Under His Control

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chapter forty-two

Friday, September 4th

2:11 p.m.

“Please, Luke, pretty pleaseee.”

“Katie.” Luke finished his cocktail, with a sigh. “I don’t want to work for my brother, we’d kill each other by the end of the day.” Though there were tons of candidates to head the budget team, I had a gut feeling that none of them would fit HE. I would also be doing Gustav a huge favor by keeping Luke out of trouble.

Since, last Christmas Luke and I have grown a close friendship due to our closeness in age. At first, it bothered me that I was two years younger than Liam’s youngest sibling, but I have come to terms to our age gap. The more time I spend talking to Liam, and looking into his eyes and simply being in his presence, I realize without a doubt, he is my soulmate.

“Luke, you have amazing budgeting skills, and you have a degree in finance.” Once the timer went off, I turned off the oven to cool the cupcake for when Cove got home from school. “Archie even told me you briefly worked at the Kingpin.”

“That was years ago, darling.” Luke sighed. “I appreciate you looking after me Katie, but Liam and I don’t exactly have the best relationship, we never have if I’m being honest.”

“Then think of this as a way to spend time together, all while making a good sum of money.”


“I trust and believe in you Luke.” Grabbing Luke’s hands, I gave him a comforting smile. “I know you don’t like being around your family for this long, and the media aren’t exactly your friend, but I think this will be a good opportunity to prove to your dad that you’re serious about turning your life around.” Luke bit his lip adverting my gaze.

“If I fail, my family pays the price once again.” Luke whispered, as he stared out the window that showcased backyard.

“And if you succeed.” I turned Luke’s cheek to face me. “That’s one step closer to leaving your old life behind. I believe you, and I really think you’d be amazing for this job.” Luke sighed.

“And if Liam says no.”

“I’ll put him in the doghouse until further notice.” Luke and I laughed at Liam’s expense.

“Alright, alright, I’ll take the job.”

“Oh my God! Yes!” I cheered, throwing my arms around Luke’s neck hugging him tightly. Luke accepted my embrace rocking us lightly back and forth.

“Thank you for believing in me darling, it’s refreshing to hear encouragement instead of pity.” I smiled squeezing Luke’s shoulder, before resting my elbows on the kitchen counter.

“So.” I grabbed a strawberry from Luke’s plate. “How was your date last night, do we have a mister maybe right?”

“Oh babe, where do I begin!” I smiled, helping myself to more fruit on looks platter. “Good stable job at a publishing company.”

“A media man.”

“No darling, he checks the manuscripts and makes the authors look good.”


“Right, dinner was lovely he’s a great kisser.”

“Luke!” I smiled, playfully punching his shoulder. “This sounds amazing.”

“Yeah well, Mr. Maybe Right, is very much in the closet, just like like all the other guys. Their either in the closet or to turned off by me and my life.” Luke rested his head on my shoulder, letting out an overdramatic sigh.

“Well it’s his lost, because you are a total catch with a great ass.”

“I know.” I laughed, rubbing my thumb on the back of Luke’s hand in comfort. I didn’t realize until I got to know Luke on a more private and personal level, why we got on so well. He reminds me of the most special and important I have ever met in my life. Jessica Drake.

Before we became best friends in second grade, Jessie had the biggest crush on me, and being oblivious and accepting at the age of eight, I realized that being gay is something that people shun. Especially if you’re the daughter of devout Roman Catholics. I guess in a way I was trying to do for Luke, what I couldn’t do for Jessie.

2:30 p.m. alert: Pick up Cove from school

“Well, I will let you get to your babysitting duties.” I smiled up at Luke, grabbing my phone and car keys from the kitchen counter. “I left the list in the nursery, they should be up in about twenty.”

“You owe me a dinner, and some Gucci loafers, that the lovely Yasmine barfed all over.”

“Make a list and it’s done.” I laughed as Luke followed me to front door.

“Oh, darling, am I holding you to that.” I smiled at Luke, before locking the front door, walking down the driveway to the Range Rover.

Incoming call from: Mom

Grabbing my vibrating phone from my purse, my body stiffened at the caller ID.


Pushing the button on the driver door handle, I stepped into the Range Rover, sitting my purse on the passenger side.

-Kat, hello it’s been awhile, how are you xodo?

Pushing the start button, I secured my seatbelt across my chest, as I pulled out of the driveway.

-I’m fine.

There was an awkward silence, before my mom spoke again.

-Listen, Kat, I know our relationship has not been the greatest, but I’m trying to make amends. You’re my baby girl, so whatever you need from me, I will do it, dear.

You get one set of parents right, and despite everything I’m one of the lucky ones to still have both of mine alive.

-I don’t know what I want from you mom. I just find it really hard to believe that now all of a sudden you want something to do with me.

-Then lets talk. Can you take a few days off of work and come to Detroit, so we can talk and figure this out?


-Whatever it takes, and I promise I have no other motives than to fix us Kat. I know my word may not mean much after all these years, but after reading that article and seeing how close you were to death, it opened my eyes. I’m sorry it took so long for me to come to my senses.

-What do you know about my life here?

-Besides you were working for that corporation, nothing. The article Cristina showed me only mentioned you were apart of a break in. I’ve been leaving it up to you tell me the rest.

I don’t know what to believe. She could be telling the truth, or just trying to lure me back to Detroit to reap the benefits of me being tied to the Harrington dynasty.

-I need to go.

I couldn’t agree, but also can’t say no.

-Take all the time you need Kat, talk soon.

Once, I ended the call, I tossed my phone into the cup holder, resting my head back against the headrest.


3:04 p.m.

“Mommy!” Bending down, I held my arms out, bracing for Cove’s hug.

“Hey, babe- and you’re very dirty.” I laughed, patting down the hair sticking up on her head before wiping off some of the dirt and glitter on her cheeks. “I take you had a good day, love.” Standing to my feet, I pulled down my skirt, reaching for Cove’s hand as we walked towards the truck.

“Yes, mommy!” I smiled, as Cove looked up at me. “We made slime, and we played outside with gym.”

“That sounds exciting, my love.” Picking Cove up under her arms, I placed her into her car seat, securing the straps ad seatbelt tightly. “Mommy, can I take ballet lessons, Mia taught me how to turn during recess.”

“Ballet? I thought daddy was teaching you how to play softball.” I asked, well sliding into the driver’s seat, pulling the seatbelt across my chest, before driving off.

“Softball doesn’t start until summer.” My baby is becoming her own little person.

“Of course babe, you take ballet.” Cove let out a cheer, smiling at me as I looked through the rearview mirror. Yeah, she’s slowly discovering who she is.

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