Under His Control

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chapter twenty-seven

Friday, May 7th

11:03 a.m.

“I didn’t even know kindergartners had a graduation.” Liam was buttoning his dress shirt, as I finished curling the last section of my hair.

“It’s more of a promotion ceremony.” Catching the curl from the hot wand into my hand, I sprayed hairspray to hold it into place, dropping it to rest below my breast. “Did your prestigious schools not bother celebrating you?” I smirked, turning towards Liam.

“Actually.” He tucked his dress shirt into his navy blue slacks, lifting his wrist up to secure his cuff links. “I started school with second grade.” I rolled my eyes, walking over to Liam, grabbing the ends of his tie to secure them in place. “Should I be concerned with whose ties, you were tying before mine?” Liam raised his eyebrow at me.

“No.” Tightening the knot at the base, I lifted his collar back down. “I worked at a hotel before moving here. There was a guest that required having his ties, pre-tied to save him time in the morning.”

“Wow, such a pompous asshole.” I laughed lightly, turning my back to Liam, lifting my hair into makeshift ponytail.

“Zip me up, please.” Liam danced his fingers up to my back, bringing his lips to the sensitive skin, placing gentle feathery kisses until the zipper reached its end. “We can’t be late.” I turned to face Liam, using his shoulder to hold my balance, as I placed my heels on.

“Why would we be late?” I rolled my eyes, as Liam stared at my swelled breast, lightly peaking through the sweetheart neckline of my dress. “Can’t a man just kiss his beautiful, pregnant fiancé?”

“Your kissing, leads to other things. Things that would ruin my makeup and my hair. Not to mention I don’t want to be limping.”

“I’m offended that you don’t think I’m a gentle lover.” I rolled my eyes, ignoring Liam’s unconvincing whining.

“Babe, your suit jacket.” I pointed to the custom Armani jacket still sitting on the island drawer storage, in the middle of the closet. “Put it on.” Liam playfully rolled his eyes, shrugging the suit jacket over his muscular arms.


“Very much, lets go.” Placing my purse on my wrist, I walked out of the closet, heading down the steps to the living room. “Come here babe, let me fix your gown.” I couldn’t help the proud smile on my face, as I adjusted her white graduation gown over her small frame.

“Mommy, are we getting food after?” I smiled lightly, running my fingers through her bone straight hair.

“Yes, baby.”

“My dad is on his way.” Liam grabbed Cove’s cap from the couch, walking over to us.

“Is Archie coming?” Liam picked up Cove, adjusting her body around his torso, as we walked out the front door, heading to the elevator.

“I extended the invitation.”

“But he’s still angry with you.” We walked out of the elevator and out the lobby doors towards Liam’s truck.

“He’ll get over it.” Liam strapped Cove into her car seat, tugging the straps to make sure they were tight, before closing the door.

“I know you’re upset, it’s okay to admit it.”

“I’m fine.”

“Your best friend is giving you the cold shoulder. You’ve been moping around the house because he hasn’t been bothering you.” Liam opened the passenger side door for me, taking my hand to help me into the seat. “You’re not fine.”

“I don’t mope.” Liam closed door, walking over to the driver’s side, sliding into his seat before pulling off. “I know Archie, and when he stops being.” Liam look briefly at Cove who was staring out the window. “A little bitch, we’ll talk and sort this out.” Deciding not to put him in a foul mood, I dropped the topic of Archie.

Now that I’ve come to know and understand Liam, I know when he’s lying and putting up a front. Archie sends Liam memes or annoying texts every single morning, and since their fight, Liam has been staring at his phone, waiting for those texts to arrive.

Even though Liam’s secret caused a fractured in his friendship with Archie, I’m hoping it was enough for him to walk away from Delilah for good. Archie deserves to be with someone who will love and appreciate the amazing man that he is, and he’s not going to get that by staying with that vile woman.

“Has London talked to you?”

“No.” Liam turned down the familiar street of Cove’s school. “Why?” Shit.

“No, reason.” I smiled lightly, hoping he wouldn’t ask anymore follow-up questions.

“Do I want to know, why she needs to talk to me?” Liam looked over to me as he parked the car.

“No, she just wanted to stay with us while she’s in town.” Nice, Katherine.

“Absolutely not, we’re not the four seasons.” I laughed, as Liam stepped out of the car, walking over to my side, opening the door. “My father has more room than Hotel Transylvania, yet my siblings insists on being a pain in my ass.” I hit Liam on the shoulder, as he released Cove from her car seat, helping her down from the truck. “Sorry. I’ll put twenty in jar when we get home.” The swear jar. Rolling my eyes playfully, I grasped Cove’s hand as we walked across the parking lot meet Gustav at his car.

