Under His Control

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chapter ten

Saturday, March 20th

2:18 a.m.

Incoming call from: Unknown Number

Incoming call from: Unknown Number

Incoming call from: Unknown Number

Incoming call from: Unknown Number

Incoming call from: Unknown Number

I guess ignoring it wasn’t going to work. Bringing my hand to tap my nightstand to find my ringing phone, I grabbed the loud blinking screen that was blinding me, as I sat up in my bed. Unknown number?

-This is Katherine, who is this?

I asked pushing my hair out of my face, as I let out a yawn.

-Katherine! Thank God!

-Archie? Why are you calling me?

-You wouldn’t have answered if I called from Liam’s phone.

He’s probably right.

-Uh, is there any reason you’re calling me at.

I looked over to my marbled printed clock from Target.

-At 2:20 in the morning.

-Look I don’t know what’s going on between you and Liam, but he’s so fucking wasted right now, I can do this!

There was crashing in the background, before Archie yelled into the phone.

-Jesus, Liam! You’re going to split your damn head open!

Archie took a deep breath into the phone, before speaking to me again.

-Look, Katie, he’s been talking about you all night, and he’s never gotten this drunk before. I’m usually the one who’s wasted out of his mind, I am not doing well under this role reversing! I am not built for this!


-Please, just come, I will do whatever you want, please just come help me.

I looked back over at my clock, before closing my eyes and sighing.

-Okay, I’ll be there in an hour.

-THANK YOU! You precious, sweet, sweet angel, I could kiss you!

-Goodbye, Archie.

My thumb pressed the red button to end the call, as I swung my legs out of my bed. Deciding to just keep my pajamas on, I slid my One Direction hoodie over my head and down my upper body, placing my worn, white slip on Vans over my feet. My apartment was dark besides the small gleam of the streetlights, as I grabbed my car keys from the coffee table, walking out my front door, once it was locked.

“Shit!” I nearly missed three steps, as I walked down the stairs still trying to wake myself up. Once, I made it to the lobby, I looked over to the security desk to see Sheila painting her nails, while she streamed Bad Girls Club on her computer.

“Hey, Katie!” I smiled, waving tiredly at Sheila, as she waved the nail polish wand in the air. Pushing the glass door open, I lightly shivered as the wind blew on my legs, that were only covered by black dolphin shorts. Hitting the alarm to my truck, I slid into the driver’s seat, securing my seatbelt across my body, as I reverse out of the parking lot, heading towards Liam’s penthouse in Olympia.

I pushed the button on the radio, to play the song that was up next on my playlist, to keep me awake.

Yeah, I’m right here
I’m trying to make it clear
Getting half of you, just ain’t enough

I’m not going to wait until you’re done
Pretending you don’t need anyone
I’m standing here naked
(Naked, naked)
I’m standing here naked
(Naked, naked)
I’m not going to try ’til you decide
You’re ready to swallow all your pride

I hummed along to James Arthur, as my foot accelerated in the faster lane on the expressway. If I’m being honest with myself, I don’t know why I got out of bed to be at Liam’s aid. Because I love him. The more problems life dealt me, the more tired I was growing of fixing things I didn’t break. Somehow it was always my job to fix problems, and keep the peace, even if I wasn’t in the wrong.

I expected Liam to be upset with me, I expected him to feel hurt because I hid my pregnancy from him, but what I didn’t expect from the man that I entrusted with my heart, was for him to not even fight for us. For the past five days, I’ve been trying to piece together why he let me walk out of the door, why he completely shut down after I mentioned his prior engagement, and most importantly why he was getting drunk and calling for me.

Lionardo-Majid Harrington was still very much an enigma to me after this week. Was there still more to him, despite the hurt and regret he carried from his mother’s death.

I wanna give you everything
I wanna give you everything, oh

I’m not going to wait until you’re done
’Cause you pretended you don’t need anyone
Can’t you see that I’m naked
(Naked, naked)
Oh, you see that I’m naked
(Naked, naked)
I’m not going to try ’til you decide
You’re ready to swallow all your pride

Getting off on the right exit, I tried my best to prepare myself to deal with this. After, coming here so frequently every weekend, I finally knew the right turns to get into Liam’s massive property. I will never understand why one person needs this much space. I parked beside a silver toned Rolls-Royce, that I was assuming was Archie’s, before getting out of the car, locking the doors behind me. My feet felt heavier the closer I drew to Liam’s front door, and as I entered the lobby. The elevator opened as soon as I clicked the button, ascending me to the floor that Liam’s penthouse was on.

