Under His Control

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chapter thirty-two

8:02 p.m.

Liam Harrington

“Liam?” Manon shook my shoulders, but I couldn’t pry my eyes from the television. There are cop cars, and four people dead at my house, the house where the love of my life and daughter are. The same house that only had four people when I left it. The same fucking house, where Hank and Terrance are.

“Postpone.” God, I can’t even get my sentence out. “This project, we, we’re, we’re going to have to postpone it, until further notice.”

“Of course, I’ll let Simon know-.” I didn’t let Manon finish her sentence, before I was rushing out the door, into the lounge.

“My phone, Hilary, my phone.” Hilary looked up at me, confusion gracing her gray eyes.

“What the hell is wrong with you-”

“I don’t have time for your games right now, my phone!” Hilary’s eyes widened, as she scrambled to get my phone out of her clutch. I snatched the large iPhone from her hands, immediately dialing Katherine’s number once the phone was unlocked. And it just rang.



Eleven, fucking time her phone went straight to voicemail.

“Please, mon amour pick up the phone.” I whispered to myself, as I hit her contact again, hoping the twelfth time was the charm. “Got dammit!” I huffed.

“Liam, what is going on!”

“I’m giving you ten minutes to either get me flight back to Seattle, or get Gavin here.”

“The build out-”

“I don’t give a damn about this build out!” Hilary flinched at my tone. “Four people are dead at my house, Hilary!” Hilary’s mouth fell open.


“Eight minutes, get me a flight.” I didn’t bother going back for my briefcase, I didn’t need it, as I took the stairs back down to the lobby. I had absolutely no patience for the elevator right now. On my way down, I called Katherine five more times, but there still wasn’t an answer. I needed to know that she and Cove were safe. I needed them safe.

Once, I was back in the lobby, I scrolled down my call log, hitting my father’s contact. It’s four in the morning right now in Seattle, and I was praying to God, that he would answer with some type of news.

-Lionardo, you need to come home-

-That’s being arranged father, I just need to know that Cove and Katherine are okay.

My heart was aching.

-Please, tell me they’re okay?

There was a pause on my father’s end. No, please, God, no.

-Cove is with London, she’s fine son, just a little shaken up.

I closed my eyes, letting out the breath that had built up in my chest, since Hugo turned on the news.

-Katherine. What about, Katherine?

-The doctors are with her right now, its absolute madness in this hospital right now, they won’t even give me an update.

I let out an annoyed huff, turning towards the elevators, watching Hilary walk quickly towards me with Hugo.

-I’ll be home this afternoon. Stay away from the press, and don’t answer anything until I get back.

-Safe travels son.

I hung up the phone, pushing it into my pocket.

“The next flight leaves in twenty minute-”

“Nothing else you’re about say matters, get in the car.” Hilary bit her lip, before the three of us hurried out of Manon’s hotel, back to the Range Rover. This wasn’t a coincidence.

The break in at Imperial last year, the video of Katherine and I, destroying my fucking car, and now this. Somehow, whoever was doing this, was always one step ahead of me. Whoever the hell they are, they have been controlling my life for the last year, like a damn puppet master. I was on the fence about leaving for this trip, but never did I think that someone would go this far to get even with me.

I’m a businessman, you don’t get far in the corporate world without stepping on toes and pissing a few people off. Buying out deals, blackmail, mild scare tactics, I’ve used them all to get ahead. But I couldn’t think of anything drastic that I have done, that could make someone hate me so much, to try to kill my wife, daughter, and unborn children.


“Hilary, do not say anything.” I turned to her. “We’ll talk about your work arrangements, once I make sure my family is taken care of.”


5:33 p.m.

Seattle, Washington

Mount Sinai Hospital

I didn’t bother letting Hugo park the car, before I was out of the backseat, running towards the hospital entrance.

“Liam! Over here!”

“Is it true you were in Paris when the break in occurred!”

“Do you know the victims!”

“Liam! Over here!”

I didn’t have time to swear these vultures off, so I ignored them, running into the lobby of the hospital. It didn’t matter that I was out of breath, and have been awake for the past thirteen hours.

“My wife and daughter should be here.” The woman looked up to me, widening her eyes.

