Under His Control

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chapter fifteen

6:38 p.m.

This talk had to happen, I just didn’t think it’d be now. I’ve avoided talking to Liam, for the sole reason that, I just haven’t been ready to relive my past. These last two weeks made me feel as if I was still in Detroit, still under Vaughn’s control, still living in humiliation because of the misfortunes of life. But I’m not in Detroit, I’m in Seattle.

Vaughn and I’s entire relationship was based on the words he spoke, which were lies. He said one thing, and always did the complete opposite, and like an idiot I always forgave him, I always took the blame. I can’t go through that again, I’m still healing from it. Liam dropped his hands from face, to pull me closer to him.

“Um, we met when I was a junior in high school, and he was a freshman in college. My parents weren’t happy about our relationship at first, but he used his charm and won them over.” I scuffed, remembering clearly the Academy Award-winning act he always put up in front of my parents. The Vaughn I got, and the Vaughn my parents got, were two different people. “He was my first boyfriend, and I wanted to do whatever would please him. I just didn’t realize the road that would take me down.” It hurts inside, because a part of me, though it was an old womb, still wouldn’t forget the hell I had to endure by the hands of someone who “loved” me. I really don’t know love, without it being tied to abuse and manipulation.

“I’m here, mon amour, I’m here.” Liam’s embrace, like always made me feel safe, made me feel wanted.

“During our relationship, I was diagnosed with Bulimia, so I had a really hard time managing my weight. I guess, I had gotten too comfortable, and I assumed he would love me even if I was no longer a size three.” There was a burn in my throat as I remembered the events, that often haunted my dreams, the day and night ones. “His friends were douche bags, always making insensitive comments about my appearance. They always poked at how such nice breast were wasted on someone like me, how fat girls are always so good in bed, and that Vaughn had lowered his standards by being with me.” I felt Liam tense against me, as his eyes never left mine. “That was the first time he hit me. He got angry a lot, but he never took it out on me. So, when he hit me, I thought it was an accident, that he was going to apologize, but he wouldn’t stop. He, um, he, gave me a black eye, and sprained my wrist. For weeks, I had to cover up with makeup, and long clothing, so no one would notice. I’ve had bruised ribs, blackened eyes, he’s split my lip open, cuts, and even wouldn’t let me eat all the times we went out.” God, this was so hard.


“I’m fine, I’m fine.” I reassured Liam, adjusting my body on the couch. “He never pressured me to have sex, but he did other things, that weren’t very pleasurable for me. When it came time to us having sex, he, um, he didn’t prepare me well for it, so it was more painful than it probably should have been. He left me after that day, but I was used to him leaving and being intimate with other women. He always said I was the one he loved, not them, so I assumed he would come back. Two weeks had passed, and I hadn’t heard from him.” I sniffled, bringing my hand to my face, wiping the tears that kept falling. “That’s when I found out I was pregnant. I went to tell him, only to find out he had another girlfriend, and not to my surprise, he wanted nothing to do with Cove and threatened to sue for harassment if I ever contacted him again.”

I felt numb talking about this, because in a non-extreme way, I was reliving it. When Liam freaked out about my pregnancy, all I could remember was Vaughn reacting the same way. They both left me.

“Is that why you didn’t tell me?” Liam’s voice was quiet as he rubbed soothing circles on my back. I gave him a small nod, trying my best to keep myself somewhat together.

“I know you’re not him, and I trust that you won’t put your hands on me-”

“Katherine, I will never, ever, put my hands on you.” Liam’s hand tightened into a fist against my back. “If I ever come across that son of a bitch-”

“Hey, hey, it’s fine.”

“It’s not fine! God, how could he fucking do that to you!”

“Liam.” I expected him to be upset, but the look on Liam’s face was one I had never seen before. I’ve seen him get angry at work, and pissed at people’s incompetence, but this emotion was something, I was pretty sure was new to him. Bringing my hand to rest against his cheek, I gave Liam a small smile. “I’m fine. Okay?” I was slowly healing myself. Liam exhaled, nodding his head, as he attempted to calm himself down.

“I’m sorry, you’ve had to go through this alone love, and for anything I’ve said out of place in the past.” The first day we met, New York. Liam stood up from the couch, grabbing my hands as he kneeled down. “I love you Katherine, with all my heart.” He let go of one of my hands to press it against his chest. “This will, and only beat for you. I give you my word that I will love, and protect, you, Cove and these babies, until my dying breath, but you have to trust me, we can only work if you let me in.” I nodded, wrapping my arms around Liam’s neck, pressing my lips against his, feeling relief wash over my body. Almost everything was on the table.

There were some matters, Prescott family matters, that I felt were best to keep to myself, I didn’t need to give Liam anymore of a reason to worry. Maybe one day I would tell him, but for my sake more than his, I felt it was best not to bring it up.

“I love you too.” I took a deep breath, tugging my bottom lip between my teeth. “Promise me, that when things get rough, when we argue or fight, that you won’t walk away. I can’t go through this again Liam.”

“Promise.” He spoke immediately. “These two weeks without you have been hell.” Liam huffed, as I let out a light laugh, wiping my eyes from my crying session. I had to admit it felt nice to get all of that off of my chest. Now my focus could be on this pregnancy and fixing Liam, and I’s relationship.

