Under His Control

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chapter forty-four

Friday, September 12th

5:15 p.m.

Liam Harrington

“If no one is going to give me any good suggestions, lets hold off until your brains start working correctly, so I’m not wasting my time, for the third time this week!” Marketing has been in a brainstorming funk for the past week, and I was losing patience with all them. From Katherine giving me the silent treatment, trying to smooth things over with Luke and work caving in on me, I was on the brink of losing my damn mind. The migraine I’ve been nursing for the past three days is a testament to that.

“Lets call it day.” Veronica stood up from her chair, giving her team an apologetic smile. “Rest over the weekend, and be ready on Monday to get to work.” Veronica looked over at me, to give the okay to end the meeting.

“Go, you’re dismissed.” The members of the marketing team began shuffling out of the conference room, as I closed up my agenda to leave for the day.

“You’ve been a foul mood for the last month.” Looking up from my stuff, I stared at Veronica who had an annoyed expression on her face. Like I give a damn. “We’re trying our best, Liam.”

“Ms. Johnston, do not think just you have a relationship with my fiancé, gives you a free pass to talk to me any way you, please.” Veronica let out a huff, as I grabbed my binder, agenda, and phone from the table.

“I really don’t know how Katherine puts up with you!” I rolled my eyes, as Veronica stared at me.

“You’re dismissed.” Veronica rolled her eyes, grabbing her belongings from the table, walking out of the conference room. Letting out a tired sigh, I loosened the knot of my tie to release some of the tension, I was holding in my upper body. God, I needed a break.

Incoming call from: Gerald Wilson

Sliding the button across my screen, I brought my phone up to my ear, as I walked out of the conference room.

-Gerald, to what do I owe this call?

Turning my key into the lock, I stepped into my office, dropping my binder and agenda off at my desk, before sitting down on my couch.

-Liam, how are you son?

-Fine. Is everything alright?

I brought my free hand up to my neck, to massage the tense muscles.

-Great son, I was calling to let you know we’re throwing a small party for Jolene’s birthday tomorrow. I know its short notice, but I was hoping you could make it.

-I don’t know Gerald, I have a lot going on-

-I’m aware, a baby let alone two is quite the handful. I was quite disappointed that I had to hear it from your father and not you.

-It’s nothing personal Gerald, its just been a chaotic few months.

Chaotic. Stressful. Aggravating.

-Well how about you bring Katherine along with you for a night out. The night will be kid and chaos free.

There was no way I was getting out of this.


-Fabulous. See you tomorrow son, I’m looking forward to it.

-See you tomorrow.

Ending the call with the press of the red button, I tossed my head back against the cushioned top of the couch. I’ve found comfort in resting on this couch, since I’ve been sleeping on one all week.


6:31 p.m.

“Daddy!” I smiled, squatting down to accept Cove’s hug, as she threw herself into my arms in her ballet attire. “I missed you.” Kissing Cove on her forehead, I stood up to my feet, as she grabbed my hand.

“I missed you too, habibti.” As Cove and I walked into the kitchen, I found Katherine in all her tiny, tight shorts glory, washing dishes. Sitting my briefcase on the counter, Cove ran over to Katherine, tapping her leg.

“Mommy, can I show daddy, what I learned in class today!” Katherine turned to look at me, with the same bland expression she’s been giving me since, Monday.

“Finish your homework first babe, okay.” Cove smiled, nodding her head in excitement.

“Yes, mommy.” As Cove ran out of the kitchen, an awkward silence filled the kitchen quicker than the speed of light. This woman was more stubborn than me. The few steps I took to get to Katherine, felt like the longest journey. I missed my woman.

“Sweetheart, what do I have to do, to get you not to be mad at me anymore?” Wrapping my arms around Katherine’s waist, I pulled her into me, nuzzling my head into her neck. “I’ve apologized to you more this week, than I have in my entire life.” Silence. For the past five days that’s all I’ve been getting, is fucking silence.

“I’m not mad, Liam.”

“Then what’s the problem, because I have enough on my plate without you being pissed at me.” Katherine dropped the sponge and dish that was in her hand, turning around to face me with her arms crossed.

“You being stressed does not give you the right to take it out on me, Liam.” Katherine sighed, grabbing the cloth hanging over the handle of the stove, to dry her hands. “We promised to communicate. I’m not completely useless, Liam.”

“I know, love, I know.” Resting my weight onto my forearms, I leaned onto the sink, trapping Katherine in front of me. “I’ve lost and had to put off projects, and not mention the incompetence of some employees at HE, I’m not used to subcoming to my problems, I prevail always.” It’s a pride thing. There’s nothing that has been thrown into my path that I couldn’t handle, but my old methods are proving to be useless in all these new problems.

“Welcome to reality babe.” Katherine smiled at me, as I rolled my eyes. “I know you were displeased with my choices for the replacements, but I promise, those choices were made to benefit the company. Though I was upset at first, I’d never let personal feelings affect the lives of others.” And this is why I love this woman. Leaning my head down to Katherine’s level, I placed a gentle and appreciative kiss to her plump lips. Everyone has asked me how does Katherine put up with me, because of my personality, and the answer is, I don’t know.

Many people look for companions who complement themselves, when it comes to relationships. Same values, similar status, looks, the list could go on, but when it comes to Katherine and I, she doesn’t complement me, she contradicts everything about me. Katherine and I couldn’t be anymore different, and that’s why we work. We were the Yin and Yang, her light gave me hope in all the darkness, I’ve held within me.

“I know, and I should have trusted you. Though she’s still clumsy as hell, Gracie is efficient and Luke, I’m impressed.” Katherine smirked in triumph, rubbing her thumbs against my cheeks. “Are we okay, now?”


“Thank, fuck.”

“Liam!” Katherine squealed, as I hoisted her body around my waist, holding her ass to keep her steady, as I attacked her lips. Our lips moved in a harmonious rhythm, relishing the taste of one another after these last few days. Walking us over to the counter, I allowed my hands to roam all over Katherine’s body. Her wide hips, her lush thighs, her breast, no part of her body was left untouched. This woman was mine, all fucking mine.

Baby Monitor: Alert

Katherine pulled away from my lips, catching her unsteady breaths, as the baby monitor went off.

“I’ll take care of it.” Katherine smiled, pecking my lips, before accepting my hands to help her off the island counter. “My godmother’s birthday dinner is tomorrow, I told Gerald we’d attend.” I spoked, as Katherine followed me up the stairs.

“Did you forget we have two newborns and a toddler on our hands.” We stopped in front of Cove’s bedroom.

“We’ll only go for two hours, and I trust Archie to manage.” Katherine bit her lip. I knew exactly what she was thinking. “My family will love you baby, especially the ones I care about.” Katherine playfully rolled her eyes, letting out a small laugh.

“Okay, now go. I have a toddler to bathe.” I placed a smack on Katherine’s ass, as she walked into Cove’s bedroom, before heading in the opposite direction to the twin’s nursery. Pushing open the slightly ajar door, I found Nicolette moving around in here crib. She’s always the culprit.

“Awake from your nap, hobi.” I smiled, as she extended her small arms, picking her up from the crib. “And your wet.” Her small hands patted my beard, causing her to let out a laugh, showcasing her gummy smile.

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