Under His Control

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chapter forty-one

Monday, August 31st

7:21 a.m.

“What do we say when another kid, tries to tell you what to do?”

“You’re not the boss of me, and my daddy will ruin your life!”

“Liam!” I hit his shoulder as he and Cove high-fived in the parking of her school. “What happened to killing them with kindness, not threats.” I whispered as he stood up from his squatting position, smiling as he turned to face me.

“It’s a threat for big people like us, but coming out of her mouth it’s more like a peppy and sweet promise.” I rolled my eyes, taking one last picture of Cove. A year ago, I was dropping her off at kindergarten, now, today its first grade. Do not cry.

“Have a good day Coco Bean, okay.” Cove nodded excitedly, hugging Liam and I’s legs before running over to Nora and Sophia. I couldn’t be happier Jordan decided to enroll them here.

“We should head to the office, I told my father to pick you up at noon.” I nodded, grabbing Liam’s hand as we walked back towards his truck. “I’m surprised you’re not crying.”

“It hasn’t hit as hard yet, trust me by tomorrow I’ll be a sobbing mess.” Liam chuckled, opening the passenger door for me, helping me into the truck.

“Well, now we have two more, to do this with, all over again.” Liam smiled over at me, as he secured the seatbelt over his body. “And who knows maybe in a few years-”

“Drive, Harrington.” I laughed lightly, as Liam sped out of the parking lot, heading towards the freeway. The thought of having another baby, so soon was definitely off the table until further notice. Dealing with two newborns and a toddler was enough work to last us a few years, but I definitely wanted another child, or two with Liam. But for the time being, I was going to enjoy driving him crazy, since he was the only man in the house. Chief loves women, so he doesn’t count.


Harrington Enterprises

8:03 a.m.

“The CEO parks here.” I looked over to Liam, who pulled into an assigned parking space. “That’s new.”

“My father put this here to make himself feel important.” I smiled, releasing myself from the seatbelt.

“He’s going to be pissed you’re in his parking spot.” Liam smiled at me, as he opened the door, helping me out of the truck.

“He’ll live, he needs to exercise anyway.” I laughed, shaking my head as we entered the elevator, to take us up to the lobby.

“My dress is okay, right.” Liam eyed the spaghetti strapped, beige midi dress up and down, bringing his right hand to adjust the sweater covering my arms and butt.

“You look beautiful, mon amour.” Liam spoke as the elevators opened, swiping his I.D. to open the door, once we were at the entrance. “You’re going to be here for, four hours inside my office.”

“Right. Explain to me again why I can’t use my office?”

“Katie, dear!” I smiled, as Sue shuffled from around her desk, throwing her slender arms around me in a tight hug. “Are you sure you just had two babies, you look stunning dear.” Sue smiled at me, as she held my shoulders.

“Your too kind, Sue.”

“Do you have those resumes printed, Sue.” Liam asked, as he scrolled through his phone, getting himself into business mode.

“Yes, I got rid of any unuseful ones.”

“Perfect, hand them to Katherine, I’ll email you my lunch agenda.”

“Of course, boss man.” Sue handed me the large stack of folders, before sitting back down at her desk, typing away on her computer.

“Its good to see you Katie, don’t let Liam here drive you crazy.” I smiled, as Liam rolled his eyes.

“I’ll be the one driving him crazy.” Sue winked at me, before we headed down the long hallway towards the elevator. Oh, how I didn’t miss walking down this hallway. “So sorting resumes, is my task for the day?” I asked, as we stepped into the elevator, pushing the button to the ninth floor.

“Mhm.” Liam hummed, responding to an email on his phone. “I trust your judgement.” I smiled. He trusts my judgement. The steel metal doors of the elevator opened, allowing us to step onto the ninth floor, where Gracie and Carlos were heading towards us, to get to their offices.

“Katherine! You’re back!” Gracie threw her arms around me, rocking us back and forth. I could only laugh, accepting her embrace.

