Under His Control

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chapter thirteen

8:26 a.m.

Liam Harrington

Too many surprises have thrown me off my game recently. Usually I was the one with the upper hand, I was always the one holding the ace to get what I want, but now the roles are fucking reversed, and I hate it. There was no valid or justified reason that I could think of to why Crawford could be calling a board meeting. I had no control over this situation, and that was screwing with my head.

“Its very depressing in here, and since when did you add curtains.” Looking up from my document, I stared at my father who had two board security guards escorting him into my office.

"Knock why don’t you.” I scuffed, turning back to my document.

“The irony son, the irony.” My father came to sit in the chair in front of my desk, looking around his old office. “Seriously, you could use some sunlight.” I huffed, tapping my hands onto the desk, staring in annoyance at his amused face.

“If opening the curtains will shut you up, by all means open the damn curtains.”

“Thank you, sunlight is good for the soul.” My father got up from the chair to begin opening the curtains, I put over the six floor to ceiling windows in the office. “You’re tense Lionardo. You can’t go into that room showing any ounce of uncertainty, or they will eat you alive.” He never calls me Lionardo. He’s just as tense as I am. I exhaled slightly to release some of the tension in my shoulders.

“Have you asked Lisa if she’s aware of the contents of the meeting?”

“She’s just as clueless as we are.” Great. Just fucking great.

"CEO Harrington, President Harrington.” With a hard knock, Jackie opened the door to my office. “The final board member has arrived, the meeting can begin.”

“Thank you, Jackie.” My father spoke with a smile, as he buttoned the front of his suit. “You haven’t done anything, right?” My father whispered to me.

“Of course, not.” I stood up from my chair, placing my phone into my pocket. “I wouldn’t be worried about this if I had.” Once, we were out into the hall, my father and I walked side by side to the boardroom at the beginning of the floor.

“Mr. CEO.” All the board members stood in respect for my father, as we took our seats at the table. At one end of the table sat my father, and I to the right of him, while at the other end, stood the smug bastard himself Aaron Crawford and his wife Cindy. Their whole family was becoming a pain in my fucking ass. “Shall we commence?”

“Aye.” Everyone spoke in unison to begin this meeting. I sat up in my chair, to keep myself under control, despite the anxiousness running through every vein in my body like a rollercoatser.

“Chairman Crawford, you will have ten uninterrupted minutes to speak your case for calling this emergency meeting.” Louis spoke, before taking his seat, to listen to whatever the hell Crawford was going to say.

“Thank you, board member Louis.” Crawford stood up from his chair, confidence oozing from his short stature. “Mr. CEO, President Harrington, my fellow board members, thank you, for joining us for this unexpected, yet necessary assembly. As you know in August of 1980, Gustav Jacques Harrington applied for a loan to create the empire we are standing in today. A working man, an immigrant from Saint-Malo, France who is a strong, and wise businessman.” What the hell is playing at.

“Myself and the other twelve board members believed in Gustav’s vision, so we invested in him. In the last forty years he has taken this company to new heights, and just last year we entered the revenue for well over a billion dollars. But as we know in August of last year, Gustav stepped down from his position, electing his eldest son Lionardo-Majid Harrington to hold his position, and act as President, of the very company we invested our hard-earned money into.” My left leg was lightly bouncing under the table, the longer he went on with this spiel. “In this vote myself and three other members had doubts about Lionardo’s ability to lead this company. President Harrington, you are a great businessman, you’re architectural empire is astounding, but your egoistical and arrogant character has no room in the company for the working man.” My eyes never left Crawford, as he gave me a small smirk.

“That is the reason I have called you all here today. As I doubted President Harrington has abused his power, and has desecrated this very room we are sitting in, for a scene in some porno.” My father and I’s gaze met briefly from the corner of my eye.

"De quoi parle-t-il.” (What is he talking about.) My father whispered nearly inaudibly, as he remained facing forward.

"Aucune idee de ce que c-est.” (Not a clue.)

“President Harrington took an oath that he would act in the best interest of this company, without abusing his power. But on Friday, March 12th, a video was released of President Harrington, partaking in sexual relations with his personal assistant Katherine Prescott. Our fellow board member also, the head of HR Sharon Reid stopped this video from reaching more than a few hundred employees.” What. The. Hell. “President Harrington, has tainted the pure image of this company and must be punished for his selfish actions.” I could feel a few glances coming towards my directions, one of them being my father’s. “According to the very contract President Harrington signed, on page 16, section 5, clause 3, states. “That under no circumstances, shall a member of a superior position, partake in relations or pursue a member of a lower position, in event, said superior member, would abuse he or she’s power for their own personal gain.” I clenched my fist together, to keep myself from flying across this table.

“President Harrington, has abused his power, and we must take action to set an example that this despicable behavior will not be tolerated. Thank you.” Crawford sat down, grabbing the hand of his wife who whispered something to him.

“Thank you, Chairman Crawford.” Louis stood up, a small smile gracing his face. “We will retire to deliberate for fifteen minutes, when we return we will hold a vote to remove President Lionardo-Majid Harrington from his position.” The board members stood up from their chairs, whispering amongst themselves as they left the boardroom.

“Office, now!” My father whispered loud enough for me to hear, as he stood up from his chair, storming past Crawford and Louis with smiles of victory on their faces.

“We are only doing this for the best interest of the company.” I rolled my eyes, buttoning the front of my suit, ignoring Batman and Robin. Two guards escorted me to my office, where my father was pacing around.


“Have you lost your damn mind!” I huffed crossing my arms over my shoulder.

