Under His Control

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chapter twelve

Wednesday, March 24th

6:21 p.m.

“It’s quite, no, its extremely see through, Veronica.”

“Katie, there comes a point in a woman’s life when it’s okay to channel your inner Rihanna and go full see through. I’m only going to turn thirty once.” Veronica held up another expensive, shear and embellished outfit to her body, for her roaring twenties themed birthday party next month.

“I keep forgetting you’re becoming an old woman.” Veronica gasped, placing a playful hit to my shoulder.

“How dare you! What old woman still has an ass like this?” I rolled my eyes, laughing at Veronica as I continued to browse the racks.

“Possibly the Kardashians when the time comes.” We both laughed, as I pulled a silver, strapless and formfitting gown from the rack. Though it was a beautiful dress, I knew from Cove’s pregnancy that I was at least going to gain thirty pounds. I can only hope that was the maximum now that I’m carrying two children.

“I know you’ve been avoiding this, but are you and Liam okay?” I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth, as I turned to face Veronica.

“Define okay.”

“That bad, babe?” I let out a sigh, as I draped the dress over my forearm, rocking back and forth on my left heel.

“I wanted to forgive him the moment he apologized, but that’s what I’ve done in the past, and I’ve always come to regret it. For the sake of Cove and these two little ones on the way, I need to be sure that being with me is what he really wants.” I let out a small sigh, trying to keep my emotions in check, inside this upscale store. “I can’t be selfish again.” Veronica gave me a small smile, lacing my free hand with hers.

“You’re so much stronger, than the Katherine I met seven months ago.”

“I feel stronger.” I have Veronica’s hand a squeeze.

“Well.” Veronica let go of my hand to get a better grasp on all the outfit in her arms. “Is that the winner?” Veronica pointed to the dress in my arms.

“Um, maybe, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to fit into a size four, by the time of your party.”

“Then lets find a sales associate to get a bigger size, we can always have it altered.” Bigger. The one thing I hated about being pregnant. “Hey! Excuse me, could you help us!” Veronica called out to the posh worker, who strutted over to us in her designer dress.

“Yes, ma’am?” Veronica took the dress from my arms, showing the worker the barcode.

“Can we go up a size for this dress, my party is in a month, and she’s very much going to be six months pregnant.” My eyes widened, as I placed a kick to Veronica’s ankle and the worker coughed. “Ouch! Chill out, Ronald.” Veronica whispered to me while narrowing her eyes.

Ronaldo.” I rolled my eyes, adjusting the grip I had on my Birkin.

“Well, um, we’ll have to place a special order for this particular designer.” The worker turned her attention towards me. “Is that okay ma’am?”

“Yes.” Whatever will end this birthdayzilla tantrum.

“Great, follow me.” Veronica and I followed behind the worker to the private register station, to purchase our outfits.

“You’re getting all of those?” There had to be at least six outfits in her hands.

“Options, darling, rule number one in fashion.” Veronica placed her “options” onto the pristine, white counter, with her back me. “You and your momdrobe wouldn’t understand.”

“Sue me for being comfortable.” Veronica waved me off, digging through her Gucci Marmot for her credit card.

“Your total for today is $6750.39.” Only Veronica Johnston spends thousands of dollars for one event. The sales associate handed Veronica four, glossy white bags, once her transaction went through, and began entering the special order for my dress. “Can I have your name and preferred size ma’am?”

"Katherine, with a K, Prescott with two t’s, and possibly something in between a six or an eight.” Her short square acrylic nails, typed against the keys, before she asked for my credit card to pay for the $2,000 beaded dress.

“We will call within two and half weeks for pickup.” The associate handed me the receipt with a courteous smile. I gave her a polite thanks, before Veronica and I walked out of the store, back onto the crowded floor of the busy mall.

“Should I get new shoes, I saw Valentino is having a sale I can’t possibly pass up.”

“As your unofficial financial adviser, my answer is no.”

“You are no fun to shop with.” Linking my arm under Veronica’s, I rested my head against her wool trench coat.

“There are perks to being frugal, my friend.”

“Yeah, you sound like the angel on my shoulder.” I let out a small laugh, as Veronica’s forest green eyes began staring intensely at something we were approaching.

“Uh, what are you killing with your eyes?” I asked looking at Veronica’s narrowed eyes.

“Jordan’s ex-wife.” My eyes widened, pulling away from Veronica’s grasp as started to squeeze my forearm.

“His what, I’m sorry he was married?”

“Unfournetly.” A blonde haired woman with smug look on her well made up face, approached Veronica and I. Jordan has a type.

