Under His Control

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chapter eighteen

Monday, April 12th

9:01 a.m.

Liam Harrington

“If you’re not comfortable with this I won’t force you, I can go in ahead of you.” My hand rubbed the small of Katherine’s back, sensing the nerves emanating from her body, as we stood outside the entrance of H.E. My blood boiled every time I thought about her piece of shit of an ex, who had broken Katherine to the point that she was no longer confident in herself. I was fucking proud, and considered myself the luckiest man alive, that this beautiful and empathetic woman was willing to put up with me and all the shit that came with me. No one had to tell me I didn’t deserve Katherine, I spent the first five months of knowing her telling myself the same exact thing. But now that I have her, all of her, I would let the world know I’m a selfish bastard who doesn’t plan on letting her go.

“No, no, I’m fine.” Katherine gave me a light smile, grabbing my hand to lock it with her own. “I don’t want to make myself the center of office gossip more than I already have, so lets not over do it.” I smirked, capturing her sweet lips in a kiss, backing her body against the brick wall of the building entrance. Katherine braced her hands against my chest, slightly panting. “See, this is what I meant by overdoing it.”

“I can’t help myself when it comes to you.” Katherine rolled her sultry brown eyes, adjusting her purse over her shoulder as board security approached behind us.

“President Harrington, your father is en route, sir.”

“Thank you, Marshall.” Lacing my free hand with Katherine’s I swiped my I.D. to enter the building. From the corner of my eye I could see Katherine with her head down, as the lingering employees turned their attention to us.

“Are they seriously together!”

“I can’t believe she’s pregnant, she hasn’t even been here for a year.”

“Mr. Harrington always looks so good.”

“Welcome back Liam, and good morning Katie, you look radiant dear.” Katherine gave Sue a small smile, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“Make sure everyone stays off the ninth floor, until further notice.”

“Your wish is my command boss man.” Sue gave me a wink, as Katherine and I walked down the long hallway to the elevator. Pushing the freshly polished silver button, the steel doors of the elevator opened, ascending us to the ninth floor.

“You’re quiet.” Katherine looked up to me, with a playful smile.

“When am I not quiet.” I smirked.

“Do you want me to answer that?” Katherine gasped, placing a hit to my chest as the elevator doors opened.

“Your mind, get it out of the gutter.” Pulling Katherine into me by her waist, I placed a kiss to her neck, before we walked out of the elevator.

“Mr. Harrington welcome-” Desiree stared at Katherine, and I’s laced hands. “Back.” She forced a smile, running her tongue over the front of her teeth. “I was never able to give you my congratulations Katherine, I’m sure you will be a great mother.” Katherine gripped my hand tighter, before turning to face me.

“We need to go over your schedule, babe, before your meeting.” I smirked. She never calls me babe.

“Excuse us, Ms. Bilkova.” Katherine and I walked past Desiree, making a right down the hall to my office. Grabbing my office key from the pocket of my slacks, I opened the door, letting Katherine walk in first before following after her.

“Where did your Secret Service go?” Katherine sat her bag in the chair, in front of my desk, turning around to face me, as she shrugged her coat off her arms.

“I don’t know, babe.” I poked sitting my briefcase onto my desk. “I like babe, you should call me that more often.” Katherine rolled her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I really don’t like her, she speaks to you as if I’m not even there!”


“And. And.” Katherine pointed at me. “I’m ninety-nine percent sure, she’s behind the office finding out I’m pregnant.” I raised my eyebrow, sitting down in my chair, giving my full attention to Katherine.

“Why do you say that?”

“Besides her being a vindictive bitch.” Katherine plopped down in the chair in front of me. “The Friday the video was released, she walked into my office just as Veronica and I were saying I was pregnant. I doubt it was a coincidence that she overheard our conversation on Friday, and on Monday the whole office knew I was pregnant.” I hummed, tapping my fingers against my desk. After, playing Sherlock Holmes over my suspension, I unraveled all the culprits of this little ploy to get me fired. I had to commend them, they have balls, too bad, I’m going to tear them right off today.

There’s a reason not many people cross my family, you would have to catch us on a bad day, to get one over on us. My father could spot a liar like it was a sixth sense, London was so good at picking at your brain, she could leave you crying after spilling your whole life story, and besides having an IQ of one hundred twenty-seven, I’ve used my fists to leave more marks than I would like to admit. I wasn’t a fan of using violence to solve my problems, but sometimes playing nice doesn’t get your point across.

“Don’t worry.” I looked up to Katherine. “I’ll handle her.”


“Come in.” I called out to the owner of the hard knocks against my door. “How nice of you to knock father.” My father rolled his eyes, closing the door behind him.

“Better safe than sorry, knowing what you’ve done around here.” He poked with a smirked, before covering his mouth when Katherine turned around to face him. “Katie! My Dear, how are you?” Kiss ass.

“I’m fine, Gustav. It’s always good to see you.” Katherine stood up embracing my father in a hug, which he happily accepted.

“I’ll let you get to your meeting.” Katherine sat my agenda for the week onto my desk, tossing her purse on her shoulder, draping her coat across her arm. My father’s eyes flashed to Katherine’s uncovered stomach, causing his lips to turn upwards, into a large grin.

“Are you pregnant, my dear!” There goes our weekend surprise. I nodded at Katherine, letting her know it was okay to tell him.

