Under His Control

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chapter thirty-nine

Friday, August 28th

6:12 p.m.

-No, Ronnie we haven’t.

I turned around briefly to make sure Cove was still occupied by PJ Masks in the living room.

-Had sex. Liam hasn’t even brought it up, he’s been so busy with work he showers and goes straight to bed.

-Well if being busy is considered firing a whole department, calling me and my team incompetent idiots, then your man has been VERY busy.


Dropping the pasta spoon into its pot, I sat my back against the counter to give Veronica my undivided attention.

-W-What, what department did he fire, exactly?

-The entire budget team! It was insane, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so pissed off before.

-What did they do, I mean I’ve noticed he’s been slightly on edge, but firing a whole department!

-Well I heard they completely screwed up the second quarter budget, by a few million dollars.


As I was about to speak again, I heard the locks from the door being turned from the outside.

-He’s home, I’ll talk to you later.

-Please, have sex with him, maybe that will loosen him up.

-Goodbye, Veronica.

Pressing the circular red button on the screen, I ended our call, walking out of the kitchen to greet Liam at the door.

“Hey babe- and your tie is already off.” Liam looked up at me, smiling lightly, as both of our eyes glanced down at the navy blue tie, he was gripping in his hand.

“Long day.” Liam sat his briefcase at our feet, pulling me into his chest by my waist. I gave him a light smile, wrapping my arms around his neck, placing a gentle kiss to his lips. Liam let out a sigh against my lips, before resting his forehead against mine.

“So, I’ve heard.” Liam rolled his eyes, picking up his briefcase from the floor.

“I’m going to start deducting Veronica’s pay, every time she runs her mouth about my office affairs.”


“DADDY!” Cove climbed down from the couch, running over to Liam holding her arms up. Liam immediately obliged, placing a kiss to her cheek. “Mommy and I, got my school supplies!” Liam let out a brief yawn, before smiling at Cove.

“That’s exciting, habibti.”

“Hey, Covie?” I rubbed the stray hairs on the back of her head down, as she turned to me. I knew she was excited about telling Liam about our adventures of today, but by his tired persona and the events of his office day, I knew he needed a break. “Why don’t you go up to your room, and put your pj’s on, dinner is almost ready.”

“Yes, mommy.” Cove smiled, as Liam let her down allowing her to run up to her bedroom.

“Dinner smells good.” Liam spoked as he followed behind me, into the kitchen.

“Well.” Liam wrapped his arms around my waist, as I stirred the pasta in the pot. “I know you’ve been having a stressful week.” Liam began kissing the side of my neck, causing me to drop the metal spoon back in the pot. “Liam.” Turning around to face him, I braced my hands on his chest. “I know you’re trying to be Superman, and I love you for it, but you need to accept help. You’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off for the past two months.” Liam sighed.


“Ah.” I cut him off. “I may not be as smart and business like as you are, but I can help.”

“Sweetheart, I’m fine. Today was just, a minor inconvenience that resulted in me firing people, it’s not a big deal.” I raised my eyebrow.

“Minor?” Liam rolled his eyes. “You went from having two assistants to none, it’s okay to admit you’re overwhelmed. I’m not going to tell the blogs.”


“I’m being serious, let me help you, and I promise, I’m not going to take on too much.” Pride. Lionardo-Majid Harrington is a prideful man, who doesn’t like to accept help and is convinced he can handle everything himself. Though, I must admit after, everything I’ve been through, I very much appreciate a man who can hold his own. But with trying to reach a settlement, so we didn’t have to go to court, trying to hire new security, and my family making an appearance back into my life, things in our life have been hectic, very, very hectic.


“Okay?” My lips turned up into a wide smile, as Liam nodded his head.

“Yes, you can help.”

“Yes!” Cupping Liam’s bearded cheeks, I placed an appreciative peck on his lips, causing him to smile. Liam shook his head while laughing lightly at my excitement.

“I have to talk to you about something though.” My lips slowly fell from my smile, as I stared at Liam’s face.

“I don’t like that face.” Liam leaned back against the island counter, crossing his arms over his chest. “It’s something bad, isn’t it?”

“That depends on what you categorize as bad, love.”

“Liam, now is not the time to be all philosophical.” After the events of the last few moments, I couldn’t handle anymore “bad” news or surprises. With a small sigh, Liam ruffled through his briefcase, handing me a few pieces of paper stapled together.

“The PI stopped by my office.” My knuckles were turning white from their grip on the few sheets of paper in my hands. “I know this isn’t the news you were hoping for mon amour, but he found nothing shady. Besides your sister getting complaints at work for her bitchiness, and your father working late nights, there’s nothing for you to be worried about.”

I should be happy, right? Relieved that they aren’t up to no good, and genuinely may want to fix things between us. But I’m not happy. I needed an excuse to leave them in my past, I needed to let them go once and for all, and now I can’t.

“I guess that was a waste of money, huh.” I whispered crumpling the paper in my hands.

“Baby, I stand by what I said, you don’t owe them anything, okay. So, what ever you want to do, you have my support.” I nodded, turning my attention to Cove who came running in the kitchen.

“You wash your hands, Covie?” I asked, while sitting her plate on the table.


Saturday, August 29th

5:21 a.m.

“You’re getting so big, mamita.” Yasmine gave me wide gummy smile, as I bounced her around the nursery.

“Mrs. Harrington?” Even though we weren’t married yet, I quite enjoyed being called Mrs. Harrington. Phoebe peeked her head into the nursery, making sure to keep her voice down.

“Everything okay?” My hand cradled Yasmine’s head as her big blue eyes began to flutter close.

“Yes, ma’am. Mr. Harrington is heading out for his morning workout.” My eyes widened, as I sat Yasmine in her crib.

“Thank you, Phoebe. Are you on the girls shift today?” It has been hard accepting Terrance’s replacement, but I knew, I needed to trust her to keep our daughters safe.

“Yes, ma’am.” I nodded, bringing my hands to zip up my workout jacket, as I walked to meet Phoebe at the door.

“Just rock her crib for a little bit, she’s already on her way to sleep.” Phoebe nodded.

“Yes, ma’am.” I smiled, jogging down the steps to catch Liam before he left.

“Morning, Hank!” I called out grabbing my water bottle from the small side table, before running out the door. I ran over to Liam who was standing in the middle of the driveway, unraveling his headphones. “Morning, babe!” Liam flinched as he looked up at me.

“Morning, love. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, yeah.” I smiled. “I just wanted to work out with you, and get rid of this pregnancy weight.”


“Ah.” I stopped Liam from talking. “I know you wanted to hire your old personal trainer when I was ready, and I know you think my body is perfectly, but.” I unzipped my jacket, exposing my plunging sports bra. “Do you really want some random guy, seeing me in these tiny little shorts, squatting, getting all sweaty?” Liam smirked lightly shaking his head.

“Point made.”

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