Under His Control

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chapter twenty-four

6:37 p.m.

Liam Harrington

It seemed everything always went to shit, when I had something to do. My meeting for a new property I bought a few weeks ago, ended around twelve this afternoon, giving me an ample amount of time to run errands before picking up Cove. Or so I fucking thought.

With traffic, it took me an hour to get to the barber shop, and once I was finally there, my barber was running late. I pay the bastard a hundred dollars to cut my hair and trim up my beard, being on time should be his damn priority. I left from my barber’s shop around two-thirty, driving to Ernesta’s to pick up my suit and shoes. The fifteen fucking minutes I was in there, some bastard slashed my tires and busted out all my windows. And the icing on the fucking cake, my phone was shattered by the bonehead at Triple A.

Going up against Crawford and beating him at his dirty game, was dangerous territory, that much I know. He didn’t handle well not being in power, and no longer holding the strings to control my father like some damn puppet master. I suspected someone would have started following me eventually, in hopes to find some dirt and blackmail me, I just didn’t think it would be today. Cove has been looking forward to tonight for the past few weeks, and today’s set backs were preventing me from doing everything I had planned.

In case of emergencies like this, I always have my rearview mirror camera playing, in case something were to happen. Within a few days, I should know who the hell is responsible for fucking up my favorite car.

“Your phone has finished the transfer, sir.” Terrance handed me the brand new plus-sized iPhone, ready for me to use after nearly two and half hours. “I think you should call your family first boss, they’re quite worried.”

Missed Calls (78) From: BIG Harrington

From: BIG Harrington

-Is everything all right, Katie hasn’t heard from you.

-Send a text.

-Did you have another meeting to attend? Hank said he left once you were at the barber.

-Lionardo you’re starting to worry us.

-Your phone is going straight to voicemail.

-Call son please :(

Missed Calls (35) From: London Harrington

Missed Calls (27) From: Lucas Harrington

Missed Calls (12) From: HOS Hank Johnson

From: HOS Hank Johnson

-I received a security alert from your Aston Martin. Do I need to come with assistance?

-I don’t want to worry your family, heading to your location now.

-Boss, is everything alright?

-Terrance is coming to find you

Missed Calls (86) From: Wife

From: Wife

-Thxs for paying for our appointment :)

-I have a surprise for you

-Text when you’re on your way home.

-I love you.

-Is everything okay?

-Please call, I’m worried about you.

Missed Calls (11) From: Archie

From: Archie

-Your father is worried about you, call him.

-Answer the phone you piece of shit.

-I may be pissed at you right now, but you’re not allowed to have another near death experience Lionardo. Two is more than anyone can handle.

“Shit.” I had over a hundred missed calls from my family, Katherine, Archie and Hank trying to figure out where the hell I was. The last thing I wanted to do was worry them because of today’s inconveniences. “How far away are we?”

“About two minutes, I took the backstreets in case we were being tailed.”

“This stays between us, alright?”

“Yes, boss.” Sitting back against the seat, I took a deep breath to prepare myself for the wrath of my worried loved ones. God, just wait until I get my hands on the little weasel who did this. “Mr. Brown, has made it as well, sir.” At least one thing had gone according to my plans. Terrance pulled into my property, stopping behind the truck that Hank drives. Stepping out of the driver seat, Terrance opened the door for me, walking alongside me to meet Bill and his son.

“Apologies, that I am late, Bill. Today has been hectic to say the least.” Bill chuckled, reaching his hand out for me to shake.

“It’s not a trouble at all, Mr. Harrington. Glad we can be of assistance for you and your daughter tonight.” I nodded.

“I’ll be right out.” Terrance and I walked up the steps to my penthouse, pressing triangular button to the elevator in the lobby, ascending us to my floor.

Fishing my keys out of my pocket, I unlocked the tumblers, opening the front door. Walking into the living room, I found Veronica resting her head on top of some blonde woman, Luke and London were standing around my fireplace, while my father was pacing the floor.

“Thank God! Where the hell have you been, Lionardo!” My father stopped pacing, charging towards me, engulfing me into a hug. “Do not scare us like that again.” I patted my dad’s back, hoping he would let me go.

“Some unfortunate matters came up.” My dad pulled away from our embrace, placing his hands on his hips.

“And you couldn’t answer the phone!” I huffed, keeping in mind his point of view, after what happened the last time, I didn’t answer his calls. Pulling the new white iPhone out of my pocket, my father let out a sigh.

