Under His Control

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chapter twenty-one

7:54 p.m.

The glass left my hand before I could even realize what I was doing. I wasn’t a conflict starter, I was a peacemaker, a pacifist, but all of my timid qualities went out the window when it came to this woman. Now, I was truly convinced that she was living in some fantasy world that didn’t consist of reality.

“Have you lost your damn mind!” We were starting to gain the attention of some of the party attendees, as Delilah yelled at me.

“Baby, give me the glass.” Liam got up from his seat, prying the glass from my hands, afraid I was going to throw that next. The thought was tempting, so very tempting. “I need you to calm down, this isn’t good for the-”

“Do not, give me that calm down bullshit Lionardo!” Liam’s eyes widened for a second as I snapped at him. “Jesus, I’m actually terrified for what’s going to happen to me down the line, if your dick makes women this fucking crazy.”

“Archibald.” Delilah turned to Archie who was clutching his glass tightly in his hand. “Are just going to let her talk to me like that!”

“Oh, boo-hoo. Your hell-bent on ruining my relationship, and completely embarrassing your husband.”

“You little bitch.” Archie and Jordan held Delilah back as she tried to lunge at me from across the table. “You should really humble yourself if you think this engagement is going to last, you should ask Shatara why she left him, she didn’t even last six months with this asshole!”

“Delilah, that’s enough!” Liam warned. “Do not do this here.”

“Why not! Your precious little Katie started this by throwing drinks like we’re on the set of the real housewives!” Delilah turned to Archie who had an unreadable expression on his face. “Yes, I took your key to go see him, but I never meant to kiss him Archie, I love you, you know that. This doesn’t change anything.” Archie’s mouth fell open slightly, as he let go of Delilah.

“You don’t love me Delilah, you settled me for because you couldn’t have him.” Archie turned to Liam, clutching his fist.


“You’re an asshole, I really hope you know that.” Though they were best friends, Liam and Archie were two completely different people, night and day if you will. I guess that’s why they work so well together, they balance one another out. But right now, Archie looked as if he wanted to kill Liam, to finally be on top instead of being equals. “Women fall at your feet, and the one time I’m finally happy and in love, you do this shit! It’s constantly a competition with you, and I’m tired of it!” Liam turned to Archie, returning the cold glare he was receiving.

“If I wanted to be with Delilah I would have, and you know that. I’ve been nothing but supportive of this leechship, because you were happy, so don’t you fucking dare accuse me of betraying you!” Archie scuffed.

“Don’t give me that supportive best friend bullshit Liam, you continued to sleep with Delilah even after I told you, I was in love with her!”

“That was six years ago Archibald, let it go!”

“I’m just supposed to let it go because now you understand how it feels to love someone, instead of walking around like some cold-blooded reptile, who thinks the world owes him something! Bad things happen to good people you piece of shit, you’re not an exception!” We had officially gained everyone’s attention.

“I’m the piece of shit.” Liam turned to Delilah.

“Liam, don’t.” Delilah looked at him with pleading eyes.

“You want to know why I broke things off with her, because she aborted your fucking child, in order to stay with me.” And then everything went silent. “I’ve done nothing but protect to you, so this is on you. I warned you about her! Hell everyone warned you about her, and you still went through with this marriage.” And then Archie snapped.

“Oh my God!” Archie punched Liam square in jaw, causing him to lose his footing. Jordan quickly stood in between them to avoid anymore damage.

“You’re supposed to be my best friend!” Archie yelled over Jordan’s shoulder trying to get a hold of Liam.

“I am your best friend!” Liam yelled back, lightly wincing as blood poured out of his mouth.

“Archie, please.” Delilah tried to grab a hold of Archie’s arm, but he pulled away from her. “Please, let me explain.”

“Explain.” My heart ached for him. “You want to explain why you aborted a child, my child, our child, to be with someone who didn’t love you, who would never love you.”

“Archie-” Delilah’s cheeks were lightly being stained with tears.

“I gave you everything, but you just can’t get over him, can you? You’re obsessed, and I-I can’t look past it anymore.”

“It was weak moment Archie, I regret it-”

“Like you regret kissing him!” Archie scuffed, grabbing his suit jacket from the back of the chair. “You win Lionardo, as always.” Liam didn’t bother saying anything or retaliating, as Archie pushed past his shoulder.

