Under His Control

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chapter nineteen

9:30 a.m.

Liam Harrington

“Liam, I-”

“Hallway.” As the board members talked to my father, I ushered Sharon into the hallway. “I’m giving you one chance, to tell me who the fuck took that video, and I’ll think about letting you resign to withhold the small portion left of your pathetic dignity.” Sharon pulled her thin lips between her teeth, avoiding eye contact with me. “I’m not playing games with you Sharon, people have been harassing Katherine, and I’m just now hearing about it!”

“I’m so, sorry. Crawford, gave me me strict orders-”

“I don’t give a damn about Crawford! What I care about is who took the video, and a list of all the people harassing my fucking fiancé! I’m giving you the opportunity to fix this mess you weaved yourself into. Now, if you can’t give me what I want, you can kiss your career in public management goodbye.” Sharon took a deep breath, shifting her weight back and forth on her short heels.

“Keith Mason, in accounting took the video. I never asked him to, he did it on his own freewill. Crawford found out about it and he decided to go ahead with his plan.”

“Keep talking.” Sharon let out a defeated huff.

“Desiree Bilkova, one of your interns has been gossiping around the office about Katherine’s personal life. I warned her about the consequences. I swear, I had no idea they had broken into Katherine’s office.” My hands found my waist, trying to channel the anger running throughout my veins right now. H.E. employees are used to my father’s way of leadership, and I’ve tried my best to keep his morals and values alive, since I’ve taken over. But the reason the employees at my architectural firm have stayed in my good graces, is because I’ve been upfront about the consequences of compromising my business.

“I want you gone by the end of the day.”


“This is the only time I’m going to say this, do not test my fucking patience.” I turned around walking back into the boardroom, finding just my father and Lisa remaining.

“You handled that just as I suspected.” Lisa crossed her arms over her chest. “Don’t get on the bad side of the remaining members Liam, we now have to find six replacements, who might I add, won’t know you as well as us.” I let out a sigh, letting my hands grip the top of the office chair.

“We’ll be in touch Lisa.” My father turned to Lisa, placing a kiss to her cheek. “Thank you, I don’t know how to repay you.” Lisa gripped her designer bag into the hold of her right hand, giving my father a soft smile.

“Keep him out of the trouble, and consider us even.” Lisa exited the boardroom, leaving my father and I alone.

“Don’t pursue this any further, I will make a statement before I leave to address their removals. Fire accordingly who you need to, but keep your relationship with Katherine out of your decisions. I get you want to defend her honor son, as do I, but in this situation you cannot mingle business with pleasure.”


“I mean it Lionardo. Crawford still has influence in the corporate world, he’s capable of damaging or even ending your career. Promise me, you’ll let this go.” Fucking pacifist.

“Fine. I will let it go.” My father clapped his hands in victory, letting a sigh of relief before smiling.

“I’ll stick around until my speech is done.” My father buttoned the front of his suit walking towards the door. “Until 5:30 comes, you need to put being the boss over being a lover.” With that, my father exited the boardroom, leaving me alone. As much as I hated to admit it, my father was right. Protecting Katherine will always be my priority, but I can no longer let my emotions show in the presence of my enemies.

I’ve never had this problem before, having to care about the well-being of some else. My family could handle their own affairs (with the exception of Luke), so I didn’t have to worry about them. But things are different now. Seeing Katherine in pain, crying, or just completely defeated breaks a part of me.

“President Harrington, Chairman Crawford and his associates have been dismissed from the building.” I nodded at Marshall. “Can I assist you with anything else, sir?”

“Get two of your men, I have some people that need to be escorted off the premises.” Marshall nodded as the two of us walked into the hallway.

“Lawrence! Charlie!” Marshall called out to, two of the four men standing outside my office.

“Yes, sir?”

“Follow, President Harrington.” The two of them nodded, as Marshall walked down the hall to join the two lingering men in front of my office. Grabbing the two cardboard boxes by the recycling bin, I began walking down the hall, where the intern’s offices were.

“Good morning, Mr. Harrington.” Gracie smiled at me.

“Is Ms. Bilkova in her office?”


“Looking for me?” Desiree’s plum covered lips smirked at me.

“Yes, I am Ms. Bilkova, you’re fired.” Carlos, Danielle and Gracie stopped in their tracks, staring at Desiree’s frazzled manner.

“I-I’m sorry, fired?” I held the box up in my hands.

