Under His Control

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chapter thirty

Wednesday, June 16th

8:34 a.m.

“Make sure you don’t go anywhere without Hank or Terrance.”

“Babe, I’m fine why are you worrying so much?” Liam has been in protective mode ever since the doctor warned me about potential health risks for myself and the babies, but it seems that isn’t the only thing putting him on edge. “Are you worried about something else?” Liam shook his head, giving me a light smile.

“No, I just want you and our girls safe, that’s all.”

“What’s going to happen to me at Buy Buy Baby?” Liam rolled his eyes, placing a soft kiss to my lips, resting his forehead against mine.

“I love you.” I’ll never get tired of hearing that.

“I love you too, call me as soon as you land.” Liam nodded, grabbing the handle of his duffle bag. “Hopefully the next time you go to Paris, the girls and I can go with you.” Liam smiled.

“I like the sound of that.”

“Hugo is ready to take you to the airport, sir.” Hank spoke, as he opened the front door.

“Go, and design some pretty buildings.”

“I’ll keep me phone on me in case of emergency.” I nodded, following him to the front door, closing it behind Liam and Hank, once they were in the lobby and into the elevator. Being in love, adoring one single human being, was such an overwhelming experience. And sometimes I find it hard to deal with and manage.

I go in head first for a lot of things, and I’ve always come to regret it, but when it came to Liam, I went in head first. And I don’t regret it. This man has opened my heart and made me feel love, love I didn’t think I deserved, love I didn’t think I would ever find. So, when women like Hilary, that are prettier, skinnier, more experience, parade themselves around Liam, I get self-conscious.

I’m a woman with many faults, and I keep reminding myself that it’s okay, I’m going to be okay, and things are going to get better. I just didn’t want to get too comfortable, and then everything backfires. I want to stay in Seattle, I want to get married to Liam, I want to raise our family in our new home. I’m ready to accept the happiness I’ve wanted my whole life.

“Mommy?” I smiled at Cove, as she ran over to me, in her Disney Princess onesie.

“You have a good sleep, my love?” She nodded as I picked her up, adjusting her around my upper body.”

“Are baby sisters coming soon?” I smiled, walking into the kitchen to make breakfast.

“Yes, my love in five weeks, you’ll have two new sisters.” Cove clapped her small hands in excitement, as I sat her down into her chair.

“Is daddy in Perry already?” Grabbing the pans from the bottom counter, I placed them on the stove.

“Yes, my love. He’ll be back soon baby.” I miss him already too.


7:38 p.m.

I haven’t been back in this room since Liam first showed it to me. Part of me felt he was embarrassed about showing me all the artwork he’s done in secret of me. But I was flattered, taken aback of course, but flattered.

My hands rubbed over the smooth texture of the marble likeness of me, taking in all the details Liam nailed to the tea. After googling some of his artwork online, and staring at his pieces in this room and around the house, there was no doubt in my mind that Lionardo-Majid Harrington is talented. Extremely talented.

From: HOS Hank Johnson

-Can you open the front door, I’ve misplaced my keys.

Grabbing my buzzing phone from my the table, I stared at the message unsure how to reply. Hank never texts, or misplaces anything.


-I’ll buzz you in :)

Walking out of the studio, I closed the door behind me, heading in the direction of the front door. Cove was already asleep for the night, leaving me to do some work around the house to pass time. Tossing my phone on the couch, I walked over the matte handle of the door, turning it to the left, to open it.

“Hey Hank--Oh my God!” My breathing began to pick up as I stared at Terrance bleeding out in front of me.

“Mrs. Harrington--” He croaked out the best he could.

“Terrance, what happened!” He was coughing up blood from his mouth, as he pointed at the front door, using his finger to move it away from me.

“I--In--Insi--” Terrance’s breathing was becoming rapid, before he just stilled. What is going on? Against my judgement, I closed the front door, turning the locks, before running the best way I could upstairs to Cove’s room. Once, I was inside, I began shaking her sleeping body to wake her up.

“Covie. Come on, my love, wake up.” I whispered, trying to mask my panic and the tears streaming down my face. Cove turned to face me, fluttering her eyes open slowly.


“Hey, baby, we’re going to play a game okay.” The last thing I wanted was to scare her.

“A game?” She rubbed her eyes, letting out a small yawn.

“Yes, my love. You remember that hiding spot you love during, hide and go seek”

“Mhmm. The little room.”

“Yes, baby, the little room. I need you to go there, and I’m going to come find you okay? But don’t come out until I tell you.” Cove smiled brightly at my panicked face in the darkness.

“Okay!” She climbed out of her bed, running quickly to the storage closet above the gym. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest, as I quickly walked back downstairs to find my phone. All I could think about was Terrance taking what looked like his final breath, right before my eyes.

My shaking hands frantically patted the couch to find my phone, that was just here.

“Looking for this?” My blood went cold. Hesitantly, I turned around to find gruff looking man holding my phone.

“Who are you?” My voice came out as a shaky whisper.

“I don’t think that’s important, Katherine.” He dropped my phone on the ground crushing it with his heavy-duty boot. My eyes flashed from the man to the stairs, deciding to make a run for it.

“Get her!” I made it up the first four steps before a huge tug was on my ponytail, pulling me backwards. My head hit the metal railing, as my stomach hit the floor. I bit my lip to hold in the cry of pain I wanted to let out. Tears continued to fall from my eyes, as I curled into a ball clutching my throbbing stomach. “I must admit, this asshole has fantastic taste in women.” A second man yanked my head up, grabbing my chin roughly.

“Sure does. I mean look at these breast.” I squirmed as the man squeezed my right boob.

“Please, don’t. Do you want money, I can give you money? Please, please, don’t hurt me.” The man who crush my phone chuckled, kneeling down to be face to face with me.

“Now, I don’t like when my women beg doll, unless we’re in the bedroom.” He pulled a handgun from his belt loop, rubbing it above my breast. “You’ve seen our faces, we can’t let you go.”

“Please, my fiancé, he can give you whatever you want.”

“Seeing that pompous asshole suffer is worth more than anything.” He pulled the clip on the gun, pointing it against my forehead. My breathing picked up as tears continued to fall from my eyes. I couldn’t even form a coherent sentence, my lips were quivering in fear.

“What are you doing, we’re just supposed to scare them.” The skinnier one whispered.

“Change of plans, go find the kid.” No, Cove.

“Please! She’s not here!” He clicked the gun again.

“Do you think we’re stupid bitch! Huh!”

“No, no, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

“Roy come on, quit it okay.” He moved the gun from my head pointing it his accomplice.

“Find the kid, before you join those security guards.” Hank, Terrance.

“Roy-” My eyes closed, as the sound of hurried footsteps, and gunshots went off.

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