Under His Control

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chapter eleven

12:36 p.m.

Liam Harrington

God, it feels like someone is jackhammering my fucking skull on the highest speed. Slowly my eyes began to open from the deafening sunlight shining on my face, as I laid on my back in my bed. My bed? Sitting up, I moved my hair out of my face, as I tried to remember what the hell happened last night.

“L-Liam.” Seductive moans fell from Katherine’s plush lips, as I fucked her hard against the glass wall of my shower. I was a horny teenage boy when it came to this woman, she and her sinful body were insatiable. My hands fell to her waist, gripping the wideness of her hips, as I slowed my strokes.

“Fuck, I missed you.” Which is the truth, I had missed her, so fucking much. The moment she walked out of my front door, I regretted everything I had said to her. Sure, I upset she didn’t trust me enough to confide in me, especially since I’ve been trying to take the initiative in our relationship.

“Harder, please, harder.” Katherine whimpered into my ear, pulling me closer to her, so there was no room between us. We were pressed together, skin to skin, breathing the same air, my stomach pressing against the bump that held my child, as I snapped my hips against hers. “F-Fuck! Just like that, I’m going to cum!” Katherine had her eyes squeezed shut, as I felt her tight pussy clench around my cock, signalling her orgasm getting ready to tear through her body. My eyes never left Katherine’s dazed orgasmic face, as she cried out, lightly humping my cock to ride out her high. Katherine, slowly opened her eyes meeting my intense gaze. “W-What?”

I’ve watched Katherine orgasm so many times, and the face she held right now, was holding in all the pain, and everything she wanted to say to me. I couldn’t be around her right now, I couldn’t look the woman I love in the eyes, seeing and feeling the pain I have caused her. She’s pregnant with my child, and I kicked her out of my home, the home I wanted to call ours without a second thought. I didn’t deserve this beautiful woman in front of me, but I’m a selfish bastard and I won’t let her go.

“Stay in the guest room, I’ll have Hank drive you home in the morning.” Katherine’s body stiffened in my embrace, as she dropped her legs from around my waist, pushing me away from her. Katherine walked towards the door of the shower, grabbing the gold handle, when my hand reached for her arm. “I love y-” Katherine turned around, placing a hard slap against my cheek as tears stained her beautiful face.

“Don’t. You do not love me, and if this is your way of loving someone.” Katherine, took a deep breath, as she whispered the last part, but it sounded as if she screamed it at me through a megaphone. “Then I rather be alone.” Katherine grabbed the towel from the floor, wrapping her wet body in the fluffy material, running out of my bathroom.

“Fuck!” God, I am never getting drunk again. Swinging the black sheets from around my waist, I got up from the bed, exiting my bedroom, heading down the stairs to the kitchen. “Selene what are you-” I stopped mid-sentence as I watched Katherine turn around, her usual cat like sultry eyes, were now round, puffy and red.

“Her husband had an accident at work, so she asked for the week off.” Katherine placed two slices of toast, dressed with eggs on the top, and some sort of red juice onto the counter top. “This will get rid of your hangover.” This was killing me.

“Can we talk?” I sat on the bar stool across from Katherine, taking a bite of the toast. “Now that I’m aware of what I’m saying and doing.”

“I’ve been trying to talk to you since Monday, Liam.”


“Don’t, I have to pick Cove up from your dad’s.” Katherine pulled her hoodie back over her head, grabbing her car keys and phone from the counter. “I sent your suit to the dry cleaners, they should give you a call when it’s ready.”

“Katherine-” I followed behind her as she left the kitchen. “Katherine, stop!” I stood in front of the door, lightly wincing from the pain in my head. “Last night-”

“You used sex as failed attempt to fix our problems, I’m well aware.” I sighed, placing my hands in the pockets of my sweats, so I wasn’t tempted to touch her.

“I went about this the wrong way. I was upset-”

“And I gave you that Liam!” Katherine yelled, as she ran her fingers through the natural waves of her air dried hair. “I expected you to be upset, but what I didn’t expect, is for you to not even hear what I had to say! I wasn’t hiding this pregnancy because I fucking cheated on you, I was scared you would do the very thing you did without hesitation. You let me walk out of that door and didn’t say anything because your stupid male pride was hurt! Do you have any idea what I’ve been through since, Friday!” Katherine was lightly shaking as she expressed her built-up emotions. “Even if you were upset with me, I wanted you to look me in the eyes, and tell me we would figure this out. I wanted you to kiss me, hug me and tell me I wouldn’t have to raise three children by myself.” My eyes widened. Three?

