Under His Control

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chapter seventeen

Friday, April 3rd

4:11 p.m.

“The numbers look good, we will finalize the second quarter budget, once Mr. Harrington returns.” I ignored the few snickers coming from the end of the table, as I finished typing up notes for Liam. “Thank you, for your hard work everyone, you’re dismissed.” Accounting only calls meetings when they know Liam is available, which allowed me to skip out on these heinous gatherings, that reminded me too much of high school math class. But somehow today, it was added to my already busy schedule. So, for the last two hours, I’ve been taking intricate notes on numbers and data I didn’t even know existed.

The nerves in my body slowly began to settle, as the meeting attendees dispersed from the now notorious conference room, leaving a few people lingering to talk. I’m convinced that everyone has been taking Liam’s absence as an opportunity to screw with me, this location for the meeting being one of the many examples. Liam always went to the seventh floor to meet with accounting, but for some reason they insisting meeting in here. God, I’m so happy its Friday.

“Katherine, do you know when Mr. Harrington is coming back from his vacation?” Oh, to have a dollar for every time someone has asked me this since Monday. Looking up from gathering my notebooks and laptop, I stared at the two smirking women from the budget team.

“He will return on the 12th.” I forced a smile, gathering my stuff into my arms. “Excuse me, but I have to lock up the conference room.”

“Of course, you do.” The two women left whispering amongst themselves, as I trailed behind them to lock the door. I’ve been trying to grow some thicker skin to deal with the office drama and rumors going around. I know I didn’t need to explain myself to any of these people, since I knew the truth, but it didn’t mean their insinuations didn’t hurt any less.

Walking down the hall to my office, I pushed the door open with my shoulder, tossing my laptop and notebooks on my desk with a tired huff.

Incoming call from: Husband <3

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes playfully, at the contact name Liam made for himself, as I pulled my phone from the pocket of my dress.

-Are you sure you aren’t psychic, I was just thinking about you.

I spoke teasingly, as I walked around my office to clean up my week’s worth of mess.

-Really, what were you thinking about?

-Not what you think I am.

-I’m offended that you think I have sex on the brain all hours of the day, love.

I let out a small chuckle, as I sat down on my couch, appreciating the comfort of the imported leather on my tired body.

-Is everything okay, I mean besides you not knowing how to work the stove.

-Funny, but yes everything is fine, I went to the grocery store like you requested. It was absolute hell, don’t ask me to ever do that again. I nearly fought an eighty-year-old woman for a fucking salmon.


-I had it first, and she clearly disagreed with that.

I could only laugh, at his dismay from his forced “vacation”. He and I both know that domestic life is not for him.

-I have some work to finish, I’ll see you when I get home.

-I love you, don’t work yourself too hard baby.

-I won’t. I love you too.

“So, does that puppy love mean, he’s out of the dog house.” Looking up, I found Veronica with a mischievous grin on her face, holding the paperwork I asked her for.

“More like he’s at the doggy door.” I stood up, fixing the parts of my dress that had gotten bunched up. “Those for me?” I asked, pointing at the papers held together by a large binder clip.

“Yes, as you requested. I busted my ass all day to finish those, so you better be thankful.”

“Oh, how gracious of you to do your job, instead of bothering me all throughout the day.” I smiled, as I took the papers from Veronica’s arms.

“I don’t know if I like pregnant Katherine.” I rolled my eyes, as Veronica took a seat in front of my desk. “But because you are my bestest friend in whole wide world, and I love you dearly, I will let your sassiness slide.” I raised my eyebrow.

“What do you want?” Veronica gasped.

“Katie, I am offended, that you think me being kind correlates to me wanting something.”

“Uh, huh.” We stared at each other for an intense moment before Veronica caved.

“Alright!” I clapped my hands in triumph.

“I knew it!”

“Please, your pregnancy brain is like Einstein himself.” I rolled my eyes, grabbing my leftover KitKat from my drawer to snack on until I made dinner later.

“What do you want?”

“Well.” Veronica leaned forward.

“I don’t like that face, that face means I’m going to hate whatever you’re proposing.”

“I want you to invite Archibald to my birthday party.” I gave Veronica a quizzeling look, unsure why she wanted Archie at her birthday party.

“Why do want me to invite Archie-” Then it dawned on me, Delilah. “No! Absolutely not.”

“Come on Katie, I’m dying to meet her.”

“Do you really think that’s appropriate for your birthday party?”

“What’s the worse that can happen babe, come on.” I let out a huff, debating if this really was a good idea. There was just something off about Delilah that bothered the hell out of me, but I kept it to myself not wanting to come off as the “jealous” girlfriend.

“Fine, but I swear, you better not try anything, if Archie agrees.” Veronica stood up from the chair, blowing a kiss in my direction.

“Make it happen with your Katherine magic.” I rolled my eyes, shooing Veronica away from me.

“Go, I have work to finish.”

“LOVE YOU KATIE!” Veronica yelled out, as she walked down the hall to the elevator. This was not going to turn out well.


Saturday, April 4th

10:58 p.m.

“You’re shaking.”

“Hmm?” Liam turned to me, completely unaware his leg has been bouncing since we sat down five minutes ago.

“Are you nervous?” I placed my hand onto Liam’s leg, hoping to calm the anxiousness running throughout his veins.

“Sorry, it’s a force habit whenever I’m here.”