As Liam stood up from the floor, he let out a deep breath before speaking to me.

“I have something to show you. Promise me, you won’t freak out.” A look of confusion graced my face as I stared at Liam, holding his hand out for me to grab.

“Why would I freak out?”

“Katherine, just." Liam sighed. "Just, promise me.” I stood up from the couch, taking Liam’s hand.

“O-okay, I won’t freak out.” Liam walked us down the hall, towards the direction of his in house gym and secretive art studio. My eyes scanned the garden painting, across from the room that has been off limits, since my first stay here.

“Do you remember at my father’s house, London and I were speaking in French, when she first saw you.” Liam turned to me, as his hand held the handle.

“Um, yes. I just assumed she was stating her dislike towards me.” Liam shook his head in disagreement.

“I was warning her not to talk about this.” Liam opened the door to his studio, letting me walk in completely, before he cut the lights on. Holy. Shit.

“O-Oh, oh my God.” There was so much of me, like, so much of me. “Is this, um, is this what you do when you’re in here?” I turned to Liam who was avoiding my gaze.

“Not everytime I’m in here, but yes I draw you, I paint, I stetch you, I sculpt you.” Liam walked over to an antique wooden table, opening the single drawer, handing me the folder that was inside. “The first one is day we met.” I opened the folder staring at the perfect drawing of me from that day. I flipped through the rest of them, completely taken back that he had drawn all of these.

“Is this, are there more?” Liam let out a sigh, notioning his head to the left side of the room. I carefully walked in the direction his head was pointing to, staring at the nude, marble likeness of me. “When did you do this?” Liam had his hands tucked into the pockets of his slacks, as he stood next to me.

“The night you first stayed over, I drew you when you fell alseep and took your measurement just in case my estimate was wrong.” My eyes widened as he stared at me. How did I not feel any of that? “If this makes you uncomfortable I’ll get-” I pulled Liam by the collar of his shirt down to my lips, showing my gratitude of his art. Never in a million years did I think he has been drawing me, since we met.

"I love them, and I love you.”


Saturday, March 27th

10:17 p.m.

Incoming call from: Tiffany Wilson

Incoming call from: Tiffany Wilson

Incoming call from: Tiffany Wilson

Incoming call from: Tiffany Wilson

What the hell! Slowly adjusting my eyes to the sunlight coming from Liam’s window, I looked to his beside table, watching his phone ring for the I don’t how manieth time this morning.

“Liam.” Brushing the morning waves of hair out of his face, I smiled at his sleeping features. He always got up way before me, so it was nice to wake up in his embrace after the heavy night we just had. “Liam.” I shook him once again. Liam slowly opened his eyes, adjusting them to the light as well, as he sat up in bed.

“Morning, mon amour.”

Incoming call from: Tiffany Wilson

“Your phone.” I pointed to the large iPhone still buzzing on his table.

“Fuck.” Liam turned to his side, grabbing his phone, sliding his thumb across the screen to answer the call. “Yes, Tiffany?” Tiffany? I didn’t want to eavesdrop on his conversation, that was no way to build trust, but I was curious. “Call Hilary first, I’m busy this weekend.” Liam ended the call, placing his phone back on the bedside table, turning around to face me, placing a kiss against my lips.

“Work call?” Casual, Katherine, casual.

“Yes, she’s a family friend, I’m drawing blueprints for as an engagement present.”

“Oh, fun.” Liam smirked, pulling my body against his, as he fell back against the plush pillow, covered in a silk pillowcase.

“Her dad is my godfather, she's like my little sister.” I looked up to Liam, weaving my hands in and out of his hair.

“I was just curious. Every woman I’ve met, has been interested in pouncing on you like a cheetah does a gazelle. You’re the gazelle by the way.” Liam chuckled lightly, rubbing his thumb back and forth against my hip bone.

“Well, I only want to pounce on you for the rest of my life.” I rolled my eyes, sitting up from the bed, bracing my hands on Liam’s ink covered chest.

“How many tattoos do you have?” Liam raised his eyebrow, as he let out a small yawn.

“That’s a random question.”

“I’m curious. I was thinking about getting one.”

“I have forty-six, and don’t. I like how pure your skin is.”

“You have forty-six tattoos!” His chest and right arm are covered with them, along with his left leg and a good portion of his back. I just never knew it was that many.

“I have a low pain tolerance, they feel nice.” I traced the tip of my acrylic nail against the French phrase on his collar-bone.

“What does it mean?”

“I’ll buy you a Rosetta Stone.” I hit Liam’s chest, laughing lightly at his dry and dad like sense of humor. “He conquers when he survives.”

“Very poetic.” Liam laced his hand into mine, rubbing his thumb across the back of my hand. “I was thinking about getting a heart on my butt.”

“Absolutely not.” Liam got up from the bed, bringing his hands to fix his morning wood that was very prominent in his gray sweatpants.

“Why, it would be cute.”

“Do you know how many horny men work in the tattoo parlors around here? They get one look at your ass, and I’ll be spending a few days with two guys named Butch and Tiny, in a six by eight foot cell for assault.”

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