Under His Control

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chapter forty

7:34 a.m.

“Liam!” This man is trying to kill me.

“Just a few minutes longer gorgeous!” My hands were on my knees as I bent down, trying to catch my breath. We’ve been running for the last hour, and I can’t go on any longer. Maybe I should have just hired someone. “Giving up?” My eyes glanced up to see Liam smirking, as sweat continued to dampen his hair. On mile four he decided to take off his shirt, which may or may not have been my incentive to keep going.

“Haha.” I rolled my eyes, standing up straight. “No wonder, Archie stopped working out with you. You’re a monster.” Liam laughed, running his fingers through his damped hair, as his eyes narrowed.





“Paparazzi has spotted us.” I turned around to see cameras flashing in Liam and I’s direction.

“Shit! Well I can’t run- LIAM!” Liam grabbed my hand, and started sprinting us towards the Range Rover. My legs were trying their to keep up with Liam, as the truck slowly was becoming into the view. “Does this happen all the time!”

“Only when I’m lucky!” I rolled my eyes at his dry sense of humor, as we approached the truck. My legs were burning and felt like jelly, as we stepped into the car, to hide out from the media vultures. With my eyes closed, I relaxed my head against the headrest, unzipping my workout jacket from my sweaty body.

“If I wasn’t tired and out of breath right now, I’d totally kill you.” Liam’s damp hand squeezed my inner thigh, as he placed a kiss to my neck.

“May I remind you, you were the one who wanted this.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me, trust me I’m regretting it now.” Turning my body to face Liam, I opened my eyes smiling at him. “So, how long are we going to camp out here?”

“Just a few minutes, until they give up trying to find our car.” Liam locked the doors, reclining his seat back lightly closing his eyes. With everything going on with the kids, HE, and the settlement, sex has been the last thing Liam and I have thought about. Alone time for us no longer exists. My eyes glanced down at the large tent in Liam’s black running shorts, licking my lips. We were going to be here awhile.


“Mhm?” Liam hummed, as I climbed over the armrest to straddle his lap. “What are you doing?” Liam opened his eyes, bringing his hands to hold my waist.

“I think we should make good use of this time.” Letting my slightly damp hair out of my bun, I ruffled it out to fall against my lower back.

“Really?” Liam’s fingertips lightly danced up and down my sides.

“Yes.” Liam and I held an intense gaze before, he pulled me to his chest attacking my lips. In our own perfect rhythm, my lips melted against Liam’s lush lips, as his slip his tongue into my mouth deepening the kiss. Liam snaked his left hand up my back, to grip the back of my neck, pulling me closer to his body.

I missed this. This man made my body come alive in ways, I didn’t know were possible. My body, mind, and soul craved every singled once of Lionardo-Majid Harrington. This man owned me, he owned every single part of me. And I couldn’t be happier. In a fit of desperation, I began rubbing my clit back and forth on Liam’s covered dick to stimulate my body further.

“Lift your hips up.” Liam pulled away from my lips panting. In a hurried fit, I lifted my hips up to get my spandex off of my body. My hands beat Liam to his shorts, as I tugged them and his underwear down his muscular thighs, taking my rightful spot back on his lap. I felt like a queen, sitting on her throne, as Liam began kissing down my neck. “Are you wet enough, mon amour?” God, when wasn’t I dripping for this man.

“Yes, God yes, please, I need it babe.”

“Yeah?” I shook my head rapidly, reaching between us to grip Liam’s dick. “Fuck.” Liam groaned. “He’s definitely missed you.” I smirked, lifting my hips up hovering my needy pussy over Liam’s penis. With one hand gripping Liam’s shoulder, and the other the base of his cock, I slowly sank down on Liam’s thick length.

“God, Christ.” I cried out, feeling all ten inches stretch out what felt like my virgin pussy.

“You okay?” Liam breathed out.

“Y-Yeah, yeah.” I ran my finger through my hair, trying to wrap my head around this euphoric feeling. “It’s just a been awhile, and you’re huge.”

