Under His Control

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chapter forty-five

Saturday, September 13th

6:21 p.m.

“We used to vacation all the time for our birthdays, in our twenties. I’m telling you Katie, Mexico is perfect.”

“I don’t know, Archie.” My eyes briefly glanced to the staircase to make sure Liam wasn’t coming down. “With everything going on-”

“Which is why we all deserve a luxury five days in Cancun.” I let out a sigh, rocking the heel of my left shoe, back and forth. I wasn’t opposed to traveling for Liam’s birthday, but I had three factors to consider. One, I didn’t want to leave the twins for five days, two I had no idea how Liam would react to a surprise trip with everything on his plate, and three I didn’t exactly like Liam’s and Archie’s friends. After, everything that had happened at the engagement party last year, I wasn’t sure if spending five days with them was a good idea. “We’ve only gone to Mexico once, and Liam loved it, and there’s not many things that asshole loves.” I stifled my laugh, as Liam walked down the stairs staring at Archie and I.

“Do I want to know what you two, were talking about?”

“Katie here.” Archie slung his arm around my shoulder. “Was just giving me a run down for the mini nightmares.” I playfully hit Archie’s chest, as I grabbed my purse and phone from the couch.

“Remember, bedtime is eight thirty, not a minute later.”

“Aye, aye, captain.” Liam guided me by my lower back to the front door, as Archie followed behind us to lock it.

“Call if there’s an emergency.” Liam spoke as we walked out the front door.

“I put you on speed dial for this very occasion.”

“So, I wasn’t on speed dial before?” I rolled my eyes, pulling Liam down the steps.

“You two can continue this lover’s quarrel later, we’re already late.” Archie laughed, closing the front door, as Liam and I walked to his Aston Martin. “I hope you have a good excuse, to explain why we’re late.” I took Liam’s hand, as he helped me into the car, closing the door once I was inside.

“I’ll just tell them the truth.” Liam smirked as he slid into the driver’s seat, closing the door. “I had to take care of a very important need, between your thighs.”

“Lionardo!” I could feel my cheeks become warm, at his vulgar poking. Its bad enough, Archie almost heard me.

“Relax baby, I never come early or on time to any family function, they know what to expect.” Liam spoked, as he pulled out of our neighborhood, heading towards the freeway.

“So getting me riled up, was your way of wasting time?”

“Were you unhappy with my services?” I could hear the smirk in Liam’s voice, as he wedged his warm hand to rest in between my thighs. “Because I’ll be more than happy to pull over to give a satisfactory performance.” I inhaled an unsteady breath, as Liam’s fingertips were brushing against my sensitive folds. This man is absolutely insatiable.

“N-No, I’m okay.” I was a turned on mess, as Liam kept his hand in between my legs, as he effortlessly shifted lanes with one hand. I couldn’t help but stare at the beauty that is Liam Harrington. He looked like an Adonis here on earth in his white Ralph Lauren polo that contoured his muscles and broad chest perfectly, tight-fitting khakis that hugged his thighs like a second skin, all while his fresh haircut and diamond studs were making my knees weak. “When did you start growing your beard.”

“When I turned thirty.” Liam pressed his foot on the gas as we gain momentum in the fast lane. “That’s a random question.”

“I just wondering it gives you such a sex appeal.” Liam laughed lightly, as I rubbed my thumb against the hairs.

“Good to know.” I rolled my eyes, adjusting my body in the seat. “You’re not nervous are you?” Yes.

“No, as long as you don’t leave me alone, I should be fine.”

“My family is not as intense as me, if that puts you at ease.”

“Actually it does.” Liam and I laughed, as he let off the gas lightly as we approached the entrance to the large estate. There were tons of lux cars parked on Gerald’s property, as Liam pulled into a space away from the rest of the cars. I pushed the button to release the seatbelt from my body, as I waited for Liam to open the door for me. I had a firm hold on my Jimmy Choo clutch, as I grabbed Liam’s hand to help me out of the car. “My dress isn’t too short is it?” Though I found the white mini dress, with thin straps, and a flattering v-cut sexy, I wasn’t sure how Liam’s family was going to react.

“Baby, you look beautiful, now stop worrying.” With our hands laced together, Liam and I walked side by side down the pathway of Gerald’s home and up the steps to the front door.

“Fashionably late as always, Lionardo.” Liam smirked, at the man dressed in formal attire for the occasion.

“Good to see you Rod.” The older gentleman smiled at the two of us.

“Enjoy your night.” I gave the man a gracious smile, as Liam and I walked into the lavish home filled with warm jazz tunes and tons of people.

“You call this a small gathering.” I whispered to Liam as he maneuvered us through the sea of people in Gerald’s home.

“My extended family loves to get together like this, they’ll all be drunk by the end of the night.” I laughed lightly, as we walked into the kitchen where it wasn’t as suffocating.

“So lovely of you to finally grace us with your presence, Lionardo.” A playfully yet sultry voice called out to Liam, as we turned to face who it belonged to. A beautifully tanned woman, with a curled brunette bob, feline like gray eyes, and a stunning figure walked towards Liam and I in a designer white jumpsuit, with Gerald by her side. She looks just like Liam’s mom.

“Happy Birthday.” The woman pulled Liam into a tight embrace.

“I have to thank your lady, for turning you into a hugger.” The woman pulled away from the embrace, turning her attention to me with a friendly smile.

“Jolene, and you must be Katherine.” Jolene extended her perfectly manicured hand for me to shake. “Its lovely to meet you dear.”

“Likewise, Happy Birthday.” Jolene smiled.

“Thank you, dearest.”

“Good to see you again, Katherine dear.” I smiled at Gerald, leaning into him as he placed a kiss to my cheek, for a familiar French greeting.

“I’ll find you later, Lionardo, I have some scolding to do young man.” Liam playfully rolled his eyes, as his godmother held up a playful fist. “Enjoy the party, we have tons of food and drinks.” I waved goodbye to Jolene and Gerald, as they went to mingle with the people in the dinning room.

“She looks so much like your mother.”

“She’s my mother sister.” My mouth fell open slightly at this revelation.

“You never told me that.” Liam shrugged, grabbing a glass of Rose from the waiter passing by.

“Our relationship hasn’t been the best since my mother’s death.” Though Liam was opening up more about his mother, I made sure to tread lightly when she was the topic of conversation. He wouldn’t admit it, but talking about her, still hurts him.

“Well.” I picked up one of the cupcakes from the tiered tray, smiling at Liam. “I see the men in your family love exotic women.” Liam smirked, stepping closer to me, lifting his finger to collect some frosting from my cupcake. I watched intently as he licked the frosting from his finger, before leaning down to hover his lips over my own.

“We do.” I rolled my eyes, taking a bite from the red velvet cupcake as a few people came up to greet Liam for small talk. Though Liam’s family members were offering friendly smiles, I couldn’t help but notice the annoyed looks that were coming my way.

“Lio.” A beautiful brunette, with sultry brown eyes, full lips, and a fit body, dressed in an expensive white dress approached Liam and I with a wide smile. Control Katherine, self-control. “Daddy, and uncle Gustav need help setting up the speakers outside.” Liam let out a sigh, turning towards me.

“I don’t want to leave you alone-”

“Go.” I cut him off, noticing the brunette was staring a hole in the back of Liam’s head. “I’ll manage.” Liam nodded, placing a kiss to my lips, before turning back towards the brunette.

“Tiff, keep Katherine company for me.” The brunette gave Liam a phony smile, nodding her head sweetly.

“Of course, Lio. You’re woman is in good hands.“

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