Under His Control

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chapter thirty-eight

3:48 p.m.

My grasp on Yasmine got tighter, the moment that sentence left Liam’s mouth.

“W-What?” Maybe, I hadn’t heard him correctly because there was no way my mother was calling me. There was no way my mother was fucking calling me right now.

“Baby, you don’t have to answer.” It was going to be a year next week. Why was she bothering to call now?

“Can you take her, please.” Liam sat my phone on the hospital bed, before walking over to me.

“Sweetheart, you don’t have to answer, you don’t owe her anything.” Why is she calling? I looked up to Liam, feeling my eyes begin to sting.

“C-Can you take her?” The look in Liam’s eyes told me he was against me answering the phone, but he took Yasmine from my arms.

“Do not let her get into your head, okay.” I nodded at Liam, as I grabbed my phone from the bed, rushing out of the room. My shaking thumb pressed my mother’s missed call notification, as I brought dialing device up to my ear.




-Kat! Hello? Kat!

Only Carina De Silva could get me like this.

-Why are you calling me?

I tried my best to make my voice sound strong and not shaken, but I was failing, failing so fucking miserably. She didn’t deserve the satisfaction of knowing she could break me, not after everything I’ve been through.

-Why are you calling me, Carina?

My mother was silent on the other end, before she let out a sigh.

-You have every right to be upset Katerina-

-Upset! Upset! Not once have you, dad, or anyone else called to check on me! I could have been dead for all you know!

-I know. We---I just wanted to give you space, things were heated after you left, I just thought the last thing you wanted was to hear from us.

-When are things not heated! It’s been nearly a year, and now you think “Oh! Hey, let’s check on the child I’ve treated like shit, since I pushed her out of my vagina!” Spare me mom, I don’t deserve to be lied to anymore!

For months, I wished my family would call and reach out, for months I had hope that maybe we would just fall back into our cycle like we always did. Our toxic cycle. But now, I didn’t want to hear her bullshit, I didn’t want to hear her lies, or excuses. I deserve to move on with my life, and let go of this burden that I have been harboring since I was eleven.

-I’m sorry, Kat. Really. I--I, well Cristina, you know how nosey she’s always been, showed me an article, that was posted last week. Some break in, but your name was mentioned, and it turned my blood cold. I--I’ve been trying to get the guts to call you, but I didn’t know how you would react.

-So, if Cristina hadn’t showed you the article, you wouldn’t have called, is what your saying.

-Dammit Katerina, must you be so dramatic! I’ve been worried sick about you, and yet you must make everyone the villain! I see moving to Seattle, hasn’t changed your victim factor.

-Victim factor! I never asked you to call me, I’ve been doing just fine without you, without all of you!

Some of the people lingering the hall, and walking by were paying attention to me, as my mother got me riled up. Like she always did.

-I am still your mother, Katerina.

My mother let out a sigh on the other end.

-I am acknowledging that I haven’t been the best one, but I still love you, my sweet girl. And I will always, always be worried about your wellbeing. I’m sorry it took me so long to call, but I would love to speak to you once a week, your father misses you, as do I. Amber has even asked about you.

She left me speechless, completely speechless. I didn’t know what to say, well I do know what to say. I should be telling her to go kick rocks, and leave me the hell alone, but I can’t. This is the power they have over me, every time they hurt and humiliate me, I come running back like some addict for their favorite drug. It took all the courage I could muster, to move Cove and I out of that house, and here I am, letting her drag me back into a toxic place. A place I didn’t need to be in, a place Liam and our daughters didn’t deserve to witness.

-I need to go mom.

Weak Katherine, you’re so fucking weak.

-Can I call you later this week, or even send a text, if you’re not ready for that. I want work on our relationship Kat.

I wiped the tears falling down my cheeks, before speaking into the phone.

-I need time.

-Okay. Well, I’m glad you’re safe and well, I’ll let your father know I got a hold of you.

I couldn’t take anymore, so I pressed the red circle to end the call. I must have been an evil bitch in my past life to deserve this. If having a near death experience and going into labor six weeks early wasn’t enough, my family wiggling their way back into my life to do what they do best, was my deal breaker. They are going to break me. Break me into tiny bite sized pieces, until I can’t make myself whole again.

Taking a deep breath, I wiped my eyes before walking back into the room. The twins were asleep in their cribs, as Cove was napping in the bed, and Liam was cleaning up the extra food and garbage. I could feel myself on the verge of breaking down, the moment Liam’s gaze met mine.

“Baby-” I rushed into Liam’s arms, holding him tightly, as I cried into his chest. I shouldn’t be crying, I know that, but I just, I just can’t help it. Maybe I was playing the victim factor, maybe I was making everyone the villain, so I could justify my feelings. Maybe I was the problem. “What did she say to you?” I could tell Liam was trying to keep his cool, as he held me in his loving embrace. “Baby, please, you’re breaking me with the tears.” Liam pulled me away from his chest slightly, wiping my eyes with his thumb.

“S-She--She, she wants to keep in contact. Apparently one of her nosey co-workers heard about the break in, and told her about it.” Liam let out a sigh, placing a gentle peck to my lips.

“We’ll discuss this later. Until then, I don’t want you speaking to her, you have enough on your plate, mon amour.” I nodded, resting my head on Liam’s chest, as he held me in silence.

“You’re getting better at this.” I sniffled.


“Comforting.” Liam laughed lightly, placing a kiss on the crown of my head.

“I hate seeing you cry.” Liam tilted my chin up, so I could look at him. “I’ll hire a PI, to see what your parents are up to, something doesn’t seem right to me.”

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