Under His Control

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chapter twenty-nine

Tuesday, June 15th

7:33 p.m.

"Harder, please.” A pleased sigh fell from my lips, as my body relaxed under Liam’s touch.

“Are you enjoying this?” Liam whispered, as his lips lightly nibbled on my ear.

“Yes.” I was. I really was.

“Is this normal for women? Having back pain from their breast.” Leaning my head on Liam’s shoulder, I adjusted my body in the hot bath water.

“Yes.” Liam’s hands rubbed down my arms, wrapping his strong limbs around my bump, pulling me closer to him. “When I played soccer, the constant running, used to leave my boobs so sore.”

“You played soccer?” Liam grabbed my hands, lacing his fingers into mine.

“Yeah, for twelve years. I was the goalie for JV and the center forward for Varsity and my club team.”

“Wow, beautiful and athletic.” I gave Liam a light smile, before focusing my attention to the marbled tile ahead of us. Receiving compliments from Liam felt weird, a good kind weird. I’ve always been so critically of myself because everyone else was. Not looking in the mirror, laughing along with the fat jokes, agreeing with the comments about the beauty I didn’t possess, were all practiced and embraced behaviors, because no one told me otherwise and meant it.

Even though it was going to take some getting used to, with all the attention and distaste. One thing was clear, Liam chose me. That’s one thing those women can’t and will never be able to say. The man who swore off of love, fell in love with me. Plain, simple, me.

“I haven’t heard from my parents in almost a year.” Liam lightly sighed behind me as he placed a kiss to the crown of my head.

“Does that bother you?”

“I don’t know.” It’s true, I didn’t know how it was effecting me. No one wants to be shunned from their family, feeling they have only themselves to rely on. But every time I trust them, every time I let my guard, every time I give them the benefit of the doubt, they hurt me. They hurt me every single time. Is love so much to ask for, from the people who gave you life? “I wanted to keep contact more for Cove’s sake than mine. I’ve accepted they’ve given up on me a long time ago.”

“So, they don’t know you’re engaged?” I shook my head. “Or having two more of their grandchildren.”

“Am I being too sensitive?”

“Of course, not. Whether you wearing a diaper or a cheeky thong, you’re still their child.” I laughed lightly, shaking my head at Liam’s comment.

“You have to make everything sexual, don’t you?”

“Its entirely on accident, honest.”

“Sure.” Liam laughed lightly, rubbing his thumb against the backs of my hands.

“When Cove first stayed here, she made a comment saying that your sister makes you cry. Is that true?” Amber Rene Prescott De Silva. If the stepsisters from Cinderella and Cruella Devil ever came to life, they would be her in a single body.

“Its really embarrassing when your child has to comfort you, not my proudest moments.” I was joking to mask the hurt I was feeling. It’s not a secret Amber preferred being an only child. My mother getting pregnant was an unexpected accident, that I was always reminded of. Yet, I always tried to be the best sister to Amber, in hopes she would change her mind about hating me. My efforts clearly didn’t work.

“Baby, nothing you tell me will make me think any less or different about you. Unless you like pineapples on pizza, that’s my dealbreaker.” A true laugh fell from my lips, as I turned to face Liam, the best I could with my bump bigger in all around circumference.

“You’re really amazing, thank you.” Liam peck my lips, tucking a stray piece of hair from my bun behind my ear.

“It’s all because of you, mon amour. I’m working on being a better man for you and our girls.” I smiled.

“Well, you’re doing an amazing job already.” Liam brought my left hand up to his lips, placing a kiss to the back of my hand, bringing his thumb to rub my engagement ring. I never want to take this off again.

“I never told you but, this is my mother’s ring.” My eyes widened as I stared at the oval shaped diamond. “As weird as this may sound, my mother came to me in a dream and told me I shouldn’t wait to propose if I really loved you. So, I asked my dad for her ring and I did it.”

“Liam--I-I.” I stared at the ring again. Liam’s mother, Gustav’s one true love, the backbone of the Harrington family, once had this ring gracing her fingers. I didn’t feel worthy.