“Liam Harring-”

“Yes, the Liam Harrington. Ma’am, I don’t have time for this right now.”

“Son.” I turned to my right, quickly walking over to my father.


“I’ll take you to her doctor.” I nodded as my father and I walked further down the hallway, away from the media vultures. “There’s a detective who wants to speak with you.” I nodded, as we got closer to the private wing of the hospital.

“DADDY!” I immediately bent down, pulling Cove tightly into my embrace as she looped her small arms around my neck. My right hand held her head, while my left held her lower back, now relaxing a bit, since she was okay.

“Are you okay, habibti?” Cove pulled away, nodding her head.

“They won’t let me see mommy.” These signs are not looking good. Lifting Cove up, I settled her body around my torso, as I took a seat in the white plastic chairs.

“I sent Luke and London to get food and coffee.”

“Mr. Harrington?” A man I was assuming was the detective called called my name, as he came from down the hall.

“I’ll be right back princess, okay?”

“No, daddy, I want to stay with you.” Cove held onto my suit jacket tightly.

“I’ll only be a few minutes, habibti, I promise.” I didn’t want to leave her either.

“Lets go find auntie Lottie and uncle Luke, Coco Bean.” My dad walked over to us, holding his hand out for Cove to take.

“O-Okay.” I placed a kiss on the crown of Cove’s head, before she and my father, headed in the direction of the food court. Standing up from my chair, I walked over to the man, dressed in the suit.

“Detective Samson, I’ve been assigned to lead your case.” I shook his hand briefly. “I just have a few questions, and hopefully we can shed some light on how this happened.” I nodded, as we walked back over to the chairs, taking a seat. “As you know by now, four people are dead.”

“Who are they?” It was the million dollar question everyone wanted to know. “Before I left for my business trip, there was only supposed to be four people in my home. My wife, daughter, and my two personal security guards.” The detective jotted these things down, before looking up at me.

“Do you know someone named, Roy Stephens?” Son of a bitch.

“Yes, I do. Why are you asking me this.”

“Mr. Stephens, along with one of your personal security guards are two of the deceased, we’re still working on whom the two other men are. But I would assume they are associates of Mr. Stephens.”

“I’m sorry, one of my personal security guards, is dead?” The detective nodded.

“Terrance Parker.” Christ. “I apologize for your lost Mr. Harrington. But could you tell me how the security dynamic of your house works.”

“Why is that necessary?”

“We have reasons to believe this was an inside job.” I let out a huff, rubbing my hands over my face, in frustration.

“There are guards at the gate who let you into my property. A key unlocks my lobby to get into the building, and a master key opens my front door.”

“Does your wife have these keys?” Bastard!

“Are you insinuating my wife did this! She’s eight and half months pregnant, with our five daughter in the house!” The detective’s eyes widened, before he let out a cough to regain his composure.

“No, I’m not saying that, Mr. Harringto-”

“Well it sure as hell sounds like it.” The Detective sighed.

“Mr. Harrington, what I’m saying, based on what you told me and the evidence at the crime scene, there wasn’t any signs of a break in. Whoever did this has keys to your home." I was about to say something, but then it hit me, like a ton of bricks. The break in at Imperial.

“Are you kidding me Bruce! What the hell do you mean there are no signs of a break in!”


“These bastards trashed my gallery! I sure as hell didn’t let them in here. There are security protocols that are put in place to prevent shit like this from happening.” Bruce let out a sigh.

“Liam, what I’m saying is whoever did this has keys to your gallery. Keys that would unlock the security system, keys that would open these doors. That’s why were weren’t notified until they tried to breach your penthouse.”

“Can you give me a list of who has keys to your home.” I looked up at the Detective trying to keep my emotions in check.

Archibald Kingston and Hilary Stafford have keys to my properties.”

“Should we call-”

“Excuse me, Detective, I have a quick phone call to make.”

“Of course.” Standing up from my chair, I walked out of hearing distance from the cop, fishing my from my pocket.


-Yes, Boss.

-Is Hilary still with you?

-Yes, Boss.

-Do not let her out of your sight, do you understand.

-Loud and clear.

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