“I had no idea about this video, nor that bullshit clause!”

“How could you be so reckless, Crawford and his Scooby Gang have been waiting for you to slip up, and you just gave him exactly what he wanted!”

"CEO Harrington, President Harrington-”

“Not now Jackie!” My father and I yelled in unison as Jackie opened the door to my office.

“A-Apologies.” I sat down in my office chair, trying to wrap my head around this fucking setup. Cameras were forbidden in private offices and meeting rooms, for the safety of our employees. Now all of a sudden a video is taken of Katherine and I having sex, which had to be from months ago.

“Does Katherine know about this?” I looked up to my father who was attempting to calm himself down.

“Of course she doesn-”

“Do you have any idea what I’ve been through since, Friday!” Christ. I let out a sigh, running the palms of my hands over my face.

“I don’t know.”

“Well we’re sitting ducks, there’s no way Crawford will allow me to at least talk to the board members.” My father sat next to me letting out a defeated huff. We sat in silence unsure what to do. Everything my father has busted his ass for is in jeopardy, because of my lapse in judgement.

“I wasn’t aware of the clause. Henry went through everything in that contract.” I turned towards my father. “You hired Katherine for the sole reason to play matchmaker.”

“I wasn’t aware of it either.” Those bastards set me up.

“Will this effect Katherine?” I have put the love of my life through enough this last week, the last thing I needed on my conscience was being the reason she lost her job and faced any further humilatio.

“That I am not sure of, but this is still my damn company, by any means necessary I will protect the both of you from those money hungry savages.”

CEO Harrington, President Harrington, the vote is beginning.”

“Thank you, Jackie.” My father and I stood up from the sofa, walking back towards the boardroom. Once, everyone was seated, Louis walked to the podium to begin the tally. If somehow I get through this vote, there will be hell to pay for humiliating my father and my woman.

“My fellow board members, we will now vote on the removal of President Lionardo-Majid Harrington from his position. If you are in favor of the vote you will state, I am for removal, if you are against the vote, you will state, I am against removal. Let us begin. Chairman Aaron Crawford, what is your stand?” Crawford stood up proudly, looking around at everyone at the table.

“I am for removal.”

“One vote for removal. Madam Chairwoman Cindy Crawford, what is your stand?”

“I am for removal.”

“Two votes for removal. Roy Stephens, what is your stand?”

“I am for removal.”

“Three votes for removal, Donovan Montgomery, what is your stand?”

“I am for removal.”

“Four votes for removal, Lisa Chao, what is your stand?”

“I am against removal.”

“Four votes for removal, one vote against removal, I Jones Louis am for removal. Marissa Noriega, what is your stand?”

“I am against removal.”

“Five votes for removal, two votes against removal, Roman Taylor what is your stand?”

“I am against removal.” I am on edge, completely on fucking edge.

“Five votes for removal, three votes against removal, Timothy Rye what is your stand?”

“I am against removal.”

“Five votes for removal, four votes against removal, Andres Moore what is your stand?” I could hear the slight panic is Louis’s voice.

“I am against removal.”

“Five votes for removal, five votes against removal, Zacariah Strong, what is your stand?”

“I am against removal.” Louis gulped quietly, before speaking.

“Five votes for removal, six votes against removal, Sharon Reid , what is your stand?”

“I am for removal.” Of course, she is.

“Six votes for removal, six votes against removal, finally Malcolm Cortez what is your stand?” We hated each other.

“I am against removal.” My father let out a quiet breath of relief, placing a squeeze to my thigh.

“Six votes for removal, seven votes against removal.” I looked to Crawford who had his jaw clenched in anger. “Lionardo-Majid Harrington will remain in his position as President of Harrington Enterprises.” This is fucking war. “Any final statments?”

“Yes.” Lisa stood up from her chair, smoothing down her dress. “We as cohert have decided that President Harrington is a victim of explotion that will be investigated, but he will be held accountable for his actions. The majority have agreed to his punishment for two weeks of supsention without pay and a fine of $50,000, effective immediately concluding this work week.” Louis nodded.

“So, it has been decided.” He let out a sigh of defeat. “This meeting has ended.” The board members stood up from their chair, bidding myself and father goodbye, leaving us alone with Crawford, his bride of Chucky, and Sharon.

“Father, excuse us.” My father turned to me with a questionable look on his face.

“Lia-” I gave my father a look letting him know I would handle this. “Chairman Crawford, Madmam Chairwoman.” My father shook both of their hands before leaving the boardroom.


“I’m going to applaud you on however you concocked this little scheme to get me fired. I am not an easy man to fool or trick, and yet, you somehow nearly got me in the palm of your chubby, little fingers. But you have now crossed a line I will not forgive. You can attack me all you want, I have pretty tough fucking skin, but you brought my father and my woman into this little ploy to move me from my seat.” I brought my hand to fix the hankerchief in Crawford’s suit. “You may be a money hungry bastard, but you’re not very smart.” I turned to Sharon who was nearly shaking in her designer heels. “I may not have read the enerity of the contract in question, but I do know that survalence camera’s inside private offices, and meetings rooms are not allowed. So, this video, that you retrieved as evidence, was taken right outside that door, invading my fucking privacy for your personal gain.”

“I would watch what you say boy.” I smirked at Crawford, putting my hand into the pockets of my slacks.

“You better get on your short, chubby little legs and pray, that whatever you did to get to this point, wasn’t illegal.” I let out a chuckle, as he glared at me. “But knowing you it probably was. So, you Chairman, Madam Chairwoman, and my head of HR better enjoy your positions at this company, because when I come back, this is fucking war.”

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