“My mother always brought us together and reminded us of the light and love we have within each other, despite all the shit we had to go through. So, when I met you, you reminded me so much of the kindness my mother had.” Liam’s voice was getting quieter the more he mentioned his mother. I don’t think he will ever truly forgive himself for the accident, which breaks my heart.

“I know you don’t want to hear this, but you shouldn’t blame yourself for things out of your control. Bad things happen to good people, trust me I know.”

“Sir, Hilary is downstairs, should I let her in?” What in the--

“Why is Hilary here?” So much for sharing an intimate moment.

“I have no idea.” Liam sighed. “Tell her I’ll be right down, Hank.”

“Yes, sir.” Once, I heard Hanks footsteps disappear down the steps, I turned back towards Liam.

“Seriously. She just can’t pop goes the fucking weasel whenever she wants to come here.”

“I had no idea she was coming, she usually sends a text a week in advance.” Liam stepped out the bath, grabbing a fluffy white towel from the rack to dry his soapy body. “I’ll see what she wants, and we can get back to our relaxing evening.” Liam held his hand out for me to take, as I stepped out of the tub.

“There is no relaxing now. My good vibes have been thrown off the spectrum with just the mention of her name.” I wrapped the towel around my body, following Liam out of the bathroom into the bedroom. “Put on shirt, and pants. Oh, and add underwear to that mix, she has a wondering eye.” Liam turned around smirking at me. “Don’t give me that look.”

“I like this feisty, territorial Katherine. I rolled my eyes, handing Liam a long sleeve shirt, sweatpants, and a pair of boxers.

“I’m sure you do.” Dropping the towel to my feet, I slipped my nightgown of my head and down my body, letting it flow behind my knees, before shrugging my robe over my arms.

“You have nothing to worry about, mon amour.” Liam placed a kiss to my neck. “You’re the only woman for me.” I turned around, fixing the collar on Liam’s shirt.

“Sweet talking isn’t going to work this time Harrington, downstairs lets go.”

“Aye, aye, Mrs. Harrington.” Walking down the steps into the living room, I found Hilary sitting on the couch, staring at Cove’s graduation picture on the fire place.

“Hilary, long time no see.” Hilary turned her attention to me, her eyes immediately flashed to my stomach.

“Katherine, you look, very, pregnant.” I rolled my eyes, as Liam joined us in the living room.

“Thank you, Hilary for that million dollar observation, I clearly wasn’t aware of.” Hilary rolled her eyes, standing up from the couch, walking over to Liam.

“Can we talk alone? It’s about business.” Hilary crossed her arms over her chest, lifting her breast up.

“Hilary, you’re in our home unannounced, whatever you have to say just say it.” Hilary let out a huff, dressing her front teeth with her tongue.

“Manon wants us in Paris tomorrow, I already booked the jet with Gavin.” I turned to Liam, completely taken back by this bitch’s boldness.

“I already told Manon, flying to Paris is my last resort.”

“We’re at the last resort Liam! You’ve been ignoring her emails and completely dismissing your responsibilities because you want to play house. My job is make sure you and Imperial Architectural Designs look good, and you not answering emails from clients is a bad reflection on both of us.” Liam let out a sigh, crossing his arms over his broad chest.

“Okay.” Okay?

“Excuse me, kitchen, please, now.”

“Hank, walk her out.”

“Yes, sir.” Liam grabbed my hand, leading me into the kitchen.

“You seriously are going to Paris? You’re the boss Liam.”

“Sweetheart.” Liam grabbed my hand. “I have been ignoring work to make it up to you, after missing the first few months of your pregnancy. I’m not saying this is your fault, putting work off was completely my decision, but my client invested a lot of money into this project, I can’t ignore her any longer.” He put off work for me?

“Liam--babe, you didn’t have to do that.”

“I wanted to, and I promise I’ll be gone two days tops.” Liam pecked my lips, rubbing his hands over my bump. “I’ll be back before you know it.” As much as I didn’t want him alone with Hilary, I knew he couldn’t prioritize my jealous wishes, over his work. Work he’s been putting off because of me already.

“Okay.” Wrapping my arms around Liam’s neck, I laid my head on his chest. “Separate hotels.” Liam laughed lightly, kissing the crown of my head.


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