“Harassing your coworkers, spreading rumors, disrespecting your superior, flirting with your boss.” I looked Desiree into the eyes. “Shall I continue? I’m not sure what Stanford taught you, but this is not how you make your way in the business world, and it sure as hell isn’t how you keep an internship.”

“Mr. Harrington-”

“Do not speak. Return your I.D., keys, and any paperwork you’ve done while working here to Sue. You have five minutes to pack up your office, am I clear.”

“Mr. Harrington, I-I, I can explain-”

“Am I clear, Ms. Bilkova!” Desiree gulped, taking the box out of my hands.

“Yes, sir.”

“Great, Ms. Dawson, my office after your lunch, you will be taking over Ms. Bilkova’s assignments for the remainder of your time here.”

“Y-Yes, sir.” I turned to one of Marshall men.

“Stay here and make sure she returns everything, and is escorted of the premises.”

“Yes, President Harrington.” The lingering guard followed behind me to the elevator. Pressing the button for the seventh floor, I took a much-needed deep breath, so I didn’t snap the neck of the leech who has been harassing Katherine. Once, the steel door opened, I stopped by Angeline’s desk to find out where the asshole’s office was.

“Angeline.” Her head snapped up, and her eyes widened.

“M-Mr. Harrington, um, w-what, what, can I do for you, sir?”

“Where’s Keith Mason’s office?”


“Angeline, I’m not in a playful mood, his office.”

“Sorry! Down the hall, first door on the lef-” I didn’t let her finish her sentence, as I began walking to the shithead’s residing quarters. I didn’t bother knocking on the door, as my hand grabbed the handle, swinging the it open.

“What the fuck!” The disgusting bastard quickly removed his hand from inside his khaki’s. “You can’t just barge in here!”

“Get his computer.”

“What, no! This is my personal property.”

“It’s company property.” Marshall’s guard, grabbed the laptop before Keith could take it, quickly peeling his eyes away from the screen.

“U-Um, sir, you might want to take this.”

“What?” I grabbed the laptop, looking at what was on the bastard’s laptop. “I’ll kill you.” I closed the laptop, shoving it into the guard’s chest, walking around Keith’s desk, grabbing the slimy bastard by the collar of his shirt. “Did you think that dying your hair, and attempting to grow this patchy fucking beard, to look like me, would make Katherine pay attention to you, huh!” Let this go my ass.

“L-Let me go you asshole-”

“President Harrington.” The guard pulled me away from the sleazeball.

“I’m fine.” I yanked my arms out of his hold, fixing my suit jacket. “Put your personal belongs in this box, you’re fired.” His eyes widened.

“Y-You can’t fire me.”

“You should have thought about that, before taking fucking videos of my wife!”

“President Harrington-”

“I got this!” I slammed the box on his desk, not caring about the Arizona Tea that had just been spilled. “You have two fucking minutes, leave your I.D. and keys on the desk, and get your pathetic belongings into this box.”

“Y-You can’t do this! I-I, I have rights!” I rolled my eyes.

“You’re wasting your own time.” Keith scuffed tossing his belongs into the box, looking up at me with anger, once he was done. “Good. Great.” I grabbed him by the arm of his cardigan, pushing him outside his office, were some people had gathered to see what was going on.

“I’ll sue you! I’ll sue your fucking ass off!” I took a deep breath, to bring my emotions back down to a professional level.

“Sue me then, your case will not hold up in any court, and I highly doubt you want everyone here to know that you have a stalking, and sexually harassing women problem.”

“Y-You, you, bastard!” I turned to the guard who was standing behind him.

“Get him out of my sight.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Let go of me! You can’t do this!” He continued to bitch and whine until the guard got him into the elevator, and out of my sight. I took a deep breath, as Miranda, accounting’s director came from her office in a hurry.

“What on earth is going out here?”

“I want a report of all the assignment Keith Mason has been apart of for the last eight months, and everything you’ve signed off on.” Miranda’s eyes widened.

“S-Sir, I-I, I can’t-” I nodded, seeing a reoccurring pattern with the leadership around here, and it was going to end today. “Starting today, anything account passes, goes through me, understand?” Miranda nodded immediately.

“Y-Yes, sir.” Everyone went back to their offices in a hurry, as I made my way back down the hall to the elevator. Once, I was inside, I grabbed my phone from my pocket, dialing Hank’s number.

-Yes, boss?

-Set up a team to surveillance, Keith Mason, I’ll send you his home address.

-Yes, sir.

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