“Veronica, what a coincidence seeing you here, I’m pleased to see you again.” 3, 2, 1-

“I can’t say the same Felicity, I just get a very nasty itch when it comes to gold digging bitc-”

“I’m sorry, we’re late for an appointment, excuse us.” I turned to Veronica who was glaring at me. I attempted to walk us away from the possible mall brawl, so i wouldn’t have to breakup a fight while five months pregnant. But in a failed attempt of escape, I was pulled back by a tugging force on my arm.

“You are a disgusting human being, I just thought I’d let you know that.” Felicity laughed, flipping her long blonde hair behind her neck.

“As if I care what my ex-husband’s sloppy seconds has to say.”

“Sloppy seconds! Listen here you washed up socialite-”


“Stay out of this Katie!” Veronica stepped forward leaving little to no space between her and Felicity, not to mention they were slowly attracting a crowd. “You know, I wanted to believe there was some sort of good in your heart Cruella DeVil, but now, I know that’s not true. Nora and Sophia deserve so much better than to call you their mother.”

“Do not bring my daughters into this!” Veronica let out a sarcastic chuckle.

“Now they’re your children, you only use them to wiggle your slimy little hands back into Jordan’s life, now that he is one of the top-rated surgeons in the nation, news flash he’s OVER YOU.” Veronica let a quiet sigh to calm her temper, while adjusting the grip she had on her shopping bags. “You have no sympathy for your actions, and that’s what makes me hate you more. You left Jordan with two hundred dollars to his name, to take care of himself and raise the daughters you selfishly brought into this world! He has busted his ass for the last five years paying back loans, and working double shifts because of you! So, I’ll be sloppy seconds, thirds, or even fourths, but let’s be clear, I love Jordan, Nora and Sophia, something you can’t and won’t ever be able to say.” Veronica turned to face me, giving me a smile, as I stared at her speechless. “Shall we get your pretzel dogs before we leave?”

“U-Um, yeah, yeah.” I looked briefly at Felicity who was fuming, with her jaw clenched. As we walked past her, Veronica made sure to bump her shoulder against the fuming ex-wife, as we made our way down the escalator to Auntie Annie’s. Veronica’s neck was slightly strained, as she took quiet breaths to calm herself down. “I didn’t know Jordan went through all of that.”

“Neither did I.” Veronica huffed, turning towards me. “I was getting fed up with him working doubles all the time, trying to convince him to take time off for the sake of our relationship, which made him break down.” It was rare to see Veronica get so heated over things. She always stayed cool, calm and collective, getting the one over against whom ever she was arguing against, but just now, any resistance went out of the window. “I mean I knew the bitch was evil, but seeing your daughters when it’s convenient for you, and leaving them with just two hundred dollars.” Veronica let out a chuckle. “God you’re so lucky Liam doesn’t have any crazy exes.” I wouldn’t say that.


Friday, March 26th

8:14 a.m.

“Good morning, Ms. Prescott, I just need your I.D. for valid identification.”

“You see me every morning George, is this necessary-”

“I’m just following protocol ma’am.” I nodded, handing George my I.D.

“I’ll be right back.” George stepped into the security booth scanning my I.D. to make sure it was “valid”, before returning to my car window. “Have a good day Ms. Prescott.”

“You too George.” He raised the security bar letting me pass through, to enter the parking garage. As I drove down to the executive parking level, it was more compacted than usual for a Friday. At least ten black SUVs with tented windows, graced the usual empty parking spaces, and a black Rolls-Royce truck was parked next to Liam’s Bentley. Is the President of the United States coming here today.

I pulled into a parking space closer to the entrance, pulling the mirror above me down, to reapply my lipstick. Once, I was satisfied with my appearance, I cut my car off, placing my purse onto my shoulder, locking the doors once I was out of the car. Even though the cat was out of the bag about Liam, and I’s relationship, I still wasn’t going to be flaunting my pregnancy around the office. The nude dress I was wearing, was a little bit on the tighter side, now that I had nothing to hide, but my pale grey duster coat, covered everything I needed it too.

Swiping my I.D. to enter the building, the usual chaotic, lively lobby was nearly dead silent as everyone seemed to rushing to their office, or to find some work to do.

“Good morning, my dear.” I jumped, as I turned to face Gustav, who was dressed in navy blue suit, complemented by a crisp white dress shirt, brown dress shoes and his designer framed glasses.

“Good morning.” I smiled at him, accepting the kiss he placed to my cheek. “I didn’t know you were coming today.” Gustav was looking around the lobby with a troubled look on his face, before bringing his attention back to me with a smile.

“A member of the board has called a meeting.” As I was about to respond, two buff men dressed in black suits, who I was pretty sure were also armed approached Gustav.

“CEO Harrington, the meeting will commence in fifteen minutes.” Gustav nodded with a small sigh.

“Forgive me, my dear, I’ll find you later.”

“Of course.” The two body guards escorted Gustav to the elevator, manuvering anyone who came close to him out of the way. What the hell is going on today?

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