“My phone got shattered.” My father attempted to speak, when I silenced him, focusing my gaze to the blonde woman staring at me with tears streaming down her cheeks. God, I fucked up, but Christ does she look sexy as a blonde. Katherine, walked over to me, wrapping her arms around my waist tightly.

“You scared me.” She whimpered against my chest, before lifting her gorgeous face to stare into my eyes.

“I’m sorry baby, this day has been absolute shit.” I placed a kiss to the crown of Katherine’s head, hoping to calm her down. I was supposed to be keeping her stress-free, not adding to it.

“DADDY!” A proud smile curled my lips upwards, as Cove ran from the kitchen with Chief, over to Katherine and I, in her floral and pink ball gown. She looks beautiful.

“Hey habibti, ready to go?” Katherine released her grip on me, allowing me to bend down and place a kiss to Cove’s forehead.

“Yes! I have to get my purse!” Cove ran over to the couch, grabbing a velvet white sack, with faux pearls on the top, and a long sleeved white sweater.

“You look incredibly sexy.” I whispered against Katherine’s neck, placing a kiss to it. She looked up to me smiling lightly, rubbing her hands down my suit jacket.

“Glad you like it.” My father, Luke and London walked over to us, preparing to leave. “You look good in pink.” I smirked, letting my finger twirl around the curl below her breast.

“I think we need to change your name to Lionardo-Heartattack Harrington.” I rolled my eyes, as everyone chuckled at London’s horrible joke. “But I’m glad you’re okay, Lio.” I accepted London’s embrace, before she, Luke and my father left out the front door.

“God, who needs cable, when I get my daily dose of entertainment from your lives.” Veronica walked over to us, reaching her hand out to touch my suit. “You’re hotness takes my pathetic breath away, every time I see you. Were you made in a lab?” She turned to Katherine. “Sorry, babe. I had to get this one off my chest.” I rolled my eyes as Katherine laughed.

“I’m ready, daddy!” Cove was lightly bouncing as she reached to grab my hand. The four of us walked out the front door, heading in the direction of the elevator.

“Mmhm, Lionardo. That’s hot. Rawr.” Katherine and I turned to face Veronica.

“Ronnie, please.”


“What’s hot?” Cove looked up to us with innocent eyes, trying to figure out Veronica’s crude mannerism.

“Veronica, your mouth close it, please.” I spoke, checking the time on my watch. We’d only be an hour and some change late.

“You two are no fun.” The elevator opened, allowing us to step out. I held the front door open for the girls, letting them walk outside and down the steps before me.

“Holy, horses-”

“HORSIES!” Cove began jumping up and down pointing at the three white horses in charge of pulling our carriage. “Mommy! Look! Look! Horsies!” Katherine’s eyes were wide as she stared at the huge white carriage.

“Horses.” Katherine turned to me awe stricken. “Y-You, you, bought horses?”

“Bill’s returning a favor.” Bill and his son Patrick waved from their seats.

“Who did you do a favor for, Cinderella?” Veronica asked. “Sheesh can you be my daddy too.”

“Veronica, home. I’m sure Jordan could use your help.”

“Don’t shew me away like some dog, Katie.” Veronica whined walking back over to us. “Have fun Coco Bean.” She bent down, kissing Cove on the cheek.

“I will!” Veronica hugged Katherine goodbye, before turning towards me with a playful smirk.

“Bye, Lionardo. See you on Monday.”

“Goodbye, Veronica.” She laughed, walking towards her white BMW, sliding into the driver’s side, before pulling off.

“You guys should probably head out now.” Katherine smiled at the both of us.

“Don’t leave without Hank or Terrance, okay?” I had a feeling destroying my car, was only the beginning of whatever game that was about to begin. The sooner I figured who was responsible for this, the sooner Katherine and I could enjoy our future without any interferences.

“Okay.” Katherine placed a peck to my lips. “Take lots of pictures.” I nodded, picking Cove up, sitting her inside the carriage.

“I’m sorry for today, I promise I had my reasons. This won’t happen again.” I grabbed Katherine’s hand, still feeling uneasy that I had put her on edge.

“It’s fine. You’re safe and that’s all that matters. I trust you.”

“Call if you need anything, I promise to answer on the first ring this time.” Katherine laughed, waving goodbye to Cove and I before walking back inside the house.

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