Under His Control

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chapter twenty-two

Friday, April 30th

5:19 p.m.

“Ugh, who am I supposed to talk to now that you’re gone.” Veronica groaned, playing with the petals of the few rose bouquets, I’ve received today.

“Maybe, you’ll finally get your assignments in on time, so I don’t have to tell Liam to give you an extension.” Veronica rolled her eyes, smiling lightly at me.

“Seriously Katie, I’m going to miss you.” A cheeky grin formed on my face as I threw my arms around Veronica, sitting next to her on my couch. With my head on her shoulder, and her head on top of mine, we stared at my packed up office. I knew the summer season was a busy marketing period for HE, which meant Liam’s schedule would be jammed packed. He keeps reminding me that he’s capable of keeping track of his own work schedule without an assistant. But I know he’s just telling me this, so I don’t worry. Him and his male pride.

Standing up from the couch, Veronica’s hand softly caressed my bump, lightly jumping as one of the twins kicked.

“Does that hurt?” Veronica looked up at me.

“No, it just feels weird.” I smiled at her. “I like it though.” Picking up a file box from the floor, a loud clearing of someone’s throat startled me, causing me to drop the box on the floor.

“Ahem. What do you think you’re doing?” I huffed, as Liam walked into my office grabbing the box that was resting at my feet. “You’re not supposed to be lifting anything.” He has been absolutely smothering me.

“Babe, I’m perfectly capable of carrying a box of papers.” Liam ignored my statement, walking over to my shelving, to place the box in storage.

“I’m glad Jordan and I, don’t sound like you two.” Veronica gagged, standing up from the couch.

“Oh, no you’re definitely worse, mistress and sexy cinnamon apple.” Veronica’s mouth hung slightly opened as I grabbed my purse and phone from my desk.

“I really don’t like pregnant you.”

“You love me.” Veronica rolled her eyes, as the three of us exited my office, letting Liam grab his briefcase and suit jacket from outside my door.

“Well, I have a project to finish, with Gracie and Danielle.” Veronica pulled me into her embrace, rocking us lightly back and forth, before letting me go. “Enjoy your paid vacation, I’m so envious of you.” Veronica whined, as I let out a small laugh.

“I’m quite surprised you’re actually doing your work Ms. Johnston, I won’t see an email over the weekend for an extension, correct?” Veronica rolled her eyes, walking us to the elevator.

“Oh, piss off Harrington, you’re not funny.” Liam scuffed, as we stepped into the elevator.

“I tell him all the time.” Liam placed a pinch to my butt, sending me a playful warning.

“Bye, babe. Miss you already.” I caught the kiss Veronica blew, as the doors to the elevator closed. Now that we were alone, I grabbed Liam by his tie, pulling him down to me, pressing my lips against his. Though I caught him off guard, he wasted no time wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me into his chest. My hands held the sides of his bearded cheeks, surrendering into the kiss, as he shoved his tongue into my mouth.

“Ahem.” I quickly pulled away from Liam, feeling my cheeks become red, as I stared at Bridgette and a few other members from public relations. I didn’t even realize we stopped on the third floor. “Leaving for the day sir?” Bridgette’s eyes briefly flash to me before smirking, stepping into the elevator with her other co-workers.

“We are.” Liam’s hand didn’t leave my waist, as we went three more floors down to the lobby.

“Congrats Katherine, you’re very lucky.” I didn’t bother responding to her sly comment, as I took Liam’s hand leading him out of the elevator in a hurry.

“You’re going to trip in those things.”

“I’m fine, you’re the one walking slow.”

“Apologies for not making my legs move faster, you beat me to it.” I halted my wedges on the concrete of the parking garage, turning around to see Liam with a small smile on his face.

“Hahaha.” I huffed. “Unlock the door.”


6:03 p.m.

“No, I just have to pick up my suit and get a haircut tomorrow, we’ll have plenty of time-” Liam stopped mid-sentence staring at his father and siblings who were sitting on his living room couch, as he opened the front door.

“Lio! So good of you to join us.” I find great joy in them poking at Liam.

“London.” Liam stared at his sister, who was sipping red wine from a tall glass. “Others.” His eyes flashed to his smiling brother and father. “Why are you here? Better yet, how did you get in here?” London rolled her eyes, taking a large gulp of her wine.

“Hank, let us in.” Liam huffed, bringing his hands to his temples.

“Hank.” I chuckled lightly, as Hank quickly shuffled over to Liam and I, bowing his head in apology.

“My apologies sir, Ms. Harrington, said she would crush my balls in the palms of her hands, if I didn't let them in." My eyes widened, as Liam let out an annoyed huff.

"Jesus, Hank. You couldn't PG that." London rolled her eyes, but turned her attention to me, placing her wine glass in Liam's hand and pushing him out of the way. "Katie! It's so good to see you! You look beautiful. You really have that pregnancy glow." I smiled, accepting London's slightly tipsy embrace.

"Thank you, London." A small chuckle fell from my lips. " Its good to see you too."

"Well." Gustav got up from the couch, smiling, rubbing his hands together. "Anne brought over some delicious dishes. Shall we eat?" Liam sat London's wine glass and his briefcase on the table near the front door, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Shall we- Why are you here! Why are you all here!" I couldn't control my laughter at the confusion, despite Liam sending me warning eyes, that meant I would be getting a sweet punishment later. Yum.

"Jesus, Lionardo, family dinner." London scuffed. "Get your ass in the kitchen, I'm hungry." London smiled at me, before she and Luke made their way into the kitchen, beginning to put up a commotion of who would get what first.

"Hello, my dear. Covie is asleep, is you want to wake her." I nodded, smiling at Gustav.

"Yes, thank you." Once, Gustav had joined Luke and London in the kitchen, I turned to Liam placing a kiss on his tense lips. "Try to behave, for me." Liam sighed.

"I planned the night for us-"

"We can reschedule, please try to enjoy this." Liam huffed, placing his hands on my ass, squeezing it roughly, as he pulled me into him.

"Fine." He lowered his lips down to my ear. "But I want you on your hands and knees later." Involuntarily, I bit my lip, as Liam pulled away from me smirking.

"We'll see. Now go." I pushed him away playfully. "I need to wake up Cove." Liam nodded placing one final peck to my lips, before joining his family in the kitchen, adding to the ruckus.

Carefully, I made my way up the curved staircase, opening the door to Liam and I's bedroom, sitting down on the lush bedding, placing my purse next to me. Next weekend, Cove and I would be officially be living with Liam, and I am excited. I was scared in the beginning, feeling that we were jumping in to quickly into our relationship, but now I am all in. There was no doubt in my mind, that I wanted to do life with Lionardo-Majid Harrington until my dying breath. My heart would belong to him and only him, and I am more than ready to start planning our future. I'm finally ready to be happy without living in fear.

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