Under His Control

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chapter twenty

Friday, April 23rd

6:28 p.m.

“I hope Veronica knows Archie and Delilah’s attendance is her birthday present.” Once, the red lipstick was evenly distributed to my lips, I turned around to face Liam, who was twenties-fying his hair.

“Oh, she most definitely does.” I laughed lightly, dusting the remaining powder from my face.

“Hurry and put some clothes on.” Liam wrapped his arms around my waist, whispering into my ear. “The longer you’re in this little robe, the more I’m compelled to make a detour to the bedroom.” Relaxing against his chest, I enjoyed the feeling of Liam’s soft lips kissing down my neck as his large hands groped my breast, tightly massaging them in circular motions.

“What if I want to make a detour to the bedroom.” Trying to abstain from sex when Liam was an Adonis here on earth, and my hormones constantly putting me in the mood, was difficult. I was finding myself wanting to jump Liam’s bone nearly every time we saw each other. Turning the stool to face Liam, my hand reached out to grip his penis through his dress pants.


“You know, it’s hidden in the rules of pregnancy, that its bad to say no to your pregnant spouse.” My gaze never left Liam’s as I moved his suspenders from his shoulder, sliding my hands down his chest until they rested at his fly.

“Is it now?” Liam smirked, with a raised eyebrow. “We’re going to be late, mon amour.” Liam grabbed my hands, placing a kiss to the back of each of them. “I rather not hear your best friend yell at me, for fucking your brains out the night of her birthday.” I let out a huff, standing up from the stool.

“I’m horny babe, really, really horny.” I pouted my lips, locking my arms around his neck.

“Baby, you’re killing me.”

“Fuck me then.” Liam shook his head, a small smile gracing his face.

“Turn around, and bend over.” Without hesitation, I turned around to grip the vanity table Liam had installed into his walk in closet, letting my robe ride up to expose my uncovered bottom.

"Tu es en train de denenir une sale salope mon amour.” (You are becoming a dirty little slut, my love.)

“Mmm.” Liam placed two hard slaps to my ass, pulling me into him by my hips.

“Don’t even think about being quiet.”

“O--Oh!” Liam slammed his cock into me, gripping the sides of my waist tightly, as he found a steady speed.

“God, your greedy fucking cunt.” Liam whispered into my ear, kissing the skin under it. In deep strategic strokes Liam pulled his thick, pulsing cock out, before shoving it back into me roughly, knocking me forward each time.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Harder, harder, please!” Liam pulled me up from the vanity desk by throat, holding me tightly against his chest, snaking his hand around my waist, roughly circling my clit. Quick, and with the utmost precision, Liam’s hip snapped against my ass, letting the erotic sound echo throughout his large closet. “Liam--O-Oh my God!” Spreading my folds, two thick fingers slipped into my entrance, stretching me out.

“Fuck, you feel so good.” Liam’s lips captured mine, sucking on my tongue, as he curled his fingers, ramming them against my g-spot. If Liam wasn’t supporting my weight, I would have collapsed on the floor from the lightheadedness my orgasm was bringing me. “Christ.” Liam groaned into my ear as his cum filled me, knocking me over the edge, triggering my own orgasm. He’s never cummed before me.

As my moans dialed down, Liam eased out of me, placing a kiss to the side of my neck, as he released his grip.

“You’re too good at this.” Liam smirked at me, using the tissues from the vanity table to wipe off his cock, and clean up the sex mess between my leg.

“Be ready in five.” Once, Liam fixed his slacks, and brought his suspenders to rest at his shoulders, he leaned down to peck my lightly swollen lips. “I’m not going to speed with the car I’m driving.” I nodded, dropping the robe to the cold marble floor, tapping open a drawer to get undergarments.

“You look like a sexy Charlie Chaplin.”

“I plan to be the best looking man there, darling.” Liam shrugged the long suit jacket over his arms, smoothing down his slicked back hair, as he did a one over in the mirror. “I’ll be downstairs.” I nodded, grabbing my dress from the rack above me. In a last minute change, I switched out my gown for a silver inspired flapper dress, that had diagonal tassels, stopping right above my knee. Once, the dress was zipped up, and smooth down to fit my figure, I brought my hands to undo the pins in my hair, fluffing out the tight pinned curls.

I sat down on the stool to tighten the seven-inch, silver stilettos on my feet, and to reapply my slightly smudged lipstick. With one final look over of my appearance, I stood up from the stool, cutting out the light that was flushed to the wall, exiting the closet. Draping my feather boa over my forearms, and placing my head piece carefully on my head, I walked downstairs smiling at Liam and Cove playing in the living room.

“You look beautiful, my dear.” I smiled at Gustav, as Cove ran over to me.

“You’re so pretty mommy.”

“Thank you, my love.” I smiled at Cove, as her small hands shook the tassels on the bottom of my dress.

“We’re going to head out.” Liam grabbed my hand, placing his fedora onto his head.

“Bye mommy! Bye daddy!”

“Bye habibti.” Liam kissed Cove on the forehead, before the two of us walked out the front door, heading in the direction of the elevator, and outside. The spring breeze felt wonderful against my skin, as Liam guided us in the direction of his garage. His most driven cars were parked outside his property for easy access, so this would be my first time seeing a bigger portion of his collection.

“Am I going to be amazed?” I asked, while Liam opened the garage door.

“That or call me insane.” Once, the lights were cut on, illuminating the huge white space, my mouth hung open at all the cars inside. “Impressed?” Liam smirked at me, walking us in the direction of a white, classic Rolls-Royce.

“You really are insane.” Liam helped me inside the car, before walking to driver’s side, sliding into the well-preserved seats of the vintage car, grabbing the keys from the glove box.