“Glad someone around here missed me.” Gracie pulled away smiling.

“Good morning, sir.” Gracie spoke shyly to Liam. They wouldn’t be so intimidated by him if they knew he played Just Dance, and sung A Whole New World in the shower.

“You look great, Katie, it’s good to see you back around here.”

“Mr. Vega.” Oh, God. Liam cleared his throat, looking Carlos in the eyes. “I believe you have an assignment due at 9:30, correct.” Carlos, gulped nodding his head.

“Y-Yes, yes, sir. I was just heading back to my office to finish proofreading.”

“Well don’t let us stop you.” Carlos and Gracie quickly waved goodbye to me, swiftly walking past us to head down the hall to their offices.

“You know he’s gay right?” I turned to Liam as we walked down the hall to his office. “Not every guy is interested in me.”

“I’m asserting dominance.” I choked out a laugh, as Liam opened his office door.

“Okay, you Pitbull.” I chuckled, setting my purse on his couch near the window, before walking in front of his desk, pulling out one of the chairs for me to sit in.

“I’d be a Great Dane or a Doberman.”

“Oh, my apologies, tall and demanding noted.” Liam chuckled, sitting down at his desk, turning on his computer. “So, what am I looking for?”

“A new budget team and assistant.”

“Got it, new budget team, and assistant-” I stopped my sentence, realizing what he had just said. A new assistant? “W-Why, why are you looking for a new assistant?” Liam looked up from his computer, letting out a quiet sigh.

“It’s nothing personal baby-”

“Yeah, well it feels personal.” I know I’m not the most qualified for my job, but I’ve put up stellar performances before and after we got together. “So, you’re firing me?”

“I don’t think it’s best, for you to continue working here.” My eyes widened.

“Liam, where is this coming from all of a sudden?” Liam stood up from his chair, walking in front of his desk, to stand in front of me.

“It has nothing to do with your work ethic baby, your performance is amazing.”

“Okay, so why are you hiring a new assistant?” Liam grabbed my hand, bringing his gaze to stare me in my eyes.

“I don’t want anyone else to weaponize you, in order to get to me, we have a new board of directors, some upcoming rival companies, I’m not going to put you in the crossfire again.” I let out a quiet sigh. I understood where he was coming from, he wants to be cautious, but I didn’t want to be seen as a housewife, who relies on her husband to do all the work. I didn’t choose to be with Liam for his financial stability, I didn’t care that he was rich, I was with him for him, and that hasn’t and won’t change.

“Okay, I’m out of a job. Now what? Do know what people are going to think?”

“I don’t care what others think.”

“I do! Liam, they already think I’m some corporate climbing whore for getting involved with you. I can only imagine what they’re going to say, when they find out, I’m leaving. I can just see the headlines. Community college graduate hits goldmine, by bagging the fourth-richest man in the country.” I stared at Liam blankly. “I’m not okay with being a housewife, I want to work. ” Liam smiled lightly at me.

“Remember you told me you wanted to be a teacher, how that was your dream until your parents pushed you to go to business school.”


“Take a year or two off, and allow me to handle work. And once, the twins are a bit older, you can go back to school and get the degree of your dreams.” I bit my lip, bringing my gaze, to my white toes peeking out from my heels. “Hey.” Liam tilted my chin up. “You’ve been taking care of yourself since you were nineteen, busting your ass for yourself and our little girl.” Liam grabbed my hand tightly, kissing the back of it. “Let me take care of you. I want to give you heaven on earth, mon amour and more. I don’t know any person more deserving than you.” I smiled lightly.

“Okay.” Liam placed a few pecks on my lips, before pulling away at the ring of his office phone. “Duty calls.”

“That it does, mon amour.” Liam sat down in his chair, reaching across his desk to grab his phone. ”Liam Harrington speaking.”

With Liam occupied with his phone call, I grabbed the first few folders to look through the potential candidates credentials, when an idea popped into my head, causing a small smirk to form on my face. There’s only one other person better at budgeting than me.

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