Under His Control

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chapter forty-six

7:11 p.m.

An awkward silence loomed in the air, as Tiffany and I made our way outside like the majority of the party guest, for the outdoor entertainment. It didn’t take a genius to realize Tiffany had a problem with me, for whatever reason. I really don’t understand rich people.

So, Katherine.” Tiffany broke the silence, once I turned my head to face her. What the hell is taking Liam so long? “I don’t think we’ve had the chance to formally get to know one another.” If she was going to play this game, so was I. Being apart of Liam’s world required me to grow some thick skin and stand up for myself if I was going to last. And I wasn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

“I guess we haven’t, it’s been an insane couple of months.” I gave Tiffany the same phony smile she had given Liam in the kitchen, as the breeze blew my hair.

“Yeah, so I heard.” Tiffany took a sip of her drink, taking her time to swallow the bubbly liquid. “So, how did you and Lio meet? It must have been so romantic, given you just gave birth a couple of months ago, and you’re even engaged. My dad was pretty upset, Lio had been keeping you a secret.” I knew what she was doing, and I wasn’t going to allow myself to fall down that hole.

“We met and work, and yes it was very romantic and unconventionally.” I made sure I was looking Tiffany in the eyes. “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“So, you were the assistant he was recorded having sex with. Uncle Gustav was so, so upset about Lio’s reckless actions, especially since nothing like this had happened before.”

“I’m sure, he has an image to uphold.” The more she talked to me, the more pissed I was getting.

“That he does, an image he and our whole family have worked very, very hard to uphold and maintain. Many people, especially women have tried to ruin the reputation of our family. Our men can be quite gullible.” Do not let her drag you back down that path, Katherine. “I am often called the voice of reason, because I think with my head and not other parts. I’m very protective of my family, Katherine, we’ve been through a lot. So, I just find it almost fascinating that in a matter of months, you turned Liam Harrington into a hopeless romantic, when the thought of love disgusted him.” I scuffed, letting out a bitter chuckle, as I kept my gaze deeply into Tiffany’s eyes.

“I don’t appreciate you insinuating that, I’m with Liam because of his last name.”

“I’m not insinuating anything, just an observation.”

“You can take your bullshit observations and shove them up your ass.” Tiffany let out a laugh, clearly enjoying seeing me worked up.

“How mature, Katherine.” I took a deep breath to get my emotions in check. I wasn’t going to cause another scene at a birthday party.

“I don’t know what your problem is with me, Tiffany. But I love Liam and I don’t need to explain our relationship to you or anyone else, because we know the truth.” I stood up from the couch, fixing my dress to regain my composure. “So, you can listen to what the gossip columns and your nosey family have to say about me, but I guarantee, you or no one else would be this ballsy with, Liam. He doesn’t take lightly to people disrespecting me.” Tiffany’s perfectly contoured jaw clenched, as I gave her a smile. “You shouldn’t ruin your mother’s party with this negative energy. You’re important to Liam, which makes you important to me, and I would hate for him to chose between the two of us.” I got ready to walk away to find Liam, when Tiffany spoke.

“I wouldn’t be so sure of yourself if I were you.” I turned to face her, completely done with her, this conversation and this party.

“I’m not sure of myself, I’m sure of the man who loves me. You know how determined, Liam is about things he’s passionate about, I wouldn’t test him on this.” I was carefully stepping down from the patio as my heels made contact with the grass, as I searched for Liam amongst all the people, I no longer felt comfortable around. I guess it was foolish of me to think, that all of Liam’s family would be like Gustav and his siblings.

“Hey, sorry. Gerald bought the wrong cords for the speakers.” Liam grabbed my waist, as he stood in front of me.

“It’s okay.” Liam raised his eyebrow.

“Are you okay?” He was getting better and better at catching my bullshit.

“Yeah, yeah.” I smiled. “I’m just feeling a little tired, can we go.” Liam nodded, grabbing my hand to lead us back inside, where the crowd was dissipating.


Tuesday, September 29th

9:53 a.m.

Nerves, my nerves were through the roof. Today we would know the fate of Delilah and her father regarding our case. I wanted this never ending nightmare to come to an end, so Liam and I could move on. I no longer wanted to think about the break in, or all the humiliation Delilah’s father and his associates have caused me. For the past hour Liam and our lawyer have been with the Crawford’s council, discussing their plea deals.

“Can I get you something to drink, Ms. Katherine?” I jumped as Detective Samson approached me.

“No, I’m alright.” I gave him a sincere smile, before bringing my gaze back to the meeting room.

“You should relax, your lawyer and fiancé are quite capable.” Detective Samson gave me a reassuring smile. “Between you and me, your fiancé is extremely intimidating. I feel sorry for your daughters’ future partners.” I let out a laugh, that brought an ease to the nerves I was feeling. Even under pressure Liam remained confident in his abilities.

“Do you have any children?” I was hoping small talk would keep my mind from thinking the worse.

“Yes, my daughter Josie is sixteen, my son Finn is fourteen, and my youngest Emmeline is six. They keep my wife and I on our toes.” Detective Samson chuckled, taking a sip of his coffee. “My wife just had the sex talk with Josie and I think I was more embarrassed than her. I promised myself I wouldn’t be a birds and the bees parent.” We both laughed. I had Jessie to teach me about sex.

“Good thing we’re years away from that talk, I can only imagine Liam’s take on that conversation. It might end a chastity belt.”

“That sounds very fitting to his personality.” I chuckled, but I immediately stopped when Liam and our lawyer walked out of the room. I couldn’t tell if the expression on their faces was a good or bad one, as I stood up from my chair, walking over to Liam.

“Well, did they take the plea deal?” Liam, looked back at our lawyer.


“Oh my God!” I wrapped my arms around Liam’s neck, hugging him tightly, feeling relief wash through my body. Liam placed a kiss to my cheek, as he pulled from our embrace.

“Crawford got twenty-five years, and Delilah will serve her time in psych ward until she’s fit to re-enter society.” Though she wasn’t getting jail time, I felt she needed psychological help more.

“Thank you so much, Wren. I know you need to get back to New York.” Wren smiled, as he shook Liam and I’s hand.

“Nonsense Katherine, this is what I do, and I owed Harrington a favor.”

“I’ll have my accountant send your pay before evening.” Wren nodded.

“I should get going, my flight leaves soon.” I nodded, waving goodbye to Wren as he exited the courthouse.

“So, now that, that’s over.” Liam laced his hand in mine, as we walked down the hall to exit the courthouse. “How about we start planning our wedding.

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