“Oh my God, I’m sorry, I completely for-”

“Baby.” Liam brought his hand to my cheek. “It’s fine.” With a small pout, I nodded, placing a kiss into the palm of his hand. With only three months to go until I give birth, my stomach no longer was playing on my side.

Now that I had Liam here with me, the anxious nerves that plagued my mind during my first visit had passed. During my pregnancy with Cove, Jessie was the only one that came to doctor’s appointments, birthing classes, and put up with all of my needy pregnancy desires. I wouldn’t have made it through my pregnancy without her, so reminiscing, was honestly becoming bitter-sweet. We promised each other until we were old, wrinkly, and in rocking chairs. It just hurts that I couldn’t stop her from breaking that promise.

“Katherine?” Doctor Gardner smiled at me, briefly flashing her gaze to Liam, which caused her eyes to widen momentarily. I’ve gotten used to that reaction by now. Standing up, I grabbed my purse with one hand, lacing my free one with Liam’s, as we trailed behind Doctor Gardner to her office. “You can take your coat off, and get comfortable. Glad to see fiancé is here with you today.” Doctor Gardner smiled, while lathering her hands with the antibacterial gel from her desk. I hoisted my body onto the bent bed, motioning to Liam to stand on the opposite side of me. “So, how are you, it’s been a month since we last saw one another.” I looked up at Liam lightly smiling at him.

“Good, pain is here and there, but nothing I can’t handle.”

“That’s good, I assume we’re here to discuss the genders today.” Doctor Gardner pulled her gray stool over to the bed, smiling at Liam and I.

“Yes.” Liam spoke smiling lightly at me.

“Before we get started, I have to be unprofessional for a moment. Mr. Harrington, my wife, and I huge, huge, fans of your work, We went to your exhibition in Tahiti three ago, your Fallen Paradise work, is phenomenal.” I playfully rolled my eyes, at Liam’s proud smirk.

“Thank you.”

“Now.” Doctor Gardner clasped her hands together. “Lets check on your babies.” Bringing the ends of my dress to bunch below my breast, Doctor Gardner placed the cold gel onto my growing belly, moving the transducer around to check the twins. “Here’s baby A, so playful, glad she wants to show her face.”

“It’s a girl?” Liam spoke not tearing his eyes away from the screen above us.

“Yes, and baby B, is.” Doctor Gardner chuckled. ” It’s a bit tricky with the position they are in right now.” I could feel my eyes begin to swell up, as Liam tightly grabbed my hand, bringing it to his lips, placing a kiss on the back of it. “And there she is. You two, will have two more girls on your hands.”

“Shit.” Liam swore, causing Doctor Gardner and I to laugh.

“Now, you’re physician back in Detroit sent me your files from your first pregnancy, and I have some concerns.” Doctor Gardner spoke, as I wiped off my stomach, pulling my dress back down.

“Concerns?” Liam interjected before I could speak.

“Yes.” She grabbed my file from her desk, wheeling her stool back over to us. “I read that you went into labor nearly two months early, causing some damage to your uterine wall.” A traumatic moment I would rather not remember.

“Um, yes, but she said it should heal and not cause any real concerns.” I felt Liam tense, as he gripped my hand tighter.

“That is true, but in your case I would recommend taking an early leave of absence from work, and avoiding anything that could be physically damaging to your body. If we were to induce you earlier than thirty-six weeks, there’s a potential your life along with the babies lives could be at risk.” My worst nightmare was possibly becoming a reality.

“Physically damaging meaning what?” Liam spoke, attempting to keep his composure, despite the worry evident in his voice.

“Nothing that can’t be avoided. Immense levels of stress, physical trauma to the body, things like that.” I let out a quiet huff, the happiness I was just feeling, was now drifting away. “I don’t mean to scare you Katherine, I just want you aware of the potential risks.” I turned towards Doctor Gardner giving her a sad smile. “I will print the pictures from the sonogram for you to take home. It was nice meeting you Mr. Harrington.” Liam shook Doctor Gardner’s hand, as his lips let out a quiet sigh.


“See you next month, mama.” I nodded, swinging my legs to the side of the bed, bringing my hands to run through my freshly curled hair. Doctor Gardner, left her office with a soft slam of the door, leaving Liam and I alone.

“Look at me sweetheart.” Liam stood in front of me, letting his thumb rub across my cheek. “You and our girls are going to be fine, okay?”

“Yeah, I know.” Liam helped me down from the bed, placing a kiss to my forehead.

“I’m signing off on your maternity leave when I get back. Effective immediately for next month.”


“You’re not changing my mind on this.”

“Okay.” Giving Liam a light smile, we walked out of the office, heading towards the front desk to schedule our next appointment.

“Good to see you again Ms. Katherine, and your handsome beau.” I rolled my eyes, knowing Liam's ego had swelled since we got here.

“You too Miranda.” I smiled at the older woman, as she handed me our information from the appointment.

“You’re all set for a month from now, we’ll send a text a week before your appointment if there are any changes.” I nodded, as Liam and I bid her goodbye, walking towards the revolving glass doors.

“Shit!” Liam and I excalimed as we walked outside into the turential down pour well known by Seattle. Liam turned to me, his hair now sopped from the rain, giving me a sly grin.

“LIAM!” I laughed out loud as Liam scooped me into his arms holding me up, acting out the familiar scene in the movie we had just watched last night. “How very noble, Noah.” I smiled looping my arms around his neck.

“Only for you, Allie.” Liam placed a kiss to my lips, as the rain beamed down on us in the hospital parking lot.

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