Under His Control

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chapter twenty-three

“Honestly Kat, I would never take you to rob a bank with me.” Jessie continued parting my hair, preparing it for all the dying and bleaching she was about to do. My parents are so going to kill me. “I’m supposed to be your Batman, Robin.”

“Excuse me for having doubts, but you do know who my parents are, right?” Turning around in the swivel vanity seat, I crossed my arms over my chest. “And may I remind you, who your parents are, miss daughter of the pastor and the most conservative housewife ever.” Jessie scuffed.

“Don’t remind me. Turn your head please.” I turned my head to the side looking at all the hair products scattered on Jessie’s bed.

“Don’t you have mass tomorrow?”

“Mhmm.” Jessie began placing the bleach on my hair, swaying her hips back and forth to Britney Spears.

“Our parents are going to kill us, and then I’m going to come back from the dead, and kill you again, for getting me killed.

“No, more Forensic Files for you.” I shook my head laughing lightly at Jessie. Though I’m absolutely terrified about what my parents are going to say, I’m excited to rebel just a bit. I’m so used to trying to be the perfect daughter, like Amber, but that’s just not me. “Hey, not to put a damper on our rebellious mood, but we never got to talk about what happened.” I was hoping we could just forget about me showing up at her front door, bloody and in tears.

“Jessie.” We met each others gaze in the mirror. “Can we not talk about it.”

“Holding it in isn’t going to make it better.”

“What’s the point of talking about it if it going to keep happening.” These memories were pushed into the back of my brain, where I would no longer have to think or relive them. I feel like a part of me was taken, and I just can’t get it back. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you.” Jessie kissed my cheek, continuing to apply the foils to my butt length hair.

“Don’t sweat it Ace, I know it’s hard for you.” Jessie held my shoulder, smiling at our foiled hair and cucumber masked faces. “We’re some damaged bitches.” We laughed.

“We’re some damaged bitches.” Jessie began taking some of the foils out of her head, widening her eyes at the results.

“Shit! I think I kept them in too long.” Standing on my tiptoes, I tried to hold in my laughter at her now platinum blonde hair. “Don’t laugh, we need to wash this out!”

“Okay, okay!” Jessie dragged me to her bathroom, quickly turning on her tub.


“Fuck!” Jessie looked up to me, panic racing in her green eyes.

“I thought they were in Ohio on a retreat.” I was using the blonde conditioner to tone down the brassiness.

“They’re supposed to be singing to the Lord for the weekend.” I laughed, tossing the towel around her neck. “Don’t laugh!” Jessie sat on the edge of the tub, quickly shaking her hair dry. “Say a Hail Mary for me tonight?” With a smile, I grabbed her hands.

“I’ll say four and throw in a Our Father.” Jessie smiled.


Saturday, May 1st

4:23 p.m.

“Ms. Prescott.” The hairdresser tapped my shoulder, lightly smiling at me through the mirror.


“Its alright. Do you love?” My eyes stared at the long chunks of my brunette hair, before bringing my gaze to my boob length blonde hair. I always felt my baddest blonde.

“I love, thank you, you did amazing.” My hands fluffed the loose curls adding more volume to them.

“Of course. I’ll meet you at the front.” I nodded, as she removed the cape from my shoulders, walking towards the front of the salon.

“What do you think Covie?” Cove looked up from my phone, smiling brightly at me.

“You look so pretty mommy!” Standing up from the salon chair, I kissed Cove on the forehead, grabbing my Birkin from the counter, walking hand in hand with Cove to the register. The Father-Daughter dance was tonight at her school, and she’s been more than excited for tonight. Her hair was curled, with a loose waterfall braid, wrapping around the crown of her head. She looked beautiful.

“Just you two right? Can I have your name?”

“Yes, Katherine, with a K, and Prescott, with two t’s.” She punched my name into her computer. “How much do I owe you?”

“Your appointments were paid for this morning.” Liam. “Have a great day, hope to see you soon.”


“Bye-bye!” The woman smiled at Cove, as we exited the salon walking towards my truck.

“Did daddy text me back, babe?”

“No, just Auntie Ronnie.” Opening the door to the back seat, I strapped Cove into her car seat, making sure it was tightly secured around her body.

“Can I see my phone babe, then you can go back to Netflix.” Cove handed me my phone, as I slid into the driver’s seat, checking Liam and I’s messages. He left earlier this morning to handle a work meeting, before he had to head to the barber shop and pick up his suit. Yet he hadn’t responded to any of my messages since twelve.


-Thxs for paying for our appointment ;)

-I have a surprise for you.

-Text me when you’re on your way home.

-I love you.

Handing my phone back to Cove, before driving back home, I was getting worried. The dance started at six, and I haven’t heard from Liam in five hours, which wasn’t like him. If this was the old Liam, I wouldn’t be thinking anything of it. But the Liam now, my Liam, he responded to every part of my messages almost instantly, no matter where he was.

“Let me know if daddy messages me babe, okay?”

“Yes, mommy.” I’m sure I’m just worrying for nothing.


6:16 p.m.

“You are so beautiful Coco Bean!” Veronica continued to snap pictures, of Cove posing in her dress. She looked like a real life princess in her ball gown, that had small floral detailing on the top and a big, puffy pink skirt. I couldn’t help but smile as she continued to twirl around the living room. “Are they planning to be fashionably late?” Veronica whispered, slipping her phone into the back pocket of her jeans.

“No, Liam hasn’t answered his phone, since he left for his work meeting. I have no idea where he is.”

“His goon squad isn’t with him?”

“No.” I plopped down on the couch, watching Cove chase Chief into the kitchen. “Hank left him after he was done with his meeting.”

“Have you asked Gustav? I mean rich people have GPS trackers in their cars, right?”

“Gustav hasn’t heard from him either, and he doesn’t turn it on.”

“Mommy? Is daddy coming soon?” Cove ran back into the living room with Chief trailing behind her.

“Yes, baby he’ll be here soon.” Grabbing my phone from the glass coffee table, I texted Liam again, starting to get a bad feeling in my gut.


-Is everything okay?

-Please call, I’m worried about you.

“I’m sure he’s fine Katie, maybe he’s having phone issues.” Veronica squeezed my hand. “Don’t stress yourself about the unknown.” I nodded, taking a deep breath, watching Cove swing her legs back and forth in the love seat. Please be okay.

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