“Yes.” Katherine spoke softly, as my father engulfed her into a hug, rocking her back and forth in excitement.

“CEO Harrington, President Harrington, we are ready to begin the meeti- Oh, my apologies.” Jackie stood flustered at the door, as my father pulled away from Katherine, wiping his eyes.

“Thank you, Jackie, we’re heading down now.” I retorted, standing up from my chair, buttoning the front of my suit jacket.

“Of course.” Jackie, gave me a friendly smile before walking back down the hall to the boardroom.

“We’ll talk about this later dad, we have pressing matters to attend.” My father placed a kiss to Katherine’s forehead before nodding.

“You better be taking care of her Lionardo.” My father turned to Katherine. “Is he taking care of you?” I rolled my eyes, as the three of us walked down the hallway, stopping at Katherine’s office door.

“Yes.” Katherine laughed, opening the door to her office.

“Well that pleases me.”

“Come on, father.”

“Join us for lunch later?” Great. Katherine said with a smile.

“Of course, my dear.”

“Great, its settled now come on.” Once, Katherine was in her office, my father and I walked side by side to the boardroom.

“Mr. CEO.” The members of the board stood in respect for my father, as he sat down in his seat, and I walked to the podium.

“President Harrington.” Louis stood up addressing everyone at the table. “You will have ten uninterrupted minutes to speak your case.”

“Thank you.” I fixed my suit jacket, before I began talking. “Good morning, everyone. I appreciate you all joining me for this assembly. Meeting this frequently is not something we are accustomed to.” A smirk formed on my face, as I found Crawford staring me, his anxious hands lightly tapping the table. “During my suspension, I had the opportunity to look into the unjust attempt at firing me. Now, I’m not going to take up too much more of your time, because quite frankly, looking at some of you makes me fucking sick.” Grabbing the flash drive from my pocket, I took slow strides to the table to plug it into the laptop.

“What’s all of that?” My father whispered as I turned on the projector.

“Trust me.” There was one thing my father lacked that I indeed inherited from my mother. He wanted to let people off the hook, he wanted to see the good in his enemies, but remorse wasn’t and never will be in my vocabulary. You get one chance to screw me over, then I take everything from you without a second thought. “This.” I pointed at the picture of my newly fired lawyer. “Is Henry Gates, my old lawyer who switched out my contract, with the one holding the new clause. We’re all smart here, I can’t breach a contract I never signed.” Hitting the arrow key to move to the next slide, showcasing the audio file, Garret retrieved for me earlier last week. “I’ll let you all have a listen.”

“Did you or did you not accept money, to create a new contract that could potentially get Liam Harrington fired?”

“I-I, I-I.”

“You will face criminal charges either way, so I think it’s in your best interest to tell the truth, so they judge knows you cooperated. Now did you accept money to change the contract?”

“I, Yes. Yes, I accepted money to change the contract. But! I had no idea what they were planning!”

“Who is they?”

“Aaron Crawford, Roy Stephens and Donovan Montgomery.”

I pressed the space bar to pause the video.

“This obviously isn’t true!” Crawford stood up, slamming his palms on the table. “He’s obviously doing this out of spite!”

“Chairman Crawford.” Louis cut him off, his voice slightly trembling. “There will be no interruptions, please sit down.” Crawford huffed, sitting back down in his chair.

“Now, Ms. Prescott, whom I was recorded with in the video is my assistant, but she is also my fiancé and the mother of my children. I might have let this go if you just targeted me, but you didn’t. You brought my woman into this, tainting her image at this company because of your craving of power.” The pictures of Katherine’s trashed office (courtesy of Veronica) popped up on the screen, getting reactions out of everyone. “Sharon, not only is it your responsibility to handle situations like these, but run all of them by me before you go running to board.”

“President Harrington, you have three minutes.” I smirked at Louis cutting off the projector.

“So, we’re going to hold a vote. Its clear who’s been abusing their power. And if I were you, I would resign.” My eyes traveled to Crawford, his bride of Chucky, Louis, Sharon, and the two other members of their failed scheme. “Becuase I have information, that you will not be able to come back from. And thats not a threat, its a fucking promise.” Lisa cleared her throat, at my use of language before standing.

“The majority of the board is the favor of President Harrington. Chairman Aaron Crawford, Madam Chairwoman Cindy Crawford, boardmembers Roy Stephens, Sharon Reid, Donovan Montogomery, and Louis Jones you have been relieved of your board positions at Harrington Enterprises.”

“The hell!” Crawford roared charging in my direction. “You fucking brat! How dare you!” My father stood up from his chair standing in front of me.

“I advise you, to get out of my son’s face Crawford, and leave with whats left of your dignity.”

“I’m the reason this company is up and running! You ungrateful piece of shit!”

“Aaron, please!” Cindy called out to her belligerent husband, as security ran into the room, grabbing Crawford by both of his arms.

“Excuse me, father.” I moved my father to the side, staring down at the man baby throwing a tantrum. “Leave, before I tell your wife about your escapades in London and how you’ve blown through all of your money.”

“Y-You, you, I’ll kill you!”

“Get him out of here.” I spat, turning my back to Crawford.

“You hear me Harrington! I’ll take everything from you! I’ll have you begging on your knees for mercy, you entitled brat! You’ll regret this!”

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