“You’re, you, there’s two of them?” My eyes looked down to her stomach, that was well hidden under her oversized hoodie.

“Glad you weren’t listening to anything I said on Monday.” Katherine, wiped her eyes reaching for the door handle that I was blocking with my body. “Liam, please, I can’t do this with you.” I brought my hands from my pockets, cupping Katherine’s cheeks to wipe the tears falling from her eyes.

“You can say whatever you need to, and I will listen. I let you walk out the door once, I’m not going to make the same mistake again.” Katherine sniffled lightly as she looked up at me. “I’m sorry, mon amour, I’m so sorry.” Bringing Katherine’s shaking body into my arms, I held her tightly hoping this was not the end for us. This couldn’t be the end for us. Katherine linked her arms around my neck accepting my embrace quietly.

I didn’t like showing vulnerability, I wasn’t a very affectionate man, but with Katherine, she made me want to do all the things, I’ve been against my whole life. I want to hold her hand in public, place sneaky kisses to her lips when we’re at work, and shower her with the luxuries of life because that’s what my woman deserves. Katherine’s hands slid onto my shoulder, before resting them on my pecs creating a small space between us.

“I want to be with you-.”

“I want to be with you too.” I needed her to know that she was it for me, there was no other woman I wanted to come home to if it wasn’t her. I took a deep breath, lacing her small hands into mine, bringing the back of her right hand to my lips, placing a gentle kiss to it.“I will give you however much space and time you need, but promise me you’re coming back to me.” Katherine let out a quiet breath, giving me a small smile.

“I’m coming back to you.” My lips found Katherine’s forehead, hoping the small gesture was enough to speak the words, I just couldn’t say right now.

“I’ll call you later.” Katherine nodded, unlacing my hands from hers as I stepped out of the way of the door. I wanted to tell her I loved her, but I refrained from doing so. My actions this week were taking away the value of those three words.

Once, Katherine was in the elevator, I closed the door, walking towards the direction of my studio. Passing the garden painting on the right side of the wall, I turned the handle on the door across from my first canvas, to walk inside. I didn’t feel the need to lock it, since Katherine wouldn’t be here. Walking inside, I shut the door behind me, stepping over the brushes and empty cans of my paint gracing my floor for the past seven months.

“Lio, where is the damn thermostat- Oh my God!”

“Jesus, fucking Christ, London, do you knock!” London’s wide blue eyes scanned all the pieces of the muse haunting my subconscious desires.

“W-What in, what is all of this?” I sighed, dropping my paint brush into the mason jar of water, turning towards London.

“This.” I pointed to everything around us. “Doesn’t leave this fucking room, am I clear.”

“Yea, but-”

“Am I clear London!” I don’t get embarrassed, nor do I get self-conscious about anything I do, but somehow that’s how I was feeling right now. “Please, no one can know about this.” London gave me a soft smile, before nodding, sensing how uncomfortable I was that she was seeing this.

“My lips are sealed.” I let out a defeated sigh, running my fingers through my hair in attempts to calm myself down. “So.” London walked further into the studio looking at the few sketches on my drawing table. “This must be the famous Katherine.” London picked up the sketch I drew when I was in the hospital. “If she’s as pretty as this sketch, I’m jealous of her already.” I got up from my stool, taking the sketch from her hands, gathering the others into a folder, placing them in my drawer.

“Just because you’ve seen this doesn’t mean I’m putting on a show and tell.” I huffed. “Why did you come barging into here, I told Selene not to disturb me while I’m working.” Mental note lock the door from the inside.

“She works for you Lio, not me, and since when do I do what I am told.”

“Never.” She was as stubborn as a damn mule.

“Exactly, now turn the heat up it feels like the Arctic out there.”

“How about you get a damn hotel.”

“Ignoring that Lio.”

I needed to clean this place up, but the organized chaos somehow helped me think and brainstorm better. I hadn’t spent much time in here since two weeks ago, before everything went to hell. Picking up the velvet box resting near my easel, I opened the sturdy material showcasing the ring that was no longer gracing Katherine’s finger. My mother’s ring.

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