As I approached the front door I could hear Archie yelling at Liam as if he was a child.

“Liam, I swear to God you are not allowed to drink again! Go get some water while I answer the door!” I could hear Archie’s footsteps stomping towards the front door, swinging the heavy wood open with ease. “Oh, thank fuck!” Archie stepped to the side, letting me inside the house to assess the damages.

“What happened?” I asked looking at the mess the living room was, and Archie’s frazzled appearance.

“I should be asking you that.” Archie let out a deep breath, closing his eyes and placing his hands on his hips. “We were just supposed to go get a few drinks. The next thing I know, he’s picking a fight with this huge guy in the bar, who I’m pretty sure was a boxer, after drink two bottles of Tequila, and multiple shots of Vodka!” My eyes widened as Archie shivered, thinking about the events of the last few hours.

“Archibalddd, come here.” Liam came staggering out of the kitchen with a goofy grin on his face, as he walked over to Archie and I. He eyed me up and down before he smiled at me, with his hair covering his eyes. “Hey beautiful, why are you here?” Liam turned to Archie, using his shoulder as support.“W-Why is K-Katherine here, she broke up with me.” Archie and I both stared at each other, as Liam began chuckling, swaying back and forth.

“He’s your problem now.” Archie sighed. “FIX, whatever the hell is going on here.” He pointed his hand between the both of us.

“Archie, no-” He placed Liam against the wall, as he got his keys and coat from the table beside the door, closing it with a loud slam behind him. I wasn’t comfortable with Liam like this, not after all my encounters with drunk men. They held no sense of right or wrong.

“You look my fiancé, well ex fiancé, Katherine.” I rolled my eyes grabbing Liam’s hands, once I tossed my keys on the small table.

“Come on big guy, you need to shower and sleep.” I was trying my best to be mad at him, but with his face the most relaxed I had ever seen it, I was finding it difficult. He had a childish grin on his face, as he held my hands without protest.

“Okay, beautiful.” I carefully led him to and up the stairs, to the bathroom in his bedroom.


“Whoopsie.” He banged his head against the glass shower door, as I opened it to turn the water on. I huffed, running my fingers through his hair, to move it out of the way, so he could see. For the first time since our fight, Liam looked at me with something other than disgust and disappointment. I felt his stare gazing into the deepest parts of my soul, and I felt so vulnerable in front of him. I miss him. The sound of the shower pressure intensifying, snapped us out of our intense staring moment, reminding us where we were.

“Get in the shower, I’ll get your towels.”

“Aye, aye, captain.” Walking back towards the door, I stood on my tippy-toes to reach the cabinet above the sink, where all the towels were. Once, both of them were in my hands, I walked back over to the shower.

“Liam!” I stepped slightly into the shower pulling him over to me, so I could get his clothes off.

“You said get into the shower.”

“What are you two, not with your clothes on!” I huffed, unbuttoning his dressshirt, so the expensive material wouldn’t get any more ruined than it already was. I could feel Liam’s soft breaths on my skin, as I undid the last button, looking up at him. “Why are you looking at me like-” Liam wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me to his chest, placing his wet lips against mine. My body betrayed me as I brought my hands to his neck, surrendering to his touch, moving my lips against his for the first time in over a week. Liam pressed his lips against mine hard, but softly as he pushed me against the glass wall of the shower. I moaned into his mouth, forgetting how euphoric being under his touch felt.

Once, I realized what we were doing, I pulled away from our kiss, pushing Liam away from me lightly, giving us the space we needed

“W-We can’t.” Both of us were breathing heavily, from the intense kiss we just shared.

“I want you.” I bit my lip, feeling my eyes begin to burn.

“You’re drunk Liam, you don’t know what you want.” I sighed, getting myself back in control of this situation. “You need to shower.” My clothes were becoming wet, and the longer I stayed in here, I wouldn’t be able to control my body’s reaction in the presence of the man it belonged to. I proceeded to walk out of the shower, when Liam grabbed my arms turning me around, pushing me against the wall he was just resting against.

“Do you love me?” He leaned his body down, so we were at eye level.


“Do you love me?”

“Yes.” I whispered.

“Let me fix us then.” Liam lifted me up, allowing me to lock my legs around his waist, as he attacked my lips again.

When it hurts but it hurts so good
Do you take it?
Do you break it off?
When it hurts but it hurts so good
Can you say it?
Can you say it?

a/n: songs used: Naked by: James Arthur and Hurt So Good by: Astrid S

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