“I’ll have to renovate it, once my cars from New York get here.” Liam pulled out of the garage, following the cobblestoned pathway out of his property.

“Do you miss it? New York?”

“There’s not much to miss, besides my gallery and architectural firm.” Liam switched lanes, speeding up slightly to get onto the freeway.

“I mean that was your home for a while. All of your businesses are there.”

“If you’re asking me do I still want to live there permanently, the answer is no. My home is right here, with you.” Grabbing Liam’s hand, I kissed the back of it.

“I love you.” Liam turned to me briefly, his white smile glistening in the transitioning moonlight.

“I love you too.”


7:39 p.m.

“Veronica is going to kill me.” Liam helped me out of the car, as he handed the valet boy the spare key.

“Make sure you tell her why we were late.” I rolled my eyes, as two women dressed as flappers opened the huge doors, letting the jazz music from inside blare loudly in our ears.

"How do. Can I have your name?” Veronica Johnston spares no expense.

“Katherine Prescott and Liam Harrington.” The brunette flapper smiled at Liam, biting her lip slightly.

“Enjoy your night.”

“Mhmm.” I hurried Liam further inside the large venue, ornately decorated like the 1920s.

“KATHERINE!” Queuing angry best friend.

“Happy thirtieth, you look beautiful.” Veronica was sporting a blonde bob, along with her gold flapper inspired dress that had tassels shaping her frame in the form of a V.

“Don’t give me that! You’re late!” Veronica shot daggers at Liam and I.

“We’re here, so let’s enjoy the party.” Veronica huffed, as Jordan joined us, placing a kiss to my cheek before wrapping his arm around Veronica.

“You look beautiful tonight, Katie.” I smiled at Jordan, feeling Liam grip my hand tighter.

“Babes, this is Katie’s beau, Liam Harrington. Liam this is my boyfriend, Jordan Astroga.” Jordan held his hand out for Liam to shake.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Liam gripped Jordan’s hand tightly in a firm handshake.


“Well, lets go, dinner is about to be served.” Liam and I followed Veronica and Jordan, down the staircase to join everyone for the dinner being served.

“Our guest of honor just arrived, I haven’t introduced myself yet.” Veronica whispered into my ear, as Archie and Delilah came into view.


“Don’t I always.” Veronica smirked, as Jordan and Liam pulled out chairs for us at the main table.

“You must be the birthday girl, thank you for the gracious invite.” Archie smiled at Veronica.

“Of course, I wanted to personally get to know you and your wife, as we will most likely be seeing more of each other.” Veronica raised her glass filled with champagne, smiling at Archie and Delilah.

“Well thank you, Valerie.” Delilah smiled over her glass.


“Oh! Forgive me, I’ve never been good with names.” Veronica faked laughed, as the waiters came to the table dropping off the first plate of the night. Besides the jazz music playing in the background, the atmosphere between the six of us was tense, very, very tense.

“So, Katie, how’s being stuck with Lionardo for the rest of your life?” Archie poked, as he forked salad into his mouth.

“It’s.” I turned to Liam, who buttering bread for me. “Very, very, rewarding.”

“See, Archibald, I’m rewarding.” Liam spoke, as he handed me the plate of bread.

“So, Delilah.” Veronica spoke. “How long have you and Archibald known each other?”

“Just Archie.” Archie looked up to Liam. “Only people who like pissing me off call me Archibald.” I lightly laughed.

“Well, Archie, Liam and I go way back. We used to be thick as thieves.” Yeah, in each other’s sheets. “But things change, people, make people change.” I looked up, to find Delilah staring at me over her champagne class.

“I’m sorry, Delilah, are you insinuating that I’m the reason you no longer have a friendship with Liam?” Delilah sat her glass down, chuckling lightly.

“I’m not insuating anything Katherine, just making an observation.”

“How gracious of you to observe.” Jordan, Liam and Archie were quietly sipping their drinks, as Veronica and I were ready to attack.

“Sweetheart, no need to be threaten, I used to fuck your man too, been there done that.” Liam dropped his fork against the glass plate.

“Delilah. Enough.”

“Please, your fiance started it.”

“Lilah, please, we’re guest.” Archie shifted uncomfortably in his chair, as he tried to keep Delilah from speaking.

“And our gracious hostess asked a question, which I answered.”

“She asked how you and your husband met, not what you used to do with mine.” Liam’s hand pinched my thigh under the table, attempting to calm me down.

“Did I strike nerve?” I told Veronica to behave, not knowing Delilah was going to poke jabs at me.

“No, you didn’t.” I forced a smile at her. “You’re married, I’m planning to be married, what happened in past is just that, the past.” Delilah narrowed her eyes at me.

“Shall we talk about something else?” Jordan, attempted to cut the tension.

“That sounds like a great idea.” Archie spoke in agreement.

“It is a great idea.” Deliah sat up in her chair. “Did your fiance, tell you we kissed in New York?"

“Enough! Delilah!” Liam slammed his drink against the table.

“You kissed her?” Archie and I spoke in unison.

“No, I didn’t fucking kiss her! She broke into my home, with the key I gave you Archibald, spurting bullshit.” Liam turned to me, grabbing my hands “I didn’t kiss her, I pushed her away as soon as she tried.”

“You really are shameless as Katherine told me.” Veronica spat.

“Y-You kissed Liam?” Archie turned to Delilah, trying to wrap his head around what we all just heard.

“Honestly, Archibald, lets not do this here.”

“Are you kidding me! You just brought it up!”

“Baby-” I grabbed Liam’s drink, standing up from my chair throwing the champagne at Delilah.

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