Under His Control

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chapter thirty-seven

Monday, June 28th

3:08 p.m.

“You’re getting so big, Lette, soon you and your sister can come home.” I stared down at Nicolette, as she latched onto my nipple, while her small hand lightly rested against my breast. A smile formed on my face, as she looked up at me, with her big blue eyes. After only nine days, I was coming to the conclusion that she was the one who inherited Liam’s nocturnal nature, since she is always the first to wake up from their naps. Yasmine has been asleep since their last feeding at eleven, barely stirring at all, even with all the hospital noise.

“Mommy!” Cove came running into the room, I was staying in until my discharge.

“Shh, babe. Your sister is sleeping.” Cove giggled quietly, nodding her head.

“Sorry, mommy.” My eyes found Liam, walking into the room with food bags in hand, dressed in casual clothing. Though I loved my man in formal wear, there was something about casual Liam that made my pussy throb. The white, long sleeved Henley top hid his arm and chest tattoos, while giving a preview to the ones going up his neck. The light blue jeans hugged his muscular thighs, and contoured his toned butt, while his designer gym shoes made small noises across the floor. As I was about to speak, I noticed he was talking on the phone to our interior designer, for the new house.

Even though we were supposed to stay at the penthouse until October, I no longer felt safe there. Liam has been avoiding, talking about the contents of the case to limit my stress, reminding me the threats behind the home invasion were behind bars or dead.

“Mommy, can I hold baby sister?” After Nicolette latched off my nipple, I brought her up to my shoulder, patting her back to get her to burp.

“Yes, babe.” Cove smiled, jumping up and down in her pink summer dress.

“Mommy, daddy and I, put unicorns and Princess Jasmine in my new room.” Nicolette let out a burp, causing Cove and I to laugh. “Did baby sister just do that!”

“Yes.” I smiled, sitting Nicolette on my thigh, letting Cove hold her hand.

“Hi, baby sister.”

-Let me know if we’re on schedule to be done by the end of the week.

I turned my head to see Liam lightly smiling at me, as he finished up his phone call.

“Here.” I stood up from the rocking chair. “Sit here, and you can hold her, Coco Bean.” Cove immediately climbed into the rocking chair, smoothing down her dress, before tucking her hair behind her ears. I carefully sat Nicolette on Cove’s lap, adjusting her hands, so she could hold her properly. “Hold her tightly love, and let me know if she feels wet, okay.”

“Yes, mommy.” Cove smiled up at me, before bringing her attention to her sister. If I’m being honest I was worried how Cove was going to react to the babies’ arrival. Sure she was excited about them being in my stomach, but I was worried she would hate them once they were born, since Liam and I’s attention would have to be on them, more than her. But I don’t know why I was worried. My baby has a heart purer than anyone I know. Walking over to Liam, I watched him pull Mexican food out of the bags he brought in.

“How’s the house?”

“The floor people are idiots.” I laughed at Liam’s mouth full of chicken, from the burrito bowl in his hands.

“They’re doing their best babe, and on short notice.” I took the bowl out of Liam’s hand taking a huge bite. Liam raised his eyebrow at me, crossing his arms over his chest.


“Could use some red sauce, and cilantro.” I smiled, taking another forkful.

“How are you feeling?” Liam wiped the excess food from the corner of my mouth, with his thumb.

“Besides my vagina burning when I pee, and my nipples being sore, surprisingly well.” Liam smirked, taking the fork from my hand to eat more of the burrito bowl.

“Mommy, baby sister is wet.” Liam choked on his chicken, as I laughed.

“You’re on diaper duty, daddy.” Liam finished chewing on his food, before dusting his hands from the excess.

“Fun.” Liam cleaned his hands with a wet wipe from the table, before walking over to Nicolette and Cove. I watched as he picked up Nicolette, who was staring directly into her daddy’s eyes.

“Change time, hobi.” Nicolette looked like the smallest and most fragile thing in Liam’s large embrace. I couldn’t help but smile, as he began changing her diaper, asking Cove for her assistance, so she wouldn’t feel left out. This is what I’ve always wanted, minus the crazy exes, insane employees, and vengeful bosses. Though it was going to take some time to get into our rhythm, and find some normalcy, I’m just ready to move on. I’m ready to enjoy life with the man I love, and our daughters.

“Mommy?” Cove came running over to me.

“Yes, my love?”

“Baby sister’s name sounds like mine.”

“Why do you say that?” Liam asked, as he took the bowl back from me, enjoying what was left, after my post pregnancy hunger had taken over.

“Tell daddy your name.” Liam looked at me weirdly, as I opened a bottle of water.

“I already know your name.” Cove and I smiled at each other, as she tapped Liam on his thigh. “Why are you two smiling?”

“Nacova!” Liam turned to me.


“I’ve always just called her Cove for short, but yes, Nacova-”

"Nacova Marie Harrington, is my name!” Liam and I laughed, as Cove shouted loudly before covering her mouth, remembering I had told her to be quiet for Yasmine’s sake. “Sorry, mommy.”

“You’re okay, babe.” I peeked over into Yasmine’s crib as I stood on my tiptoes, noticing she had woken up.

“I must have missed that when I was signing her papers.” I smiled at Liam, before walking over to Yasmine’s crib, grabbing one of the bottles of pre-pumped milk, to give my nipples a break for a few hours. Even though they were only thirty-six weeks old, their features were coming in, to easily tell them apart. Yasmine had small curls of dark brown hair, Nicolette had straight and more fine hair, while they both had Liam’s bright baby blue eyes.

Yasmine’s small hands held the bottle, as I kept it held steady in her mouth. Even though they've been gaining some weight, and being monitored regularly, Yasmine was still slightly smaller than her twin.


“Mommy, your phone is ringing.” Turning around to face Cove who had my new phone in her hands, I continued to bounce Yasmine in my arms.

“Can you answer it?” I asked Liam, who was sipping on a Jarrito. Liam took the phone from Cove, widening his eyes as he looked at the screen. “What’s wrong, who is it?”

Incoming call from: Mom

“Your mother.” I knew the universe wasn’t going to let off this easy.

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