“Archie, please!” Delilah quickly ran after him, as he walked down the center aisle and up the staircase to leave the venue. The room was quiet, and even the band had stopped playing to see what was going on. Too much was said, there was too much to wrap my head around at the moment, and I honestly didn’t know how to feel. Liam turned around to face me, dabbing the blood from his teeth, that was now staining his dress shirt.

“Are you okay?” I was pissed at him, but that would have to wait until we were home, so another scene wasn’t brewed, ruining Veronica’s party further.

“I’m fine, that’s the only free punch, he’ll ever get on me.” I nodded, grabbing the napkin from the table, dipping the end into my glass of water, holding it up to Liam’s bleeding gums.

“Katie.” I turned to face Veronica. “I’m so, sorry, I had no idea, this was going to become, well this.” I gave Veronica a small smile.

“Ronnie, this isn’t your fault, I should be apologizing for losing my temper, and ruining your party.”

“Don’t apologize.” Veronica pulled me into her embrace hugging me tightly, before resting her hands on my shoulders, looking me in the eyes. “You’re standing up for yourself, I couldn’t be more proud.” I smiled, before taking a deep breath.

“We should go, while the night is still young.”

“Do you want me to check you out before you leave?” Doctor Astroga to the rescue.

“I’m fine.” Liam adjusted his suit jacket over his arms, helping me adjust my boa over my forearms. “Apologizes, for ruining your party Veronica.” I rolled my eyes as Veronica gasped.

“I need this on video, you’re apologizing to me, Liam Harrington is apologizing to little ole me.”

“I’m taking it back now.” Veronica chuckled, placing a kiss to my cheek.

“Drive safe.”

“Don’t drink too much.”

“Please, there’s only one way to bring in thirty and that’s to get drunk.” I laughed lightly, lacing my hand with Liam’s as we walked down the center aisle, and up the staircase to exit the venue. The wind chill against my skin, began calming my nerves, as we walked to Liam’s car.

Once, we were inside the car, Liam turned on the heat staring out into space through the windshield.

“Ask whatever you want Katherine, I don’t want to fight with you.” Shifting my body in the vintage seating, I turned to face Liam who was staring at me with a stoic expression on his face.

“Were you engaged before?” Liam let out a sigh, reaching over the center counsel to grab my hand.

“Shatara was someone I slept with for a long period of time. Her father ran into some financial issues that would ruin his career, so my father and I offered to help him. My father lent him a hefty loan and I agree to say I was engaged to his daughter. I never proposed to her, I never even gave her a ring, not once did I see a future with her.” My thumb rubbed the back of Liam’s hand, as I tugged my bottom lip in between my teeth.

“Why’d you end things with her then?” Liam exhaled a large breath.

“She broke into my house and stole sixty million dollars worth of stuff. My father and I later learned, her father’s business was never in jeopardy, he just wanted money to flee the country after his CFO took the fall for their Ponzi scheme.”

“Oh my god, Liam-”

“What else do you want to ask?” It was clear to me, he didn’t want to talk about this any longer, so I decided to drop it, to avoid upsetting him further. He already fought with his best friend.

“When we were at their engagement party, I asked what happened between you and Delilah, was her aborting their child the reason you didn’t tell me?”


“Why didn’t you tell him? That woman is pure evil, he deserves so much better than the likes of her.” Liam nodded in agreement.

“Delilah agreed to tell him, or she would leave him.”

“And you believed her?”

“I wanted to believe part of her loved Archie enough to tell him the truth.” Liam sighed, rubbing his hand over his face. “But she’s just like her father, a manipulator who only cares about herself.”

“Her father?”


“Wow.” From Liam has told me that man is Satan’s incarnate. I’m not surprised his offspring turned out just like him. “That explains so much.” Liam only nodded, continuing to look ahead into the darkness of the night. The atmosphere felt heavy, an unsettling heaviness that we wouldn’t be able to get through, which scared me. We are two imperfect souls, that found love within one another to rebuild the broken pieces of our hearts. I adored this man.

I’m not turning a blind eye to the fact that we both have pasts, secrets, and things that we wish to take back and forget, but I wanted Liam to trust me.

“Hey.” I held Liam’s bruising cheek, turning him to face me. “I love you, and I promise that’s not going to change anytime soon.” Liam brought a gentle kiss to my lips, resting his forehead against mine, breathing quietly.

“I know I don’t deserve you.” Liam whispered quietly. “But I can’t lose you.” I gave Liam a soft smile, wrapping my arms around his neck, hugging him tightly, resting my chin on his shoulder.

"You’re not going to.”

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