through the past four days.

“What is wrong with you, why would even ask me that! Of course, these kids are yours, did you forget that when I’m not bouncing on your dick, I’m taking care of a child, and being at your beck and call at work!”

“I don’t know what to think anymore Katherine! And apparently everyone at the office knows my fiancé is fucking pregnant except me!”

“I was going to tell you when you came home today! I knew how important your gallery exhibition was I wasn’t going to ruin that, and put you off your game.” Liam scuffed, running his fingers through his hair.

“You should have told me the moment you fucking found out!”

“I was scared Liam, that’s not fair!” My tears were blurring my vision, as I did my best to wipe my eyes.

“I trusted you. You are the only woman I’ve ever slept with without protection, you told me you were on the damn pill!”

“Do you think I wanted to get pregnant! When people have sex Liam, babies happen, and you happen to love the action of fucking me, so don’t you dare pretend you didn’t know this was possibility.”

“Of course, I want kids with you, how could you think otherwise!”

“Do not blame this all on me, yes, I should have told you, but you never mentioned that you wanted more kids. You said in your proposal that all you needed was Cove and I, what am I supposed to think Liam!”

“So, it’s my fault you didn’t tell me!”

“That’s not what I’m saying! You haven’t been in a relationship Liam, you didn’t have your heart broken, you weren’t humiliated and completely abandoned when you told the person that was supposed to love you, you’re having their child.” I sighed taking a much-needed deep breath. “We went from fuck buddies to fiancés, of course I still have some doubts about your true feelings for me.”

“Yeah, I haven’t been in a relationship before, because I was fucking waiting for you! No other woman mattered to me Katherine, except you!” Liam threw his hands up in frustration. “This is why I kept things no strings attached, because it fucking hurts when the person you love, doesn’t even trust you!” My heart was aching as it pounded against my chest, he was hurting me, and he didn’t even have to lay a finger on me to do it.

“So, you don’t want me anymore, is that where this is going?” I didn’t have enough energy to yell at him anymore.

“Don’t put words in my mouth Katherine.”

“You just said that sex is better than being in a relationship.” I looked down at the ring of my finger, remembering something the women in the restroom had said. “Where engaged before?”


“You said that I was only one, yet people have been saying you’re engaged again, so have you promised yourself to another woman that wasn’t me.” Liam went quiet, as I let out a pained laugh.

“It’s not like that.”

“I’m not the only one who has been keeping secrets.” I began playing with the ring on my finger that no longer felt it belonged there. We wouldn’t last, not like this. Liam stepped towards me, with his signature poker face that I hadn’t seen in months.

“We need some time apart.” I was foolish to think that our little fairy tale would last, that happiness would last for me. I pulled the ring off my finger shoving it into his chest.

“You have every right to be upset with me. But this just proved that neither one of us is ready for marriage. I can’t handle the hell and the pressure that comes with being your woman, because no matter what, I’ll never be good enough in their eyes. And you’ll get tired of me, and you’ll leave, just like everyone else, and my heart can’t handle that.” Liam didn’t say anything, all he did was stare. Was he not hurting, did he not feel the way I did, was this not destroying his heart, having to walk away from me, from us, our family? “Say something, anything!” Liam lips opened, but he immediately closed them, letting out a quiet breath. We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, not sure where to go from here. Tears slowly fell down my cheeks, as I walked over to the couch, putting my heels back on and slipping my coat over my arms.

I walked slowly to the front door, hoping that he would tell me stop, hoping he would pull me into his arms and kiss me, telling me we would get through this, but he didn’t. He let me walk out of the door without saying anything


Friday, March 19th

5:46 p.m.

“Can I check over your graphs.”

“Yes.” Gracie dug through the pockets of her binder handing me the graphs she typed up in Microsoft. I may not be good at math, but I’m good at remembering data. Switching off between my colored pens correcting her graphs, so Liam wouldn’t embarrass her in front of everyone again.

“There you go.” I handed Gracie the stack of papers with my corrections. “Just fix everything I circled, cross-check it with the files I emailed you, and you will be on the road to perfection.” Gracie sighed, giving me a smile of appreciation.

“Thank you, for staying later Katie, I would be fired by now without you.”

“You’re too hard on yourself Gracie, you do amazing work when you don’t stress yourself out about being at everyone else’s level.” Gracie nodded, standing up from the chair in front of my desk.

“Have a good weekend Katie.” I gave Gracie a sad smile.

“You too Gracie.” Once, Gracie left my office, I powered down my computer for the weekend. Liam and I haven’t spoken since our fight, breakup, or break whatever we were calling it, and I missed him. When Vaughn and I broke up, I cried for an hour, blaming myself for being a horrible girlfriend, but then I came to my senses and felt a sense of relief. But that wasn’t the case for Liam, his scent was everywhere, lingering around the office, and when he wasn’t looking, I have been stealing glances at him, just to feel close to him. After, all the crying I’ve done this week, I’m pretty sure I don’t have any more tears left to cry.

Packing my laptop and folders into my work bag, slipping my coat over my arms, I grabbed my bag, walking out of my office to begin this dreadful weekend. Pushing the button to the elevator, I waited patiently to for it to come.

“No, Archie I’m not going out-” My heart did a painful throb, once the elevators opened showcasing Liam Harrington in all his mouthwatering glory. We locked eyes briefly as I resisted the urge to run into his arms. “I have work to do this weekend.” Liam walked past me, like I didn’t even exist, shutting the door to his office with a hard slam. I was hurting myself the longer I stayed here. Stepping into the elevator, I pushed the button the parking garage, before digging through my purse to find my phone.

Once, my passcode was in, I scrolled through my few contacts to find Gustav’s number. I held the phone up to my ear, listening to the dial tone, before Gustav picked up.

-Hello, my dear what’s up!

I let out a small laugh, as Gustav yelled over Cove’s laughing in the background.

-Hey, do you mind keeping Cove until tomorrow morning.

-Of course, my dear, but is everything okay?

I sniffed slightly, as I walked into the parking garage, heading in the direction of my truck.

-I’m fine, I’m fine, I just have some work to get done is all.

-You can talk to me my dear, you're family my love. You and Cove hold a very special place in my heart. So, if there’s anything I can do, please, don’t hesitate to ask.

-T-Thank you, Gustav, you have no idea how much that means to me. I’ll see you tomorrow.

-See you my dear.

Ending the call, I pressed the start button in my truck to warm it up before driving off. He can’t do the one thing I need, he can’t make his son more like him.

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