“Yeah well, you’re gripping the hell out of me.” I let out a pleased moan, as Liam gripped my hips, lifting me up slightly before sliding me back down.

“Fuck! You’re so deep.” Liam groaned in response, continuing to glide me up and down slowly on his length, until I got used to the sensation. I didn’t know what the big deal was about sex. How could this carnal desire, feel so good. I felt lucky that this Adonis was filling my every desire, my body burn for him. It would always burn for him. “Faster, faster!” Taking control of our pace, my hands gripped Liam’s shoulder tightly, bouncing quickly.

“God, you feel so good.” Liam groaned, snaking his arms behind me, to knead the flesh of my ass in his hands. Pleased moans fell from my lips, as I tossed my head back feeling my orgasm tighten in my body.

“I-I’m gonna cum!” Liam stilled my motioned, pistoling his hips up and down, knocking the air out of my lungs. “L-Liam!”

“Cum, baby. Cum, all over my cock.” Bringing my head down to Liam’s neck, I cried into his shoulder, as my much-needed orgasm tore through my body, taking any energy I had with me. I felt lightheaded, but most importantly satisfied. Liam groaned in my ear, as he stilled, filling me with his cum.We sat in silence, catching our breath, as we came down from our high.

“Well, we can scratch car sex off of our bucket list.” Liam smiled, tucking my bangs behind my ear.

“That we can my love.” Liam eased his dick out of my slowly, using the napkins he kept in the armrest to clean us up the best he could. “We should probably head back.” I nodded, taking Liam’s shirt from the side of the driver seat, pulling it over my head and down my body.

“So.” I climbed back into the passenger seat, securing my seatbelt across my body, as Liam started up the truck, turning on the AC. “Same time tomorrow?” With a sly smirk on his face, Liam pulled out of the lot of the park.


3:09 p.m.

“Mr. Harrington?” Detective Samson walked out of his office, offering a light smile to Liam and I, as a greeting. “My apologies, Judge Ackerman is quite the talker.” Liam and I stood up from our seats walking over to him.

“Have we reached a mutual agreement.” Detective Samson let out a quiet sigh.

“Lets talking in my office.” Two months. Two months later and we’re still not able to move forward from this nightmare.

Liam and I followed behind Detective Samson, who closed the door behind us, once we were all inside.

“Can get you guys some coffee, or water.”

“No than-”

“We’re not here for a tea party, we’re here to know if they’re taking the plea deals.” I elbowed Liam discretely on his bicep, to stop him from talking.

“Right, of course.” Detective Samson cleared his throat sitting down at his desk. “Well I do have some good news, Hilary Stafford has pled guilty to conspiring to murder, conspiring to robbery, which has a sentence of fifteen years, with a possibility of parole in five.” I let out a deep breath, lacing my hand into Liam’s.

“Okay, but what about Aaron and Delilah Crawford?” Liam asked.

“That is where things get difficult, I’m afraid.” Difficult. Complicated. That’s all we’ve been hearing. “Mr. Crawford, won’t take the plea deal, unless you lessen the charges.”

“That bastard is out of his mind.” Liam muttered under his breath, as he adjusted his body in the chair. “He tried to get me fired, he exploited my fiancé, and he set up a murder plot to kill her and our child, not to mention my security guard was murdered! And the son of a bitch wants us to lessen the charges!”

“Mr. Harrington, I understand your frustration-”

“I don’t think you do, because the bastard should be in a cell by now!” I squeezed, Liam’s thigh, to get him to calm down.

“Babe, please.” Liam turned to me, letting out a quiet breath, relaxing his tense shoulders. “What about Delilah?” I asked, afraid Liam was going cause another scene if he spoke again.

“Ms. Crawford lawyers want her to plead insanity, due to her mental state, and the judge agrees.”

“So, that means what, she isn’t going to get any jail time?”


“Unbelievable.” Liam let out a bitter chuckle, shaking his head.

“We’re still working through things, but if we can’t get Mr. Crawford to accept the plea deal, we will have to go through a trial. Then there’s nothing we can do to protect the privacy of this case.” This is a nightmare.

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