“There’s my future first-grader.” Gustav beamed at Cove, holding a large pink floral arrangement in his arms along with a plush toy of Rajah. My eyes found London, who looked absolutely gorgeous in her body hugging dress, that showed off her hourglass figure, as she leaned up against Gustav’s truck. Though she was lightly smiling, she seemed disengaged to our surroundings.

“Hi, grandpa!” Cove ran over to Gustav hugging his leg.

“No love for me Covie?” Luke pouted, bending down to her short level.

“Your hair looks funny, uncle Luke.” Luke laughed lightly, looking up to Liam.

“She’s becoming a mini you.” Liam smirked lightly, but that began to falter as he stared ahead of us. Archie was approaching us with a pink gift bag and flowers in his tattoo covered right arm. He’s alone, hopefully that is a good sign.

“Uncle Archie!” Cove ran over to Archie, wrapping her arms around his neck, as bent down hugging her tightly. Delilah took away his opportunity to experience this for himself.

“Hey bean.” Archie smiled down at Cove, as they walked back over to us.

“Thank you, for coming.” Archie smiled at me, placing a kiss to my cheek, as we shared a brief hug. Liam had his arms crossed over his chest as he and Archie shared a brief period of intense staring. Crossing my fingers there’s no more punching between these two.



And this is awkward.

“We should head inside.” I spoke, hoping to break the tension. Operative word being hope. Veronica and Jordan were out of town for Nora’s birthday, leaving me to the commentator. Which I sucked at by the way. After sharing a few awkward glances, everyone hummed in agreement, following behind Liam and I, as we walked into the building decorated for the occasion. There were brief whispers from the people we passed, noticing the entire Harrington dynasty was with me, along with the CEO of the Kingpin.

Liam held my lower back, as walked down the steps of the auditorium, finding the seats reserved for us.

“I’m going to take her to her seat.” I whispered to Liam as everyone sat down.

“Mhmm.” Liam nodded at me, as Cove and I walked down to where the kindergartners were.

“Remember, big smile when they call your name.” Bending down, I placed Cove’s grad cap on head, fixing any stray pieces of her hair.

“Yes, mommy.” Cove excused herself, as she squeezed past her classmates to sit in her designated chair. I hurriedly walked back to my seat, as the principle walked on the stage.

“Did your dad bring the camera?” I whispered to Liam, lacing my hand in his.

“Yes. I had to stop him from hiring a whole production set.” Classic Harrington behavior.

“Good afternoon, family, friends, faculty, and most importantly our mini graduates.” Being a mother will be the most rewarding and important thing, I will ever do in my life. Now, I just want to stop time, so Cove could stay my little girl for forever, but I can’t help but be proud of her and myself. Despite everything, I’ve done well for myself and my daughter.

“Graduates when your name is called please come up to the stage.”

“Dad, get the camera ready!” London whispered yelled at Gustav as the names began to be read off.

“Shoot!” Liam shook his head with a small smile gracing his face, as they grew closer to Cove’s name.

“Annie Fields.”

“Jaylen Gardner.”

“Kiara Greenville.”

“Cove Harrington.”

“Go Covie!” My eyes widened as I turned to Liam.

“Surprise.” He smiled at me.

“Y-You, you. That’s my surprise?” I whispered, feeling tears begin to sting my eyes.

“I want all my girls to have my last name.” Bringing a kiss to Liam’s lips, I smiled at him.


Saturday, June 12th

2:11 p.m.

“Did you stretch good?”

“Funny.” Liam rolled his eyes at my old man joke, as he adjusted his cap on his head. For the past thirteen years, Liam and his godfather have held a charity baseball event to raise funds for multiple charities across the country. Though I would have enjoyed being in a cheer uniform like some of the other wives, I would just have to wait, and work the weight off for next year’s. “I played division one baseball for eight years baby. Prepare to be wowed.” I smiled, as Liam placed a kiss to my lips.

“Ready to get your ass kicked, Harrington?” A tall man with dark brown hair, and slender brown eyes walked over to Liam and I, dressed in a black uniform for the away team.

“Says the man who has been a sore loser six years in a row.” The man rolled his eyes.

“Well I got a secret weapon this year.” The man smile, bringing his gaze to me, looking intensely. Liam noticed his staring, clearing his throat as he looked at the man.

“Gerald, this is my fiancé, Katherine. Baby, this is my godfather Gerald Wilson.” I smiled at the man, extending my hand for him to shake.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Gerald accepted my greeting, shaking my hand slowly.

“Likewise dear. But have we met before?” I chuckled nervously, looking briefly at Liam, before turning back towards Gerald’s gaze.

“No, I don’t think so. I tend to remember faces.” Gerald nodded, smiling at me.

“My apolgies dear, my mistake.” Well this is awkward

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